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From Ariel, Age 13, female - 08/10/06 - IP#:  
Hi, i really wanted to lose weight before school so i started to do weight watchers and i also started doing a dance video called BYOU with Sabrina Bryan and i lost 3 pounds in just 1 day! i am really excited to see how much i can lose!

From Rina, Age 16, female - 08/10/06 - IP#:  
Hey Everyone, I just thought i'd share with you some of my experience about being overweight. I was overweight from the time I was 3 or 4 til 14. My mom used to enable me by making fattening foods such as cookies, chinese and any kind of dessert. Overtime it stuck to me, literally, I ended up weighing 313 pounds when I was 14, now I'm 16 and 130 pounds, I'm so happy. I didn't have surgery, no special diet, no pills... I learned to exersise and eat moderately. If you want a cookie or a little ice cream, have some! just don't sit there and eat 5 cookies or a pint of ice cream, it's all just common sense! remember, it's not what you eat, it's how much you eat that counts!

From Caitlyne, Age 15, female - 08/03/06 - IP#:  
Well guys, my name is Caitlyne, I'm 15 years old and I first joined this site on July 16th. On july 16th I weighed 186.5 lbs at 5'6. Since then I've managed to get down to 176. So in 2.5 weeks I lost 11.5 lbs. How, you wonder? Eating 1250-1450 calories a day and doing a 5.5 mile bike ride along the waterside every 2nd day. My weightloss is starting to slow down a little bit so I'm going to start biking a little further evertime this happens... Good luck to all of you, you Can DO IT!

From niamh, Age 14, female - 08/02/06 - IP#:  
haiiii!!!at the age of 10 i was 10 stone......i new i had to lose the chub so i recently started jogging and cutin out fatty foods iv now lost 1stone 5lbs in 2 n a half months!!!!keep up the weight lose peeps its worth it!!!x

From mandie sue, Age 13, female - 07/27/06 - IP#:  
iv lost some more and all im doing is drinking more warter also i do a lil excersise before i go to bed still have a long way to go but iv lost 10 pounds now and looking alot better ill keep everyone posted on when i loose more and congrats to all the loosers

From alexis, Age 11, female - 07/25/06 - IP#:  
Hi when i was in 4th and some what of 5th i wieghed 116 but now i have lost about 7 pounds

From ~*Kaylee*~, Age 14, female - 07/23/06 - IP#:  
To lose weight you have to use more calories that you eat. That means eat less, move more. Things you can do to help that is eat a healthy breakfast to start your day. Eat lowfat/fatfree dairy (yogurt,milk,cheese) Brush your teeth righ after dinner so you will pass on desert. Chew gum when your not hungry but want to eat. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! Get up and move when ever you can. Shopping, cleaing, yardwork, running, the gym, hula hooping, swimming, b-ball, soccer, weights, walking the dog, anything that gets you moving is great!! You can do it!! I was once 5'1 and 150 lbs and nOw I'm 5'3 and 128 so it's 100% doable!!

From Grace, Age 12, female - 07/21/06 - IP#:  
Well im now down to 105 with about an other 10 more pounds to go. I lost about 20-25 pounds just by drinking water nd eating lots of furits. If u get hungry just drink a bottle of water it will fill u up nd also try walking about 1 mile everyday or just jog for 15-30 minutes in ur neighborhood.

From Isabella, Age 13, female - 07/15/06 - IP#:  
Well, I think I've lost another two pounds, I was on a pleatu for like 3 months and I tried on this super cute outfit with a belt, and it looks good!!! Good luck to all, and remember: everything (even sweets, soda, and fries) in MODERATION!!

From lara, Age 15, female - 07/14/06 - IP#:  
i lost weight by simply just eating alot of salads and drinking 10 cups of water i also took fiber pills and vutmins im down 15 and im aiming for another 15

From Molly, Age 14, female - 07/10/06 - IP#:  
Hey i guess it was about a week before my friends brithday party when i first stepped on the scale and saw the shocking number of 174lb. at the height of 5 feet i wore a size 15 or 17 in pants and a bmi of 32.7 . I knew i had 2 do something, my dad was overweight as a kid and later got diabetes, then lost some weight. Even though he changed his life around then he still died early at the age of 46.
So i lost 7lbs. the first week but then i gained 5lbs. after my friend's party. a couple of weeks later i noticed that i had lost a pound without trying and decided that i could do it. so far i've found that the hardest part of losing weight is holidays and vacations. so far i've lost around 30 lb. and my bmi is now 27.2. my goal is to be around 115lbs. by my birthday which is at the end of january!! good luck 2 everyone..

From jane, Age 17, female - 07/05/06 - IP#:  
I haven't always been overweight, and as a matter of fact when I was little I loved to exercise, and I hated chocolate, as well as anything that was too sugary. My mother, who has always been on the heavy side, took maticulous care to keep me away from any and all junk food in the house and just natrually I loved to be hyper, play outside and just be a normal and plucky kid. The minute I hit school I began to gain belly weight, due to the overly processed, over-fattened, disgusting school food and candy that would be handed out by teachers. Luckily I was still very active when I was little, and I was just plain happy despite the couple extra pounds I carried. Everything changed when I was 8 years old and moved clear across America. Without any friends, and both my parents always at work I fell into a depression and used sugary foods, soda, and the television to comfort myself. Little... (view more)

From ashley, Age 14, female - 07/03/06 - IP#:  
good job to everyone who has lost weight. my only advice is to play sports were you have to exercise alot and eat things that are good for you. i have lost 10 pounds in less then 2 weeks by jogging and walking about a mile a day

From jennifer, Age 14, female - 07/01/06 - IP#:  
When I was in 7th grade, I weighed 136. All my friends were like, I dont know, 100? I thought I was gonna get some disease like diabetes and die. Beacause of that, I started 2 diet, doing 3 hours of exercise everyday and consuming only 1500 calories at the most. In 3 months, i lost 30 pounds. This is a miracle. I dont feel ugly anymore.

From Emmie, Age 13, female - 06/28/06 - IP#:  
I lost three pounds in two days! Yay! Oh my gosh, all I did was exercise for at least three hours each day and weight train a whole lot!

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