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From kylee, Age 10, male - 04/24/21 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'8", 161 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'8", 160 lb (BMI %tile: 97) - i really like this app.

From luis, Age 12, male - 02/27/21 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'4", 92 lb ( BMI %tile: 11)    Today: Ht. 5'4", 82 lb (BMI %tile: 2) - i literally just walked

From Kaylee, Age 14, female - 12/14/20 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 4'6", 200 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'2", 83 lb (BMI %tile: 2) - I ate healthy went to the qym

From Jayiii87, Age 14, male - 09/28/20 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 4'11", 200 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'2", 108 lb (BMI %tile: 54) - eat healthy food
be active
be mindful

From gachafan, Age 15, male - 09/24/20 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'5", 50 lb ( BMI %tile: 2)    Today: Ht. 5'5", 35 lb (BMI %tile: 2) - i just worked out

From tj, Age 18, male - 09/21/20 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'8", 150 lb ( BMI %tile: 73)    Today: Ht. 6'2", 140 lb (BMI %tile: 2) - I did it by running and having fun

From hailee, Age 14, female - 08/17/20 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'4", 100 lb ( BMI %tile: 15)    Today: Ht. 5'4", 90 lb (BMI %tile: 2) - i've been going to the gym,and excersizing at home as well.

From Lulu, Age 12, female - 06/05/20 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'0", 81 lb ( BMI %tile: 12)    Today: Ht. 5'0", 81 lb (BMI %tile: 12) - Eating healthy

From lanayia, Age 17, female - 04/12/20 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 4'11", 600 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'1", 112 lb (BMI %tile: 51) - I took walks and I ate healthy

From Ja´Von, Age 19, male - 04/09/20 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'4", 330 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 6'7", 130 lb (BMI %tile: 2) - I just chose to cut down on the food i eat and just work out everyday

From Keira, Age 14, female - 12/21/18 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'3", 150 lb ( BMI %tile: 95)    Today: Ht. 5'3", 145 lb (BMI %tile: 91) - READ FOR TIPS AND MOTIVATION FOR TEEN WEIGHT LOSS!!
Okay so I've always been a little overweight my whole life, I only started realising it more frequently 3 years ago. All of this year and last year I have tried so many different ways to lose some weight, but it just never works. I'm also very lucky that even though I'm overweight, I'm a sporty person and do intense sports throughout the year which helps maintain my weight. Because I am a more higher fitness level than other peers despite my weight and I can easily participate in sports and do the same things "thinner" girls can, I've always thought just keeping with my sports would be enough. I was so wrong.
I'm a genrally lazy person. The only reason I'm fit and can go for runs is my live of sport. But without sport, I'm very lazy. This is where I tend to slip up... You see, ... (view more)

From Julia, Age 17, female - 05/31/18 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'8", 238 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'8", 207 lb (BMI %tile: 96) - hi everyone! I used to post on this a lot. Unfortunately I fell off the band wagon and gained more weight throughout high school. (In my last post I was a freshman- now I’m a senior. I gradute in 2 weeks!) On the bright side, about 2 months ago I made major life changes and stuck with my new lifestyle. I just found out that I lost 30 pounds! Also, I bought a beautiful prom dress and I can’t wait to show it off. A lot of hard work went into wearing that dress and I’m extremely proud of myself. It’s funny looking back and reading my old posts... if only I knew hahaha. Hard work, dedication, exercise, and healthy food are the only things that will help you lose weight. Crazy diets, pills, and strenuous exercise won’t help, I PROMISE. JUST STAY MOTIVATED.

From Brandon, Age 12, male - 04/21/18 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 4'9", 122 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'1", 129.2 lb (BMI %tile: 95) - I didn't have to really do anything. If you really want to know the secret, I will tell you. If you start out being overweight or obese before puberty, then just wait out puberty. I know this sounds lazy, but trust me. Even though my weight has gone up, it is unproportional, and therefore my BMI has gone down. The reason it hasn't gone down that much is because I have barely started puberty. But seriously, just wait. The height will straighten out the extra weight. What should happen is that the weight stays the same but the height goes up a lot, and you will feel skinnier. People that I haven't seen in over a year will say that I have lost weight, even though I know I haven't lost weight; I have gained height. I feel much skinnier now, and I can even relax a little bit because I am skinnier. Thanks :-)

From Zykia, Age 17, female - 11/11/17 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'2", 234 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'2", 195 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - Hey guys, I know a lot of you on here are struggling to lose weight and are feeling hopeless. I used to feel like a lot of you guys about 2 years ago. I was depressed and tons of people made fun of me. One day I went to the doctor and they told me that I was borderline diabetic and that if my weight kept going up then I would become type 2 diabetic and have heart issues later on in life. That was my breaking point. After that visit with the doctor, I took all those mean comments that people would say about me and used it as motivation to lose weight. I'm now 40lbs down from where I was and I have another 55lbs to go. If I can do it you guys can too. :)

From Bryson, Age 15, male - 09/11/17 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'7", 193.4 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'7", 147.6 lb (BMI %tile: 81) - I have been losing weight for the past couple of months now since I started believing in myself and not eating all the time. Now I am not too overweight. I hope others can hear my story

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