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From Laura, Age 15, female - 06/28/06 - IP#:  
I had always been big boned when i was younger, i loved my food and so i ate a lot of it , even though i did a lot of exercise i was still fairly hefty , My mum just thought i would slim down when i was older and that it was just puppy fat , just like when she was younger , unfortunately i took after my dad and kept the weight on , when i passed to go to secondary school i had school lunches BIG MISTAKE , i put on loads of weight by the time i was 13 i was clinaclly obese weighing in at 11 st 2 lbs ,at first i was in denial but my mum put me on the scales and decided that i should lose weight my mum did too so she could support me more , it took about 6 weeks but after hard work and devotion to losing it i got down to 10 st !!!! I had gone from a size 14 creeping to a 16 , and down to a uk 10 / 12 .
I am now 15 and still want to slim down a bit more and tone up but now i have done... (view more)

From Lissy, Age 16, female - 06/27/06 - IP#:  
All of my life I've never really noticed my weight until.... One weekend my bestfriend Martha(who wears a 0) and I went to a theme park, and I wanted to get on a ride and martha joined me. When I got on the ride the lady told me I couldn't ride because I was too heavy, she said that the bars & seatbealts wouldn't fit me!I jumped of the ride in humiliation and cried.What makes the story worse was their were two really cute boys behind us who were making jokes and laughing while I ran away. My friend Martha saw how hurt I was and jumped of the ride and ran after me. I cried for about 5 min. so martha asked me did I want to go home. I said yes! On the way home Martha saw how hurt I was and aked could she stay over I say sure(I was hoping she asked) she called her mom and told her she was staying the weekend.Martha then told me to get on the scale..It read 315lbs. I almost passed out! Then ... (view more)

From Elizabeth, Age 12, female - 06/26/06 - IP#:  
My mom had been on a diet for about a year and lost a total of 90lbs. so I knew it was possible.
I started off at 192.5 and today I'm at 183.5!!
My goal is to lose a total of 30lbs. over the summer.Just 21 more pounds to go!I'll keep yuou guys posted!!

From Katraena, Age 9, female - 06/17/06 - IP#:  
I have reached my goal, and I am so proud of myself. It really was hard for me to resiste foods, my older sister who is 28 helped me the whole way. I came to live with her in December and I was 130lbs and only 4'11" I was a big ol 9 year old. My sister didn't want to see my feelings hurt anymore in school so we went over what I had been eatting when I lived with my mother and what was not healthy. Did you know hot pockets and corn dogs are bad for you? THEN Y DO THEY MAKE EM? GRRRR I was eatting about 6 hot pockets a day or 4 corn dogs a day becuase my mom was never home that much to cook. Well, my sister cooks and she never makes the same meal twice, we eat lots of greens and desert is only once a week on Saturdays. My sister says its not a right that kids have to get desert its a prevlige. It is always something good too. When I lived with my mom we would eat alot of fast... (view more)

From charlie, Age 13, female - 06/17/06 - IP#:  
Dear Bubber Buster. I was over weight ever since I can remember, but that all changed in my 7th grade year.I stoped eating starches and sweets and ate more veggies,and meats. I worked out every day for 30 minutes and I feel great.I lost 65lbs so far only 35lbs to gao an I'll be at my goal weight.

From Emmie, Age 12, female - 06/16/06 - IP#:  
I knew I had a weight problem when I was ten and wearing size 16 in kids at Limited Too. So I lost a bunch of weight and now I'm age 12 wearing a size twelve in kids! I think you should be the same age as your clothing size... if you are shopping at kid-sized stores.
Also, if you are really tall, slim sizes are lifesavers because sometimes I'm too tall for a 12 at Abercrombie Kids but a 14 is too big around the waist and hip so I get a fourteen slim which is as long in length as a regular 14, but the fit is like a size 12.

From bekki, Age 12, female - 06/16/06 - IP#:  
i just wanna get like noraml weigh i am like 50 pound ovva waeigh fromw hat i should be

From Isabella, Age 13, female - 06/14/06 - IP#:  
I had always been a girl with a larger frame than everyone else, because I'm built like my mother's side of the family. I always thought I was fat and would feel nervous and scared about letting other, especially older, people see me. When I'd pass super-thin eighteen-year-olds or cute boys, I felt so self-conscience. At age twelve my weight had crept up to 184 lbs. I will repeat that: 184 lbs. At age twelve. It hit me like a monsoon: not even some ADULTS weigh 184 lbs. I was overweight. And unhealthy. If I kept it up, how would I look as a young woman? Around that time my birthday was coming up, and I'd managed to slim down to about 178. I figured that I'd started the beginning of seventh grade at around 165. Now I am 174. Then I suffered a traumatic experience and got off my eating plan. I gained nothing but was introduced back to some of my old eating habits. Now I'm changed for good. I want to be 160 by the end of eighth grade and 130 before high school starts. Wish me luck!

From Shayla, Age 16, female - 06/13/06 - IP#: I started jogging 1 mile every night its been 9 days and i've lost 8lbs. I did weigh 140 and now at 132 i'm 5'2" so i'm hoping to be down to 115-110 by the end of the summer!..good luck ya'll

From tiff, Age 17, female - 06/13/06 - IP#:  
i lost 5 pounds in one week...all i did was stop eating breads and rice and more salads and fruit + i also did tae bo every other day

From Katelyn, Age 14, female - 06/13/06 - IP#:  
Hi everyone
Ever since the begining of 8th grade i wanted to lose weight so that i could just fit in. i tryed everything but would always find myself cheating and eating alot and snacking alot. So in april i decided to really comite i asked my friend who lost 40 pounds last summer if she wanted to join me because she was still a little heavy. And i already loss 20 pounds in 2 months and still going believe m its worth it.

From John, Age 14, male - 06/12/06 - IP#:  
i lost three pounds

From heather, Age 17, female - 06/07/06 - IP#:  
Hi bubber buster. I have lost so much weight. My weight problem was destroying my life. I lost my really cute boyfriend and friends too, But i started working out a lot and eating right that i lost 52 pounds in 6 mounths. Wow i was so happy. And know i have my old life back and my old boyfriend and friends. Thanks!!!!!!

From Ashley, Age 17, female - 06/05/06 - IP#:  
I was always a chunky gal. When I went into high school as a freshmen I was 239 pounds, some would call me names and I never wore what other girls wore. My mom was smaller than me and she was over weight herself. I then got into a gym class and my teacher pushed me to work. I tried out for volleyball but didn’t make the team. I had a black ring around my neck for being almost diabetic I was determined to loose weight. I stopped drinking pop and exercised a little bit at a time. I couldn’t run for nothing... It was hard to run a lap around the track. Now I’m a senior of class 2007 and I am 148 lbs I play Volleyball and softball and I am healthy! Dieting isn’t what helps you loose weight. Eating right and Exercise can’t be called a diet! Its something you should do for the rest of your life. I started the end of my freshmen year and I will continue forever to eat healthy and... (view more)

From Legally Dumb, Age 13, male - 06/04/06 - IP#:  
I lost 24 lbs or so.

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