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From bob, Age 14, male - 04/23/06 - IP#:  
I lost a pound or two.

From tracey, Age 17, female - 04/20/06 - IP#:  
so i lost 50 pounds from 180 to 120 im 5'11 from a size 11 to a 4/5 and from 38-34-40 to 35-23-35 and am now doing modeling i went on the eating everything in moderation diet and did 1 hour of exercise 4-6 times a week and 750 crunchs a day i was terry helped me out mabe he can help you to he also lost 85-90 pounds from a size 42 to 31/33 we are now dating and the sex is great

From rachel, Age 14, female - 04/20/06 - IP#:  
OMG... go on the south beach diet... ive lost 4 pounds in lyk 2 days!!!!!!!!!! u loose between 8-13 pounds in the first 2 weeks!!!!!

From Amanda, Age 18, female - 04/17/06 - IP#:  
oops I made a typo, I meant, I lost 32lbs in 6 WEEKS.

From Amanda, Age 18, female - 04/17/06 - IP#:  
I was 170lbs, I worked out everyday and watched what I ate for 6 months and lost 32lbs. I'm now 138lbs. I need to lose about 20 more lbs, hopefully by June

From Maria, Age 12, female - 04/16/06 - IP#:  
I'm sorry, but this story is EVTREMELY long, so if you have no patience you might not want to read this.Well, i guess my weight problem began in 2nd grade. i didn't think much about it at the time but when i reached 5th grade it hit me like a slap in the face. I was 5ft tall, almost 11 years old and weighed 135 pounds. That was when i started watching what i ate. I cut down on the junk food. I stopped eating chips, cake, icecream, pop, and ect... Now,a little more than a year later, i weigh between 99 and 102 pounds. I just recently started doing sit ups and pushups. I do 50 of each a day. Loseing weight is not easy, but i much rather give up junk food than being over weight again. another rhing i did to lose weight was eat more! I eat like 8 times a day but i eat in portions. for example, i'll have breakfast, than 2 hours later i'll have a sandwich or fruit, 2 hours later i'll eat... (view more)

From Rachael, Age 14, female - 04/11/06 - IP#:  
This sucess story is to help incourage everyone that is trying to loose weight.On my 14th birthday on October I told myself that i was going to loose weight because I was fourteen and almost 300lbs although I'm 5'8 that is to heavy. I was sooooooo sick and tired of people teasing me and saying things behind my back.So I start dieting and It was easy after the first month,I had caught on.I was on a deit I made up that you couldn't have sugar or starches(bread,pasta,pizza,ect.),but you did have to work out 3 to 5 times a week. I lost over 70lbs pounds in 7 months thats like 10lbs a month.I feel great!!!!!!Yippy only 40 pounds to go.

From Heather, Age 15, female - 04/11/06 - IP#:  
well..... i was 14 years old,like 5'6 and 222 pounds. I still can hear the kids making fun of me and putting me down, every day and night i cried wantng a boyfriend so bad. But that's when i fell in love with a guy who was perfect to me but of course i was to fat fo him to feel the same. I dont know how many times i said i was going to go on a diet and it never ever happened.
so this guy was the last straw for me. i told myself (hint*hint*) this time is for real. i changed my nasty eating habits, excercised, and kept my mind totally focused on what i WOULD look like. in 8 months i lost 70 pounds. i still cant believe it. the goal is to not quit,make your stomach say no to food and make it pay for overeating all those years, don't torture it but yeah let it know your for real this time. now i suffer depression and still want to lose a million pounds and still cry at the image in the ... (view more)

From Amanda, Age 16, female - 04/10/06 - IP#:  
To be truthful, I've always had a weight problem. I was a big baby (10 pounds 8 ounces) and an even bigger toddler. Weel, fastforward a few years to last summer. Last summer, some of my friends totally dropped me for some guys, and yes this really hurts. Weel, anyway, I went on a total bingefest and gained around 20 pounds in a couple of months. At my heaviest, I weighed around 178 pounds and I felt sooo selfconscience and practically unhealthey because of this. Well, I decided enough was enough, so I got back "on track"* or so I thought* and started eating less than 600 calories a day. At first, my weight plummeted, but I was so malnourished and always sick. My parentes sent me to the doctor one day and they told me that if I didnt start eating more, I might die of lack of nutrtion. So as i started eating I put back on a few pounds, but this was much better than being sick at... (view more)

