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From Dina, Age 13, female - 12/09/05 - IP#:  
Well, I don't know if this is a big accomplishment, but I was 170 pounds, and now I am 132.

From Desiree, Age 13, female - 12/08/05 - IP#:  
Well im 13 and i weigh 127 and im 5'7 and i used to weigh like 145-150 and i was like 5'4 and i just exercised and stopping eating as much and now im not fat nor skinny the doc. says im skinny but perfect weight.i dont think im skinny but anyways just work at it

From Jennifer*, Age 14, female - 12/04/05 - IP#:  
I am at 158 cuz i dance!

From Cristal, Age 14, female - 12/04/05 - IP#:  
I weighed 230 pounds before and was 5'8. My best friend and I started going to the gym together and dieting. I'm finally 180 pounds!

From Sam, Age 17, female - 12/04/05 - IP#:  
My weight yo-yoed all last year, but over the summer i stopped focusing on a number, but rather on what i ate. I made sure i ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and cut out snack foods and replaced them with fruit. I got hooked on fruit and even ate it for breakfast. I succeeded in losing 10 pounds and have only another 10 to go.

From Elizabeth, Age 14, female - 12/03/05 - IP#:  
In the 5th grade I was a heavy kid. I weighed 230 pounds and was 5'6. I got picked on a lot and never had a boyfriend or anyone who really seemed to be my true friend for who I was. Then a few years later I decided to take action. In the 7th grade still being about 230 pounds I wanted to change my life for the better and lose weight. So I started to diet the right away. I chose to eat fruit or cereal for breakfast instead of poptarts, salads for lunch instead of pizza and chicken for dinner instead of pasta. I totally cut sweets out of my diet for the better (although to this day I still cheat and have a little something,but who doesn't as long as you don't over do it, it's ok). In the first 4 months I had lost a good 25 - 30 pounds just by changing the way I ate. Now in the 8th grade I'm still dieting but I'm down a total of 55 pounds. I weigh 170 pounds and I'm 5'8 inches tall. I work ... (view more)

From Holly, Age 17, female - 12/02/05 - IP#:  
Hi! I started out at 217 pounds a year ago and lost 55 pounds so now I weigh 160 pounds and feel better than I ever have. I have also lost over 8% body fat. I would like to lose 25-30 more pounds, but regardless I'm still proud of what I have accomplished. I have permanently changed my lifestyle to include healthy eating and exercise everyday. I wish everyone the best who is starting a new lifestyle and want to tell everyone that you can do it. One thing I would suggest is printing out a calendar every month and track not only your exercise but also the progess you've made in losing pounds and inches. Whenever you need a boost, just look at that and it should help you to continue. Good luck!

From marie, Age 13, female - 11/30/05 - IP#:  
hey guys! ive lost 16 pounds in 3 and a half weeks!!! i weigh 144lbs right now and i want to get to 135 or 130!!! it totally has to be b4 january 27!!!!! soo yea wish me luck and if you need any tips on how to lose weight e-mail me love,marie

From Amy, Age 15, female - 11/28/05 - IP#:  
Hey! 2 years ago when i was in the 7th grade- i went from about 184lbs to 160lbs by goin on the atkins diet (NOT THE WAY TO GO)I started it on nov2 and stuck to it till about feb. I don't suggest goin on a "Diet" AT ALL because you are killing yourself emotionally and you miss out on all the "fun".I think exercising and watching wat u eat is the only way to go. I started Thanksgiving nite, and i've been riding our exersize bike for an hr everynite- i haven't weighted myself yet (kinda scared :) but i feel more in shape and better bout myself- And when u r tempted to eat something like pie or something fatening, just think of how much work it'll take to burn it- its not worth eating it! its all in ur head- stop look'n at it and just walk away! (thats what i do) pick someone in your family or friends that you care a lot bout and say ur gunna loose weight for them AND 4YOURSELF- if u... (view more)

From shannon, Age 29, female - 11/28/05 - IP#:  
hello i havent posted in a while but i did my goal i was 220 and i said my goal was 150 i am there now woooot was hard took me 7 months to do it i watched what i eat and worked out 1 hour a day sometimes more i think im going to make a new goal of 130 :D and dont give up u can do it

From Zoe, Age 11, female - 11/22/05 - IP#:  
When I was in K-3 grade I was pretty much normal until I transferd to another school. When I was in fith grade i weighed 113 pounds. When I got to middle school i felt better beacause everyone there was well, bigger than me. I went cloths shopping and i decided to go for it. I started running in my garden and walking my dog down the street everyday. I was weighed and now i weigh 102. It is possible to do things that you may feel aren't possible.

From Jennifer*, Age 14, female - 11/20/05 - IP#:  
I have lost two pounds total in one week!

From Jennifer*, Age 14, female - 11/19/05 - IP#:  
I lost two pounds!!!!****

From Jennifer*, Age 14, female - 11/16/05 - IP#:  
Hey i have lost one pound whil doing this diet...just eating wheaties or cheerios for breakfast. slice of pizza for lunch w/ water (carry water everday) then for dinner w/e we have and then run or go on the exercise ball!!

From *Celeste, Age 13, female - 11/14/05 - IP#:  
Hey everybody! It is so possible to lose weight! And believe me, at zero will power, if i can do it, so can you!!! So far I have lost 24.5 pounds. I started at 185, and now I'm at 160.5. I am slowly working my way down to 155, then hopefully to 135 sometime in the future. It is entirely possible and feels great after the weight comes off, so just keep on trying!!

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