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From Annabelle, Age 20, female - 08/24/05 - IP#:  
I went from 172 to 122 by following a mainly vegetarian diet with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole fancy coffee drinks, only some green tea, herbal teas and plenty of water. Pilates and walking helped a great deal. I removed the weight, I didn't "lose" it, as I don't plan on finding it again.

From Dina, Age 13, female - 08/24/05 - IP#:  
Hey! I was 168 about at the begning of august and after readinga bout all of these things I didn't feel good at all. I felt so depressed about me being fat, and I alot of people say I'm not, becuase I am tall. So I started to walk a mile everyday adn cut back on EVERYTHING. I even help clean the house. I feel great now! I weigh 155! which means I lost about 13 pounds! I swish to loose about 15 more pounds. I have my friends always asking me what I eat and what should I cut back and stuff. I can't wait to loose all of my fat! I don't plan to be skinny like a a twig I just wnat to be slim.
Here are some things I do:
1) Drink Green Tea Daily its a great boost of yoru metabolism
2) Partticipate in about everything! Get more exercise that you don't even know
3) Eat smaller portions of food, only until your full.
4) Walk about a 1-2 miles
5) Check your weight every Saturday(I found out that if you check everyday it won't help.)
6) Tell youself that if you do it... so and soo will happen^^

From laura, Age 22, female - 08/23/05 - IP#:  
i have only recently started my journey but am positive at the moment. i have my ups and downs like everyone but know inside i can do it. i have a good friends wedding in may and dont want to look like a dumpling in the photos!!. have lost 12 pounds so far and am putting all into it. all of your stories are truely inspirational and i wish you all success x x x

From Stefanie, Age 13, female - 08/22/05 - IP#:  
I lost 97 in 9 months!! I use to be 247 and size 26 now im 147 and size 6!!

From Ros, Age 20, female - 08/16/05 - IP#:  
I love waking up every morning. The weight just keeps coming off like a miracle. I've tried for so many years and ALL I had to do was eat right and exersize. I've never had so much energy and been so active. I lost so much weight in just 2 weeks so far. I haven't worn a tank top since I was 10....I'm 20 now and feel the best in my life. It could get difficult though. A few days ago I binged and ate A LOT in 1 night but I made up for it by eating little the next day and then going back to normal the day after. I learned that it's OK to treat yourself, just don't feel guilty about it or it'll get worst. I still dream of the day I am skinny, but at least I feel good now and I know I can do it, and if I can, you can too. Lift weights and do pushups along with cardio and your body will burn the fat off in no time. One thing concerns me is all you teens out there, remember that you are still... (view more)

From lisa, Age 15, female - 08/15/05 - IP#:  
i was born 3 lbs as a baby so my parents fed me up quite a bit, i was normal wieght from when i was 2 to 9, but when i turned 10 my mum died and my dog was ran over so i started to comfort eat. i had nachos, pizza, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, mints, roast potatos and chips with every meal, and started to watch 7 or 8 hours of tv a day. But when i was 13my dad made me lose wieght, i was 500 lbs at 4 ft 11/ 5 ft. so i ate nothing but salad for a mounth, and lost only 4 lbs, so then i got really commited to it i started exercising at least 2 hours a day, BUT I DIDN'T BUILD UP THE WORKING LIKE YOU SHOULD, but it was a price worth paying. 2 and a bit years on a nd i feel great, i am great at school, the 1000m champ and am a healthy 165 lbs. i have no will power and i did and i think you should to.

From Mercy, Age 13, female - 08/12/05 - IP#:  
well when i went to skool errbody waz like u gained weight and then plus i weighed more than i wanted so knowing i played tennis i lost 5lbs. in 5 days and i was so happy cause i wanted to look good 4 my boyfriend

From Kaylie, Age 14, female - 08/11/05 - IP#:  
I was 159 pounds and in less than three weeks I have lost 12 pounds!!! Not only is it important to eat healthy but also be very active as well.

From Rosalyn, Age 20, female - 08/11/05 - IP#:  
I'm so happy. I've only lost a few lbs but the change of lifestyle to healthy eating and exersizing has given me so much energy and confidence. It's like magic. After 10 yrs of trying to lose weight I finally found the secret...Just eat healthy and exersice!!!

From shannon, Age 29, female - 08/08/05 - IP#:  
hey guys its been a month since i last posted and i was 186 pounds i am now 180 :D start was 220 i doing it i really doing it i feel so good and to be able to share it with all of u is great its hard i know but you feel better and feel better about yourself :Dwhat do is eat more salads and fruits i get up at 6 am walk for 1 hour then after lunch i ride my bike for 30 min some days i feel i dont want to do it but i push myself because i know in the long run it be good for me so wish me luck i have 30 pounds to go for my goal yay woooot im so happy good luck all and gont give up

From Carolyn, Age 13, female - 08/08/05 - IP#:  
I did it!!! Well almost...I used to way 175 pounds and now I way 155. I still want to loose 10-15 more pounds before school starts (Sept.6). I can't believe I did it. Good luck to all of you who are trying to loose weight, I know it's hard(really hard,lol) , but you just have stick to it. I lost 20 pounds by eating healthy and just getting off my butt and being more active(like riding my bike and playing soccer with my friends). I cant believe how lazy I was before,lol.
YOU CAN DO THIS! Good Luck! :)

From shay, Age 14, female - 08/05/05 - IP#:  
i have been viewing this site for quite a while.
then i decided to loose weight.i use to weight 167.know im 162,taking a step at a time.i just started and thier are a lot of intresting success
stories. I THANK U ALL!! SO MUCH my goal is 120 and im getting there.

From kat, Age 15, female - 08/05/05 - IP#:  
hi! I just wanted to say that I didnt drink any soft drinks for a week and lost three pounds. Sometimes I think people disregard what they drink when it comes to weight loss. watch out for all that added sugar!

From Tara, Age 12, female - 08/04/05 - IP#:  
I used to be 160 pounds and I didnt notice that I needed to lose weight until I went to blubberbusters. I came here and started posting and reading articles and things like that. Then I decided to lose weight. The first 10 pounds was pretty easy but I had to do something to get it off. What I did was I didnt overeat. I only ate when I was hungry. Of course I ate some junkfood every now and then, but it didnt really effect me. Then for some strange reason, I slowly got away from the healthy eating habit and gained back my 10 pounds. Then I knew I couldnt play around anymore. Then I started to eat right again and lost 10 pounds...again. Then i went into a long pause and didnt gain any weight but didnt lose any. I was eating just healthy enough to maintain the weight of 150 Then I decided to eat right again. It took me a while to get back into the habit but I finally did and I lost 5... (view more)

From Dana, Age 23, female - 08/04/05 - IP#:  
Hello this is a first posting for me. Over two weeks ago I weighted in at 160 lbs
well I weighted myself again and I am 156 lbs as of this morning!! I have been running (more like jog and walk) for 2 weeks 6 days a weeks for 30 min each time. I wasn't even eating right!!
I will continue exercising and then I will start eating better by not eating so much...i eat a lot!! See you next time when I am down more!

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