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 Slimming wraps or lotions

=> Hi im 15 and really want to lose around 20 pounds im tired of being the size i am but i dont want to exercise cause its boring and i hate it and i dont want to diet is there anything like a slimming wrap or lotion to make me toned and tighten if so please please answer back i really need this im tired of being tired im going through depression about this making me fatter i dont like so if you could please help me out i will very much like and thank you if you help me.

 There are two major problems with slimming wraps and lotions. First, they are usually very expensive. Second, no independent studies have shown that they are effective. Slimming wraps may cause temporary weight loss because one loses water weight due to sweating while the wrap is on. There is the danger of becoming extremely dehydrated from some wraps. Body wraps do not get rid of fat. Any long lasting positive effects from wraps and lotions are most likely due to the “placebo effect”. A placebo drug is not effective in itself, however, the power of the mind may cause one to feel better and in the case of trying to lose weight, you might make some life changes (like eating less calories and getting more physical activity) that will promote excess weight loss.

 How can I lose weight?

=> i feel bad i think im over weight in 2006 i came to england from south africa.when i first came my weight was healthy.as years passed by i got bigger and bigger what can i do?

=> im 5'7', im 12 turning 13 in i weigh 159 pds thats not good i want to be modeling by the time im 14 but im way to fat to model in i want o lose weight but if i way thi same weght i wont me able to model , i have the heigh, i just want to lose weight i want to weigh maybe 118-120- how can i lose weight?

=> WoW that was i shock i didnt see that coming. What i want 2 know is how u did it and how i can lose weigt and what kinds of food u ate.Also if u did exersizes 2. type back soon bye

=> can u give me a written program about helping me lose weight?xxx

=> can you tell me the things i should eat or do to lose

=> I am 13 and i weigh 156 lbs. I am 5' 6.5" I know I am over weight but i have tried a lot of things but nothing seems to get my weight off. nobody really makes fun of me but when I turn around and see people staring and laughing i kind of get it. what can i do I have read everything on this entire site but i have already done that before. I have never been this big and i hate it. I have even wanted to take diet pills before but my mom wouldnt let me. tell me what to do please.

 Some kids say they’ve tried everything suggested on this site. However, have you tried it long enough? Weight loss takes time. You may not see results for weeks at first. Sometimes it is difficult to notice any changes, even though they are small. Try taking pictures of yourself before you start weight loss so you can reflect later on any changes. Or maybe you can see an improvement in your appearance but the scale says you still weigh the same. You may have replaced some fat with muscle and that is definitely an improvement.

Other kids say they don’t know where to start when it comes to losing weight and ask for diets and exercise schedules. Lucy can’t tell you exactly what to eat and how to exercise because everyone has their own particular food and activity preferences. One simple diet is simply to keep eating the foods you currently eat, just in smaller portions. Lucy does have some guidelines for healthy eating and physical activity that you might find helpful under her tips section. There are also other websites that provide useful guidelines. Lucy likes caloriesperhour.com, kidnetic.com and toneteen.com for physical activity references. For food, there is freshforkids.com, fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org plus other websites found here.

If you are still having difficulty getting started on lifestyle changes, check out our Comfort Eating Board (found in the School Section) to see if you can relate and to get support from other kids who use food for emotional reasons or have become addicted to certain foods. And please read How do I lose weight? on our site.

 What is healthy but also tastes good?

=> First of all when your a blubber buster what do you do? The next question is what food is the healthiest to eat like fruit wise because i want to become more healthy with my diet and i don't really like veggies so i want to no what fruits are good for you. Also since i dont like the taste of veggies is there anything i can eat or drink that will give me my daily veggies without actually having to eat them?

=> Have you got any healthy food options for breakfast,lunch and dinner nothing horrible it has to be tasty but healthy

 A blubber buster learns all that they can about the causes of becoming overweight and obese. If they are overweight or obese themselves, then they take accountability to lose weight safely while sharing with others their set-backs and successes.

