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 Special Diets – Are They Right For You

=> hi Lucy i have a question is it good if you go on a weight loss program at age 12 the weight loss program that i am on is call crystal lite weight loss program, just wright me back and say if it is good for me thank you

 Only your doctor can determine if going on a diet is right for you and if so, what kind of diet to go on. Drinking lots of sugar free drink mixes may not be a healthy choice as sugar free drink mixes often have artificial sweeteners in them including aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose (Splenda). They may pose health risks including actually causing weight gain by making people feel more hungry. See Controversy over health, Crystal light and weight loss and Crystal light and health risks to learn more.

PLAIN OLD WATER (POW) is the healthiest drink. You can jazz up water by making decaffeinated iced tea in your favorite flavors like Strawberry, Raspberry or Lemon and freezing some for ice cubes to add to your drink. You can also try crushing peppermint or spearmint leaves on the rim of your glass for added flavor. Try it, you will like it!!!

 Feeling Sad About My Weight - Tips to Feel better about yourself

=> soetimes i cry myself to sleep because of weight,can you help?

=> hi im a 10 and im 170 pounds i ger teased alot and i tryed to kill myself please i need help

 It is normal to feel sad about being overweight. Remember that it's not your fault (see brain below). Sometimes others may tease you or say things that make you feel sad. Talking to a trusted adult or school counselor about how you feel and asking them for suggestions can help you deal with your feelings.

If you feel desperate or have thoughts of harming yourself, you should contact emergency services like 911 or a Help Crisis line Crisis Links.

You can also check out the suggestions under self-esteem, bullies, and teasing. You can also find other kids to talk to that care in the chatroom and on the bulletin boards. Remember, don't be alone with your feelings. Talk to others that can help you.

 Why am I more hungry after lunch? A TUG OF WAR WITH OUR BRAIN

=> i do good between breakfast and lunch but as soon as i get lunch i want more but i dont know why that is could u tell me

 Most overweight kids don't know what real hunger feels like. They may feel that they are "always hungry," when actually it is their EMOTIONAL brain that wants them to eat something that tastes really good to soothe sadness, boredom, loneliness, stress, or depression. That's why you get cravings. Don't worry about recognizing true hunger. Mealtimes are planned in our world and your THINKING brain knows pretty much what food your body needs for energy and repairs. There are many places you can find this information, for example the Food Pyramid, and you probably learn it in school. Your thinking brain and your emotional brain can therefore be in a tug of war!

It's a good idea to "talk" to your emotional brain and tell it to "go away" when you have already eaten enough food, like when you've just had lunch, or especially if you aren't losing weight. Finding things to distract yourself from eating can also help, like shooting hoops or reading a book. Flavored water or low fat yogurt or fruits can help to wean yourself off always putting something in your mouth to soothe stress or boredom. But the idea is to learn to do other things besides eating stress or boredom away. Eating when you don't need food usually makes you feel worse afterwards, causing more stress. And, usually a craving will go away if you can just wait a minute or so.

TIP: Write down a list of things you can do to resist eating when you know your body does not need food. When you have a situation where you want to eat something to soothe a feeling, do something on your list instead. Usually, the desire to eat will go away.

Your list might have things on it like:
1. Count to 10.
2. Brush my teeth.
3. Dance to one song.
4. Call a friend.

Make your own list and try it. Let us know how it works! Good Luck!

 Why aren’t I losing weight with healthy eating and exercise

=> hello lucy, i was wondering wat i am doing wrong in my new diet. i eat three well porportioned meals, i sleep 7=8 hours, i exercise everyday an hour of cardio, and about 2 hours of weight training, yoga, and strength building exercises. i eat no processed, or sugary foods at all. i eat 5-6 fruits/vegetables a day, plus i eat protein after my workouts to gain muscle. is there any reason why i cant lose my body fat? thank you

=> Lucy I try very hard to llose weght by eating healthhy and by exercising but I never lose weight and sometimes I even gain weight Ireally need some advice about this.

=> Hi there Lucy, So recently i have started dieting, I eat less than 1000 calories a day. Im 15 5'2 and weigh 140 pounds, so im over weight. So far, ive been eaten alot of cottage cheese and exercising regularly for 30-40 min and doing core workouts, for 4 days. but i just want to give up. I dont know what to do, im not seeing any results and I always give up on my diets. what can i do to keep me motivated?

