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From Destinee, Age 13, female - 02/15/06 - IP#:  
Hi im Destinee and i lost 45 ponds in 4 months....!

From Carrie, Age 13, female - 02/12/06 - IP#:  
I started to lose weight this past fall. I am 4'11" and i use to weigh 128. im 105 now and my abs show!

From I, Age 12, female - 02/10/06 - IP#:  
I have lost 13 KG and i plan on losing 3 KG more.I am 1.68m

From Melissa, Age 14, female - 02/09/06 - IP#:  
LAST year around this time I was 5'3 150lbs..Eventually I got tired of everyone making fun of me so over the summer i worked really hard and cut down on portions. Now Less than a year l8er i weigh 124lbs..Im so HAPPY and proud of myself...

From Mercedes, Age 13, female - 02/09/06 - IP#:  
I use to weigh 220 and always used to buy candy and cake even though my parents used to tell me to stop eating and lose some weight for my graduation i still continued to eat, but then i realized that i wanted to become a singer but first i had to lose weight, so i started to walk to school in the morning and afternoon, winter, summer,spring,fall and guess what i losed all of the weight i now way 110 pounds and i feel great,i just have to say if you wanna lose it, just stick to it.

From yasmin, Age 11, female - 02/06/06 - IP#:  
I was ill not so long ago, and being ill seems to be the only wy i loose weight. but then after i always pile it all back on. While i wos ill i dropped from 10 stone 15lb to 10 stone. Thanks to evry one who have been supportive I have been able to drop then from 10 st to 9 st 13lb and i am losing quickly. thanx for all the help out there, my advice is eat healthily, exercise regularly and if you fall over the first hurdal, jump back up and try again, but NEVER give up!!

From terry, Age 16, male - 02/01/06 - IP#:  
incase any one wants to try my diet i ate fruits vegitables fat free milk and chikin fish turkey and lean cuts of read meats and moderate amouts of grains and lots of water and 1-2 small indulgence mabe a handfull of chips or a tea cup of reguler ice cream with 1-2hour workouts 4-6times a week this relly works and you dont starve yourself i even ate fast food if you go to mcdonals you dont have to order salad instead of a reguler meal get a kids meal with water or a diet coke and i lost 85-90lbs with this diet and wentt from a size 44 to a size 30-31 my sister also did this diet and went from 195lbs to 115-120 from a zize 13-14 to a size 2 i encourage people who wanna losse weight to try this diet if you have any questions my email adress is

From terry, Age 16, male - 02/01/06 - IP#:  
well my starting weight was 250lbs and throuh a lean meat fruit veggies and limited grainns diet i lost 85lbs oh and 1 hour of cardio and 40 minutes calisthenics work outs 5-6times a week now i weight between 150lbs-162lbs wich is relly healthy for my 6'2 frame im 16 and extremly happy with my body now you can do it to if your determined like i was

From Layla, Age 15, female - 01/30/06 - IP#:  
Hey,I'm Layla. I am now 15 =] I use to weigh 170 pounds..yes,I know what you're thinking. Everyone use to tease me of my weight. It sucked because I could never wear the clothes that I wanted too like the other girls. I never wanted to go swimming or go out at all because I was way too embarrased of the way I looked! The Media always grabbed my attention. Magazines mostly I always use to look at the models & stars so skinny & beautiful. But,I foundout that is all fake obviously. Its all make-up or plastic surgery! ALSO they must of starved themselves to look that great. But,it is possible to loose the weight by excersising or even eating healthier. Anyways lots of people use to tease me in ways that you would probably never experience. So I tried to ignore what they said & though. That didn't work they just kept teasing making fun of me. After awhile I got sick & tired of it!!! I was use... (view more)

From melis, Age 14, female - 01/30/06 - IP#:  
I started at 185 lbs.. im 4'10" by the way... and this year ive lost 60 lbs! I am so thin now!
I feel exellent. im able to move faster now, and do things ive never been able to do. i look magnificent.. I never thought my abs would show thru. i like showing my belly off too! it's so flat and muscly now. thin is great!

From PRESHUS, Age 23, female - 01/28/06 - IP#:  
It was about a month ago I was at my highest wieght of 190 pounds, I could breath properly and my enery was really low. So the first thing I did was changed the way I was thinking, instead of going on a diet I would change the things would eat...The body needs everything but in I started just exercising twice a week and increase my fruits and vegetables.I know It's usually hard the first couple of weeks because the body is not use to such a dramatic change...but I stuck with it and now it's been a month and a half and I lost 15 pouds. HEY if i can do it you can too and I would like to encourage everyone to work hard and stick to it, YOU will feel better in the long run...DON"T GIVE UP....when your down think of all the good things you want to achieve...AND FIND SUPPORTERS TO HELP ENCOURAGE NOT DISCOURAGE YOU...MOST AF ALL HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

From Ana, Age 17, female - 01/23/06 - IP#:  
YES!!! Since the last time I wrote I have lost,
3 KG!! about 6 pounds in only 3 weeks!!
Im In japan now, so usually we eat healthy, I just ate anything healthy, and didnt eat cake, or big sugary things, I had chocolate and candy.
At night i did 30 minutes of tae bo, then had a bath, then before I went to bed I did the 20 minute windser pilates video. I feel better and now im motivated to loose all the weight I want!

From Amanda, Age 12, female - 01/16/06 - IP#:  
I just did 500 crunches!!! I also do Denise Austins fit kids program!!! it really works!!!

From Elizabeth, Age 14, female - 01/08/06 - IP#:  
Yay after being on a plato for a month or more I finally got off of it and lost 7 pounds! I'm not 169!!

From Jenniffer, Age 15, female - 01/08/06 - IP#:  
Well I used to be so grotesque. I'm 5'10 and I used to weigh 175 pounds! It was completely disguisting. I was lethargic and had no energy. But I decided to get serious. Everyone told me I was pretty and stuff like you know my face. And I used to be thin until I gained weight when I was 12. And I knew if I just lost the weight I'd be knock out. So I got serious. Breakfast was a slim-fast shack. Lunch was a protein bar. And Dinner was usually fruit or salad and I didnt drink anything but water and plain green tea. I didnt snack or eat sweet stuff and my mom really helped me and bought the foods I needed. And in 4 months I dropped 60 pounds! I'm slim and beautiful and I'm gonna keep it that way. I'm so proud of myself and the disipline I taught myself.

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