All fruits are good for you. Although how they are prepared may not be so good for you. For example, a caramel covered apple has many more calories in the form of fat and sugar than a plain apple. Basically, try to avoid fruit that has been covered with a lot of extra fat and sugar. The healthiest fruit is not any one fruit in particular, but a variety of fruits. Each fruit has a little something different to offer in the way of nutrients. The best way for your body to take advantage of all the health benefits of fruit is to eat many different kinds. Bananas, apples, and oranges are commonplace in America, but that is only three and there are so many more choices! Check out all the ideas under culinary (food) fruits in wikipedia. You may be surprised as to what is available in your stores or local farmers' markets if you look for them.

All vegetables are good for you as well. While fruits are naturally sweet, vegetables are not and so kids may avoid vegetables at first. Hopefully this does not become a life-long habit. How vegetables are prepared can influence their taste and whether kids learn to accept them. Like fruits, there are also a vast number of culinary (food) vegetables. Again, try to eat a variety of vegetables.

Food habits are largely learned from parents. If your parents don’t offer fruit, vegetables, and whole grains regularly as part of meals, you many have to seek them out on your own. One trick that often helps is to find foods that you like anyway (smoothies, muffins, yogurt) and then find recipes that add fruits, vegetables and whole grains to them. For example: blackberry smoothies, zucchini muffins, multigrain pancakes, spinach lasagna (you don't have to pre-cook the noodles!)and lentil soup.

Other tips that can help build your interest in foods is going with your parents to the grocery store to help select a few new fruits and vegetables each week. Visit the local farmers' or fish market to see and buy food grown locally. Food can become more interesting when you see or know the people who actually grow it! You might even consider trying to grow a row of vegetables next year if your family has a yard or there is a local community garden available.

 Boy Problems (related to weight?)

=> im not overweight but noone likes to dance with me my bffs asked 3 or more guys each to go dance with me and half of them called me a fatty. wat do i do

=> I am 11 years old, and I am really ashamed of my body. I don't know what to do. Most of my friends all smaller than me. My friends have been getting compliments from guys all the time that they are hot or pretty, and I haven't got one! I am around 95lbs and about 45kg, I'm about '5"1 tall. Am I overweight or healthy weight? And also, I'd like to lose a few pounds. Do you have any tips for me to healthily lose about 5-10 pounds?

 An 11 year-old girl who is 5 ft. 1 in and 95 pounds is well within the healthy weight range. One can see whether they are overweight, obese, underweight, or a healthy weight by using the weight calculator on the home page. If you are within the healthy weight range as a child, don’t try to lose weight unless you are at the upper limit of the range and your doctor is recommending it.

Not all boys (or girls) get attracted to the same body shapes. Boys (and girls) may also have different preferences in the personalities they see in the opposite sex. It can be hard to get to know others when one is shy or unconfident, no matter what they look like.

This is easier said than believed, but don’t put much importance into how boys treat you in your pre-teen and teen years. After all, everyone has a lot of maturing left to do. Instead, focus on how to impress yourself. Relationships, friends and otherwise, will feel more natural as your self-esteem rises. For example, maybe you’d like to practice so you can run a mile closer to 7 minutes instead of the 10 that it may currently take you. Or maybe you’d like to enter some of your artwork in a contest. Helping other people or animals can also be very rewarding. Look into what opportunities may be available in your community: exercising animals at a shelter, adopting a grand-parent, or participating in a river clean-up are just a few ideas.

 How do I exercise more?

=> How do I exercise more instead of just watch TV at my house? I mean some people at my school go to the fitness center at school other than gym class, but I barely ever go there. I either don't have time or I'm at play practice (I'm in the Fall Play at school). PLEASE HELP!