 There could be a number of reasons why you are not losing weight. Your doctor can assess your activity and diet and give you the best advice. Generally, if we eat more calories than we burn off, we gain weight even though we are physically active. "Normal" portion sizes, "eating healthy," and exercising mean different things to different people so consider keeping a Food and Activity Journal to re-evaluate your food and activity levels. Sometimes adding just a little extra serving size here or there or skipping exercise for a day can put the weight back on.

Cardio-exercise means exercise that gets our heart rate above its normal resting rate for a certain amount of time. You might want to re-check your Target heart rate as you might not be exercising at a high enough target heart rate or for a sufficient amount of time to balance the amount of food that you are consuming. Make sure that you are checking labels for added calories and watch how much protein you are eating after workouts.

 Motivation to lose weight – How to Keep the "M" in Motivation!!

=> Hi Lucy. My name is alexis and I loved your story, which is why it inspired me to write this letter. I am having a little weight problem and I need help. I'm going to the seventh grade and I'm ready to loose weight. I need help and encouragement to motiviate me to loose this weight. HELP!

=> im 13 and i just hate my self for letting my self get fat but anyways i am 5 foot 10 and im 235 pounds am i obeas

=> how could i get motivated to start excirsizing ! without getting bored every time i try to excirsize

Motivation. It's a simple word, but sometimes it's difficult to keep motivated.

Here are some ideas:

1. Write down the things that you don't like about your weight. (Things like: "Cool clothes don't fit me," "I have stretch marks on my thighs," "I can't get a date.")

2. Write down the reasons that you want to be thinner. (Things like: "So I can wear cool clothes," "I want to be able to walk 3 miles," whatever they might be.)

3. Make a list of FUN ACTIVITIES that you would like to try. Things that you enjoy like walking with friends, gardening, dancing, whatever they might be.

4. Do something on your fun activities list EVERY DAY. If you don't feel like doing something, look at your list in #1. What you don't like about your weight and #2. Reasons I want to be thinner. Your lists should give you motivation.

5. Keep track in a journal the activities you have tried. Mix it up, don't do the same thing every day. It is easier to be motivated when we do things that are FUN and DIFFERENT EVERY DAY!

6. Get a MOTIVATION BUDDY to help encourage you and keep you accountable. The Teen Bulletin Board area is a good place to find a buddy. Many kids post motivation tips on the Success Boards as well.

Let us know how these ideas help. "You can do it!"

 How to stop craving junk food at home - set up a “safe house”

=> I fell sick when I look at myself I want to lose weight but my mom is never around she is always at work and i cant stop myself from eat junk food so is there a way to lose weight inside and stop myself form eating

 Controlling what and how much we eat is a learned behavior. Getting in touch with our feelings and emotions can help. Ask yourself, "Am I eating because I am hungry, or am I eating because I am Comfort Eating?" Feeling bored, stressed, or lonely might cause us to eat mindlessly. It can help if we can control what food is in our house and make a plan ahead of time to avoid eating when we aren't even hungry.

Here are some ways HOW TO SET UP A "SAFE HOUSE:"

1. MAKE A GROCERY LIST with your Mom or whomever buys the food. Make sure that JUNK FOODS that you crave such as candy, ice cream, chips, soda, etc. are NOT ON THE LIST. This is the best idea!!!

2. GO SHOPPING WITH THE PERSON THAT BUYS THE FOOD. Follow your list and don't get tempted into buying things not on the list, especially junk food.

3. If JUNK FOOD is bought, limit the amounts! Ask your Mom to put junk food items in drawers or containers that you can't easily see. Out of sight, out of mind!! This still allows others to access the food but helps you to avoid it.

4. MAKE A PLAN AHEAD OF TIME so that you will know what to do if you feel tempted to eat when you are not actually hungry. For example, brush my teeth, go for a walk around the block, count to 100, dance to one song on the radio, call a friend. Usually, the urge to eat will pass.

5. IF YOU MESS UP, JUST TRY AGAIN. Writing down how we feel helps us to get in touch with our emotions. When we can understand what we are feeling, we can make a plan to change that feeling and do something else but eat. It gets easier, so just keep trying.

