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From Jill, Age 18, female - 10/28/05 - IP#:  
I was a 170 pounds and now i'm 130 pounds. It helped to learn about healthy food and balancing your diet. I know what helped me was a computer software called Diet Power! I suggest it to anybody because it really teaches you how to do it safely. Lose weight safely!!!!

From monique, Age 15, female - 10/26/05 - IP#:  
HI I am a fan of blubberbusters and I have been doing a weight loss thing for myself for three months now and I lost fifteen pounds but now that school has started I get those cravings for lunch fries but im still doing okay Im thinking about joining track though to keep the weight off my goal is to be 120 by february or summer wish me luck!!!

From heather, Age 12, female - 10/22/05 - IP#:  
i had wanted to loose weight for a loooong time and when i finnally did i dropped from 180 lbs to a decent 169lbs i was so happy but i still would like to weigh less though !!!

From Sonya, Age 18, female - 10/20/05 - IP#:  
Hey whats up everyone ...i just wanted to say that i use to weight 190 pounds and then I managed to become 135 pounds in about a year. I just want to tell everyone that in the beginning it might be hard but eventually your dedication will finally pay off. Its worth the work!

From Maureen, Age 17, female - 10/14/05 - IP#:  
I want to say that it's not impossible to achieve weight loss....i weighed a whopping amount about 2 years ago, and i followed all the rules and facts on blubberbusters and it helped me! i am now feeling gorgeos and are beautiful and you can all achieve what you want! Just believe in yourself!

From Ashley, Age 15, female - 10/10/05 - IP#:  
I just wanted to tell everyone out there that what you think is impossible, isnt. I once weighed 185 pounds that was about 2 years ago, since then, ive lost nearly 50 pounds, and im still working on it. Someday, I aspire to be a model. There is hope for everyone. The one thing that really kept me going was that there are more important things than food out there, like relationships, intelligence, wisdom and just plain out having fun. Everytime you go to grab that candy bar or snack just think how much work you will have to do to work it off, but how easy it is to eat it. Its not fair. Just chose not to eat it, its hard but the more you think that youre not on a diet, just eating healthy the easier it is, because then you dont have to think " not to think about food" when you actually are as you think that. remember, eat what you want, just dont eat a lot of it (minimal amounts) and dont forget to exercise :) running can be good, just think about how good youll feel afterwards. Good luck to everyone and all of my love

From Sarah, Age 15, female - 10/05/05 - IP#:  
During the last summer, I was 189 lbs. Now, I'm 165, and I feel and look great! I worked out with Tae-Bo with Billy Blanks every 3 days of the week, I went on a strict diet , and kept that way for the whole summer. Everyone tells me that I looked great and beautiful, and I'm very proud of myself. Thank-you blubber busters!

From James, Age 15, male - 10/04/05 - IP#:  
Well guess what everybody in the past 2 weeks I have been able to go down ten pounds by just not thinking about losing weight. The only thing I had to do was exsersize about 15-30 minutes aday but that was not hard all I did was lift my ten pound weights for a few minutes at a time and I just went to bed early so I could not get hungary. I prayed to God everyday to help me lose some weight and I know that without him I could not have done this I still have 20-30 pounds to go. To all of you struggling with your weight all I can say is just pray and forget about everything you could be eating instead of what you are eating to help you lose weight. well adios I will post again on here later.

From Beth, Age 14, female - 10/01/05 - IP#:  
I don;t know how much weight i lost, but I've gone down a clothes size!!! I'm so proud, it's actuallynearly 2!!!!! I was a size 22 both top and bottom (UK) and now I'm an 18 on top and 20 on bottom, I have a rather big bum which annys me intensly but anywhoo, I'm soo happy!

From shannon, Age 29, female - 10/01/05 - IP#:  
hello again i havent posted in awhile last time i did i was 178 i think lol im loseing count now lol well im down to 165 i was 220 when i started 5 months ago its getting harder to get the weight off now lol i joined a gym and i work out 1 hour and 30 mins a day i now have a cheat day where i eat what i want and one day off from workout u need to rest my goal os 150 :d almost there yay :) then when i get to my goal i will workout 3 days a week wont have to work as hard im so happy i wear things i never have enough thought i wear lol for those of u just sarting dont give up you will feeel great i do :D well i post when i get to my goal bye bye ty for all yoru stories they helped DONT GIVE UP

From Monica, Age 16, female - 10/01/05 - IP#:  
I haven't reached my goal of 150 lbs but im closer I used to weigh 245lbs but I weigh 224 now I lost 21pounds in like 21/2 months. Honestly the best I can say is stay strong ya mean pray and ask god to help you or send someone to keep you motivated or ask him to. stay motivated and think about what u would look like if you hit your goal when you feel tempted. Dancing is always fun and it burns calories. Remember incorporate diet and exercise in youre diet and don't you're self cause you'll gain it all back when you go back to eaten regualarly

From Francis, Age 15, female - 09/26/05 - IP#:  
I weighed 332 pounds this time last year... I still have about 100 more to lose, but I have cut 4 meals out of my day and have started to do syncronized swimming and yoga. I used to feel really bad because my friend Raquel would tease me when we went to the beach.She would call me a beached whale... I realized that I can make friends that won;t critize me for the way I look

From Mandy, Age 14, female - 09/24/05 - IP#:  
i havent lost all of the almost 50 pounds i want to lose but i have lost like 10 pounds so im down to 138-139 its awesome and really motivational all i did was cut out some of the pop and milk and drank some more water and ate a little less and ran up and down the stairs 10 times (up and down=1)i only did that like 2 times this week so its awesome and now im gonna add in pushups and run more often so wish me luck im gonna need it lol and you guys can do it!!

From Monica, Age 16, female - 09/18/05 - IP#:  
Hi I have not reached my goal weight but I am getting close to it. I weigh 225 pounds but I used to weigh 245 pounds so I lost a good 20 lbs over the summer. I wanna get down to 150 to 155lbs. I really don't have in all put together plan but I know what worked for me was doing 100 situps a day and drinking alot of water. Also we need to face the fact that by eatin chips and drinking numerous amounts of soda we will get no where when trying to lose weight plus its not good for you. My advice coming from a person thats very self conscous about running outside find a exercise routine that you can do inside. like running up and down you're stairs for 5min or situps,pushups etc. Don't eat after like 7:00p/m and cut out junkfood. You should be on you're way to success.

From Melissa, Age 13, female - 09/18/05 - IP#:  
I lost 5 pounds this week :) 30 more to go.

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