 That is great that you are practicing to be in the fall play at school! But it sounds like you find yourself watching TV at home and feel guilty about not exercising much. The decision on how to use your free time – watching TV, exercising, or other activities – is up to you. If you find yourself flopping down in front of the TV during all your free time, but want to change, then planning ahead can help you form new habits.

First, decide whether your desire is strong enough to change. Fill out this chart on the pros and cons of watching TV and the pros and cons of doing some physical activity. Maybe TV shows are more important to you than losing weight at this time and you are not ready for change. But if you see that the benefits of exercise and weight loss mean more to you than some TV shows, then plan ahead for physical activity during the next time you are tempted to watch TV.

For example, perhaps there is a ½ hour TV show every Thursday night that you decide you could live without. Plan on doing something else ahead of time that you would enjoy: walk the dog, clean your room, ride your bike around the neighborhood, jump rope in the garage, hula hoop or dance to music in your room, kick around a soccer ball in the backyard, rake leaves, start snow ball fights or go sledding (it’s work climbing up the hills, but the ride down makes it so worth it!).

Another strategy some kids use watching favorite TV shows is to exercise during the commercial breaks. Examples of physical activity that can be done during 5 minutes breaks: Walking up and down stairs if there are steps inside or outside the house, leg lifts, sit-ups, lifting small hand weights, arm and back strengthening with exercise bands and more ideas found at "Do-It -Yourself Home Gym".

 Hot Water: Does it Burn Fat?

=> does drinking hot water burn fat? and is it safe?

 The answer to your first question is no, hot water does not burn fat. It would not use up significant calorie energy for your body to process water at any temperature that you could stand to drink. Some people propose that the body burns some calories trying to heat up ice-cold water to body temperature. However, it has been calculated to only require 8 calories to warm up a glass of ice-cold water to body temperature. Considering that a pound of fat is about 3,500 calories, this would require years to even change your weight by a pound or two! Hardly an effective weight loss strategy.

Your second question, “Is it safe”?” is probably asking, “Is drinking hot water a safe method for losing weight?” Since we’ve already established that hot water doesn’t make any difference in your weight, we’d like to point out that the SOURCE can determine whether or not hot water itself is safe. Hot water from the tap (such as the kitchen or bathroom faucet) should not be used for drinking or cooking. Hot water more easily dissolves metals, including lead found in water pipes. Lead can cause brain and nervous system damage, especially in the developing bodies of kids. Although older homes (and thus older plumbing) is at higher risk of containing lead pipes, even newer homes with pipes advertised as lead-free can have as much as 8% lead! So if you want some hot water for tea or other hot drinks or cooking, then get cold water from the tap and heat it on the stove top (with your parent's help if you haven't done it before) or in the microwave. See "The Claim: Never Drink Hot Water From the Tap".

 Celiac and diabetic diet for an overweight teen?

=> I am 14 years old going on to 15. i have diabetes and i have celiac, so i can not have any wheat or most flour products. I play tennis almost everyday and i also play basketball in the winter when it becomes to snowy out to play tennis. I have asked my parents for advice and they have bought lots of fruits for me, but i dont think that is enough. I have also talked to my doctor who said to make the most healthy choices i can. I am trying, but i am still over weight. I dont know what kinds of foods i should be eating, and what is ok to have sometimes. Please help me, is there anykinds of meal plans or suggested food that i should be eating?

 Although you are probably quite familiar with celiac disease, first let me explain this condition to others. Kids and adults with celiac disease can not have any cereal products that contain gluten (wheat, rye, barley, and sometimes oats). Gluten is a protein substance that gives bread its tough, elastic quality. If people who are gluten sensitive consume these products, then their body’s defense system over-reacts by attacking the small intestine cell lining. This makes them sick because the intestines can’t absorb enough nutrients for the body anymore. It also causes the person to feel bad with stomach cramps, diarrhea or constipation. The solution for these people is to avoid all food products that contain gluten.