From kerrie, Age 15, female - 04/10/06 - IP#:  
Well at first I didn't think I would be able to lose the amount of weight that I wanted to lose, but then I decided to stop thinking negative and to start thinking positive. So every morning I got up and I would have a healthy cereal or some toast with a glass of water or fresh orange juice. I would then go for a jog round the block for about half an hour. For my lunch I would have plain ham sandwich a glass of water and a piece of fruit. I would then get one of my exercising dvds out and do that for an hour. For dinner whatever I had I made usre it included vegetables. I did this for just over 3 weeks and there you go I lost the amount of weight I needed to. Before I started all of this I was overweight now I am at a healthy range weight. So I say everyone can achieve what they have to acheieve if they just put their minds to it.

From nicole, Age 15, female - 04/06/06 - IP#:  
Three weeks ago, i was at my all time high - 220 pounds- i carry my weight well (i look heavy but not 220 pounds worth of heavy) i ate a light yogurt for breakfast every day- a protein bar for lunch- a can of veggies or fruit as a snack- torilla pizza- or meat and veggies for dinner and a sugar free posicle for desert- i worked out at the gym for 45 minutes on monday wednesdays and fridays and then went home to play D.D.R. on tuesdays and thursdays i just play D.D.R - i am now down to 205- a total weight loss of 15 pounds- i didnt tell anyone i was on a diet and when i went out with my friends and family the other day, they all kept telling me i looked really great- good luck everyone

From Izzy, Age 13, female - 04/06/06 - IP#:  
Well 5 weeks and four days ago, I was at my all-time high weight: 184 lbs. My mind was on "temporay binge" mode during the holidays, so I bscially stuffed myself and had fun. I don't know why it crushed me that when I went on the scale it read 184. But then I realized something exrememly important: that's what my life used to be like!! Weight went in one direction only. I also relized that most healthy ADULTS didn't even weigh that much. That was it. I was disguisted at what I had become. I was time to get serious. Step one was basically cutting out all sugary drinks, and since then I have only had 4 glasses of soda, and not regular soda either. My face cleared up a whole lot. I had always been good w? yogurts and lowfat milk and stuff, but i neede to choos healthier snacks and eat more fruits an veggies. Once that was done, I added in exercise and used very good portion control, and no more section helpings at dinner. SO far I have lost 7.6 lbs and now I am 176.4 and still going. If I could do it, so can you. Believing is the key! :0)

From Jackie, Age 18, female - 04/05/06 - IP#:  
I'm gonna tell you a little story with big results!!
In the 9th grade I weighed 250lbs I'm 5'3" so I really didn't have anyplace to hide it. I never had a boyfriend I DID NOT go swimming and I DID NOT wear SHORTS. I started watching what I ate got alittle obsessed and dropped 90lbs the wrong way by straving myself. I looked gret but I was always weak and light headed. I finally had a cheeseburger and fries and I swear I gained 10lbs that night. You see when you don't eat right and strave your body it holds on to things longer, Storing as fat. SO by the 11th grade I gained all that weight and more back so I was nearly 300lbs. I dieted the right way with friends and family eating smaller portions and lost 100lbs in a year. I'm 18 now and in college I weight a healthty 120lbs and I'm a size 4. I look great I wear anything i want and hey did i mention i met the perfect guy, that was there all along. My best friend MAtt, who were there with me all along. So what I'm saying is lose weight for the write reasons such as health..and do it the right way. LOVE YOU ALL JACKIE

From Teresa, Age 14, female - 04/04/06 - IP#:  
Hey i started my diet only about 2 weeks ago. Ive been gettin gscared that i was going to have a heart attack or get diabetes or die early. I dont want that for myself, and i know im a good person, and people are just shallow so i decided i wanted to lose weight for the wrong reaons. To make other people happy. So far ive lost 7.5 lbs and i keep going, but not for them, for myself. i just want to be healthy. I drink as much water as i can, i steer clear of sodas and juices. I dont eat candy or junk food, i usually just eat alot of yogurt (for calcium because i dislike milk) and i eat alot of sandwhiches on wheat bread, and salads. i excersize daily at a gym. I know i just have to keep it up. you guys can do it! :D

From MaKayla, Age 9, female - 04/03/06 - IP#:  
i'v lost 3 lbs!!!!yippy:)

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