 What should I weigh? Losing weight for the right reasons

=> ok i am a very pretty girl. but i am overweight. i weight 167 ab i am only 12. what should i way? and a my friend thats is a boy told me that if i would lose some pounds i just might be perfect. so i would like to lose some weight befor school starts. augest 10th

=> I have a question I am 11 at 5'4 and weigh around 130 to 138 am I over weight?

=> I fat all I see when I look down is my poped out belly and th floor but I am 5'4 and at 143 people don't say I am fat. Tell me the truth am I or not? Confused

 To help determine if you might be overweight, check the BMI weight calculator on this site. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is a number that shows how your weight compares to your height and how you compare to everyone else. Your age, sex, height and weight are used to calculate your BMI. If the calculator shows that you are overweight you can check out the Healthy Weight School to learn more about being overweight and what you can do to lose weight.

Remember, it is always a good idea to lose weight for the right reason: So you can be healthier. Being healthy is a life style choice, a journey you take for the rest of your life.

 How do I get my parents to understand that I want to lose weight?

=> How should I approach my parents about my wanting to lose weight? They are both overweight, so they don't take me seriously. Help please!

=> Hi lucy I have a big problem I would love to tell mum that I wiegh 139 and am obese but I can't tell her give me tips on how to tell her plz

 Losing weight is hard, but it can be easier with the help of family and friends. Your parents might not readily support you because of many reasons. They may not think you are overweight. Please see the weight calculator to see if you are overweight. If it shows that you are overweight, show them the weight calculator and explain your desire to get to a healthier weight.

Here are some ways to talk with your parents about your weight loss wishes.

Once you have talked with your parents, try to arrange some family activities that don’t involve food. Go for a hike through a nearby park, take a spring bike ride, go swimming together or play some outdoor games. Let me know how it goes!

 Where do I get the willpower not to eat sweets?

=> Hi lucy. I am only 12 years old but yet everyone of my friends is thinner and better looking than me. everytime i say i'm not going to eat sweets i end up doing just that. how do i get willpower to have a healthy diet?

 Craving sweets or salty foods can often be a sign of a food addiction. When you reach for these foods, ask yourself if you are truly hungry or if you are eating to cover up an uncomfortable feeling.

Eating the foods you crave will temporarily make you feel better, but will cause you problems later on like increased weight gain and decreased self-esteem. If there are certain sweets that you repeatedly reach for, try to pick one of those foods and eliminate it completely from your diet. You may have intense cravings for a few weeks, but over time these should go away. Then pick another food that you seem to be addicted to and repeat the process.

Getting rid of the temptations by removing high calorie foods from your house should help. It is a good idea to let your parents know which foods you need help on eliminating so they don’t keep buying these foods. Rid your house of them so you won't be tempted!

Here are some other ways to help with food cravings. Having a plan in place to handle food cravings is a great way to help with your willpower. Get started on a plan today. You can do it!

 I hate getting teased about the way I look! What do I do?

=> A couple kids in my class are making fun of me and telling me go exercise. I'm not overweight or anything but all the fat goes to my stomach so it's big. I thought about going for jogs and start eating less but then I thought maybe I should stay the same to show them that I'm not overweight and that I don't care what they say. What do you think I should do? I need HELP!!!

=> I was running on my track meet. This one girl who is not on my team. She says something very mean almost a year ago. She said to me you are weird. I did not know what to do but tell the coaches. Well almost a month she said mean to my friend who is helping me in my track meet. And she was running with me and the girl said to her why aren't we faster runners? that was meant in a mean way. What do I do if that happens again? And soemthing mean about my weight 3 weeks a go.

 Unfortunately, teasing or bullying is something many of us deal with when we are growing up. We get teased for many different things, but someone who is overweight is often on the receiving end. While this feels very hurtful, try to remember that someone who makes fun of others actually has low self-esteem and is trying to make themselves feel better. Their goal is to get a reaction from you.

Practice ignoring them at home, so when they tease you, you will know how you are going to respond. If she or he no longer gets a reaction from you, he will eventually get tired of using you as a target. Here are some more ways to deal with teasing.

If you are getting teased because you are overweight, but you don’t think you are, make sure to visit the weight calculator.

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