Keeping active with tennis and basketball sounds great! Although you shouldn’t have the traditional cereals, there are healthy alternatives: rice, corn, buckwheat, amaranth, wild rice, quinoa, and millet. Some people may be unfamiliar with these grains (like amaranth and quinoa) but they are readily found at most health food grocery stores and one can do a search for recipes that contain these ingredients at recipesource.com. The Celiac Disease Foundation also runs a website which includes a section on “Diet & Lifestyle” as well as a “Kid’s Corner”.

It would be best to consult with a Registered Dietician in your area who can give recommendations for a personalized diet since you have a dual diagnosis of celiac and diabetes. Doctors do not always have extensive training in nutrition, but they should be able to refer you to a nutritionist. Registered Dieticians are also listed in the yellow pages of the phone book. The same general rules for losing weight apply to everyone – consume less calories than you are burning up. And identify any emotional triggers or food addictions that may be hurting your efforts to lose weight.

 Weight Loss Expectations

=> i am only 12 and 7 months and i weigh 13 could you please give me a quick way to losse at least 5 stones

=> I'm a girl of 22 years old, having weight 65 kilos and height 5 feet. Please suggest me a diet by which i can reduce my weight by 10 kilos in 2 weeks. I'm also doing treadmill for at least half an hour and yoga (indian exercise) for at least one hour daily.

 1st Question: Since one stone (British) equals 14 pounds (American), then 5 stones equals 70 pounds or 28.3 kilograms. A safe rate of weight loss is considered by many doctors to be 1-2 pounds (or ½ to 1 kg) per week. Therefore, allow yourself 7 to 14 weeks for each stone lost. Assuming that losing 5 stones to reach 8 stones is an appropriate weight for your age and height, then a total of 35 to 70 weeks, or about 9 months to 1 ½ years, would be considered a safe rate of weight loss to attain your goal. Visit “How Do I Lose Weight” within our Healthy Weight School to learn more about how one becomes overweight and how to lose excess weight.

2nd Question: Losing ten kilograms (22 pounds) in 2 weeks is too fast for someone at 65 kilograms. A more reasonable goal would be allowing yourself 11 to 22 weeks to lose ten kilograms. The treadmill and yoga sound like excellent ways to help one reduce their weight. You can also consider reducing your food portions by cutting everything you already eat by 1/3 or ½ depending upon how much you currently eat.

For Both Questions: Most kids find it easier to set many small goals instead of one big one. For example, instead of looking to lose 70 pounds all at once, consider a weight loss goal of ten pounds. Then once that is achieved, strive for another 10 pounds of weight loss. People find it more rewarding when they see they are making progress in smaller increments which can easily add up to lots of weight loss over time!

 3 questions for Lucy (includes how to deal with Fast Food)

=> Hey lucy i have 3 questions for you. 1.didnt u get urges to eat sweets when no one was looking? 2.what did u do when u wanted to eat? 3.what did u do when u went to a fast food restraunt?

=> My family takes me to a fast food restaurant but I don't want to eat it cause it has too much fat but I still end up eating it how do I stop???

 1. Yes, I used to get urges to eat more sweets and goodies when other people weren’t looking or aren’t around. I still get the urges! If they saw me eating a lot, they might frown. But now, I hold myself accountable for what I eat. When I’m alone I think of the consequences of overeating so that I rarely overeat just because others are gone.

2. When I want to eat, but recognize that it is a craving rather than true hunger, there are several strategies that I use. Here are a few of them:

Brush my teeth
Take the dog for a walk
Drink a big glass of water
Drink a glass of tea (no sugar added)
Call a friend
Clean a room in the house
Go outside and do something in the yard or garden
Practice playing my guitar

