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From emmanuel, Age 14, male - 02/14/07 - IP#:  
i was a obese 250 pounds at the age of 07
i had originally been doin karate and was under weight.after i quit i gained 60 pounds in 3 months and weighed 120 at age ocered to me at age 10 that i need help so i began exercising eating more health,sleep and joging
i am still overweight at 4foot09 127lbs but im at least half at what i used to be

From iya, Age 17, female - 02/13/07 - IP#: also an overweight teen..before I was 5'2 and 143 lbs but because of exercise and diet Im now 137 lbs and still trying to loose..I came to that stage that I don't know what to do, I also became bulimic but nothing happened it cause me near death. I am motivated by blubberbluster and Oprah Winfrey when I watched her show..There's nothing you can get if you don't work should work hard for it.. It's good to have a long-term proper diet, do not rush..and don't feel bad about yourself, just diet...slowly but surely. Just say "NO!!" to unhealthy food..Don't starve yourself you'll just binge later w/c is small portions..if you snack just eat fruits and drink atleast 6 glasses of water a day. You can do it whoever you are who's reading this! Good Luck! Have a healthy diet!!

From Amber, Age 15, female - 02/09/07 - IP#:  
Like many others who have posted, I have always been struggling with my weight -- ever since I was a chubby little kid. At my heighest weight, 170lbs at about 5'3", I was completely inactive and hated everything and everyone, including myself. Life was miserable, and I couldn't stand it. I began making slow changes, and now, three years later, I am 120lbs at about 5'6". I run 3 miles 3xs a week, plus additional exercising. I am still trying to trim off 10lbs more, and I know that by the summer I will have reached my goal. I got to where I am by researching lots on the internet about nutrition and exercise; I ate less food, and healthier food -- lots of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. I never drink regular soda, and occasionally I treat myself to sweets. I try to exercise every day.
Don't give up, whoever you are, not matter what your statistics are -- because I was at a... (view more)

From Kim, Age 16, female - 02/08/07 - IP#:  
When I first came on this site in July of 06 I was 190 lbs. I had the lowest self esteem possible. THen I started to read all kinds of things on here and it really inspired me. I went from a XXl size 14 jeans to a S size 3 jeans. I'm 123 pounds now. I stopped drinking sodas. I rearely eat junk. I exercise like NO other. And it finally paid off. It was hard. But if you bellieve in yourself you will do it.!! GOOD LUCK ♥

From T (gal), Age 13, female - 02/01/07 - IP#:  
i havent lost much weight but i have gaven up soda for almost 3 weeks now. still going.

From Amanda, Age 18, female - 01/25/07 - IP#:  
Hey guys, first off I'd like to say thanks, all your stories are great to read, they motivate me when I feel like I can't do it. Anyways, i was always overweight. since i was about 4-5 years old. Not huge, just chunky. When i was about 10 years old i was at my biggest, i weighed 160lbs. I was always taller than the other kids so i carried it well, but you could still tell i wasn't at a healthy weight for my age. So the years pressed on, always being the bigger one of my friends. I tried "diets" and not eating, but none of them worked cause I figured it would take too long, and I wouldn't be able to do it. Well i was wrong. About a week ago, I decided it was my time to do this and do it right. I just turned 18 and weighed 225. Therefore i gained about 15 pounds since this time last year. I didn't want to gain anymore so i took action. This week, i cut out all juice, junk food, pop etc.... (view more)

From will, Age 16, male - 12/11/06 - IP#:  
hi i used to be about 180 pounds and im now 133 i tried every thing to lose it and to get fit so if anyone needs any support or help losing weight email me cause i know how it feels ....

From Anna, Age 13, female - 12/08/06 - IP#:  
I have lost 6 pounds. I could never get below 197 but now im 196. I just exercises a lot and watched what I ate

From Alex, Age 13, female - 12/08/06 - IP#:  
Hi, I started out at 197 and now im down to 181 but i want to keep going and reach my goal weight first i thought that would be really hard but after reading some of these stories it encourages me to keep going so thanks

From Brianna, Age 14, female - 12/06/06 - IP#:  
hi i am brianna and i do 2 sets of 50 situps every day before bed, i have cut down on pop and drinking water all the time and drank diet pop ocassionally and i have weighed 125 pounds nowi weigh about 114 pounds i encourage everbody and remeber never give up!!1 :) cut down on snacks also and play lots of sports!

From tina, Age 16, female - 12/06/06 - IP#:  
i curently lost 20 pounds on the french wemon dont get fat diet i went fron 5'8 145lbs 37d-27-35 and a size 6/7 to 5'8 125lbs 36c-24-32 and a size 1/2

From Isabella, Age 13, female - 12/05/06 - IP#:  
Hey all! Well I've been posting for a while now but I was 184lbs in Feb. 2006 now it's December and I weigh 167 lbs! My healthy weight goal recommended by my doc is about 145-150 lbs! I'm very happy and hope ton loose at least 5-10 more lbs before May becuase tthen I have to choose a dress for graduation and stuff. I set small goasl to change my eating habits gradually. The goals I never though I'd be able to do were to say no to seocn poritonns, eat fruit, and drink 1 glass of milk a day. Well I've been doing it! Its helped me from 170 lbs to 167! And my next goal os to try to get more exercise. I'm also following this amzing book called The Diet for Teenagers Only! Keep going all, becuase you reall can do better than you ever though possible. I can't wait until I loose 3 more pounds so that I will have lost 20lbs! I feel so good about myself. I'm realy proud. And I never thought i... (view more)

From tocarra jones, Age 26, female - 11/30/06 - IP#:  
this is just for my ladies dont fall into the whole pin thin phase our generation id going thru focous on bieng healty not pin thin i as you all now from top model was the only plus out off 13 girl and i made it relly far in the compitition im 5'9 180lbs 42E-28-42 and fabulous you guys are still young you shouldnt worry about weight if you are chunky like lets say your 5'6 and weigh 145lbs you only would need to losse 8 lbs too be at a healthy range and if you are obese a bmi of 30 or higher you should see a doctor so the can putt you on a diet not these website users so keep healthy keep active and always stay fabulous

From Jasmine, Age 16, female - 11/22/06 - IP#:  
At the beginning of my freshman year in high school, I weighed 249 pounds. I hated getting dressed in the morning more than anything else, because it reminded me of how bad I was going to look the rest of the day. I wanted to fall asleep one night and just dissappear, and never have to face the world in my ill-fitting clothes. But I soon came to realize that just sulking and being consumed by my misery was doing nothing for me, so I made some changes in my lifestyle. I started walking to and from school, and trying to get in a half hour of walking on top of that, every day. I quit drinking soda pop (and haven't had any since then, and I don't miss it at all!!) and stopped going to fastfood places. I started eating more veggies and fruits, and replaced the all the starchy foods in my house with whole grain foods. Today, I weigh 198 pounds, and look pretty good in clothes. Clothes fit how ... (view more)

From steph, Age 14, female - 11/18/06 - IP#:  
i use to be 188 punds until i went on this diet that says that you can only eat 1200 calories a day but you can whatever you want soo i did it and now i weigh 133 pounds and its great! dont get me wrong i am still not to my goal but i am happy that i lost so much.

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