3. I avoid going to the fast food restaurant as much as possible now, but sometimes I find myself at one while traveling. Here are a few of my rules if I wind up at Taco Time or another food joint:
a) No deep fat fried food items because these are high in fat. Deep fat fried includes “crisp” or “crispy” in the title like Crisp Chicken Burrito, chimichangas and onion rings. This means I never go to KFC anymore. Instead, I’d opt for the plain chicken burrito, soft pinto bean burrito, or chicken taco salad at a place like Taco Time.
b) Ask for dressings on the side if possible or wipe them off. Big wallops of mayonnaise and sour cream can add on a lot of calories. If the food crew can’t leave them on the side, then I open up the burrito or sandwich and wipe most of it off.
c) I remove fatty or excess meat, like bacon, and give it to my dog as a treat later.
d) If I’m with another person, we can then just order one meal and split it in half. It saves money and calories! If no one is around or they don’t want to eat the same thing as me, I cut the item in half and save it as leftovers for the following day.
e) I never order pop or other energy drinks. Instead, I ask for a cup for water or use the water bottle I’ve brought along.

TIP: If you often just visit one particular fast food joint, then you can plan ahead by looking at their Nutritional Statement for their menu. Key things to look at are the total calories and the calories from fat. If the calories from fat are not listed, take the total grams of fat and multiply by 9 to get the number of fat calories. You want to keep the percentage of calories from fat below 35%. Fries can be 70% fat!

Links to Nutrition Information
Taco Time
Burger King
Dairy Queen

Look at the nutritional facts for what you usually order at your fast food restaurant. If they are high in fat and calories, then look alternatives menu items that can improve your diet.


=> hey, im 11 and i weigh 9 stone and i HATE my body i get teased about it and i feel like i will never get a boyfriend. Nearly all my friends have boyfiends and are skinny.

=> lucy eveertime i go to summer camp everyone keeps calling me names like fatty ,huge ,i weigh to much ,fat monster.

=> im really scared about my weight im 5"2 and i weigh 13 and a half stone im only just turned thirteen years old what can i do ? i get bullied and its really hard

=> hello,i am 13 years old and weigh 12st 4lbs. i am on a diet but it doesnt seem to be going that quickly. at school i get bullied because of my weight and i am going up to upper school in september and want to be a whole new me. have a fresh start and also because i have a pony and she is a small horse and it is very hard to ride her at the moment because of my weight andi get very upset about it because when i do ride her i know it hurts her,i really want to loose weight and look like a normal child. please would you be able to give me some advice at excersises and things that i should eat please.you will be helping me allot.

=> as u know i am overweight, mainly obesse because im 12yrs.11months(my b-day is comming soon) and i weigh something in the range of 220 and 230 pounds. i am often teased and ridiculed about my weight, you know kids say things like "fat girl" or "twinkie eater" and i've overweight for a long time like 2nd grade or beyond that..And also my mom dosent have a alot of money to buy all the foods that we need so when im hungry i have to eat what i can find.. Please help!!

=> well im 13 im fat and i get the mick taken out of me (British slang for teasing). ive tried dieting but it doesnt work. what should i do?

 Teasing can be hard on the self esteem and sometimes it leads overweight kids to eat even more. It is important to make sure you aren’t caught up in a vicious cycle where you are teased, feel bad, eat to feel “better”, gain weight, get teased more about your weight, and eat more to cover up the bad feelings. If you think this is happening to you, then it is time to break the cycle. Next time you have a bad day at school due to teasing, instead of snacking or pigging out, drink a big glass of water and get out a piece of paper and pencil. Write down how you feel at the moment (angry, sad, frustrated, etc.). Then write down if you are craving a certain food, or are actually hungry with a growling stomach where you are willing to eat most anything. If you do eat, then afterwards, write down if eating changed how you felt. Do this each time you feel you have a strong urge to snack after teasing. Over time, this little exercise should help you to eat less due to any stress from teasing because you will be making a more conscious decision about when, how much, and why you are eating. Alternative activities to stress eating can be found here.

For strategies on dealing with bullies and their teasing, see
Teasing at school...ouch!
Dealing with Bullies

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