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From John, Age 17, male - 07/25/05 - IP#:  
I lost 60 pounds, and went from a pants size of 40 to a size 30. When I was 16, I weighed 200 pounds and I hated the way I looked, so I began eating small, healthier meals and the weight came off, gradually. I skip breakfast and lunch, and usually eat two small meals in the mid/late afternoon and evening. To be honest, it's been easy to maintain my weight, because I've reached a point where eating little is just a part of my life and I can ignore cravings.

From shannon, Age 29, female - 07/24/05 - IP#:  
will that is great hun you got the idea and im sure you will do great good luck and never give up

From Willis, Age 15, male - 07/23/05 - IP#:  
I'm a rising junior in high school now; since middle school, I've always been aware of the fact that I have a weight problem. My doctor never got on my case because, although my weight was in the 99th percentile for my age, so was my height. Whenever my mother or I tried to bring it up, he offered no real advice. Whenever I made comments about "being fat," friends and family always shrugged it off and told me I wasn't fat or just a little "chubby." Still, though, I knew I had to do something when I began getting stretchmarks (by putting on so much weight at once) and other health problems caused by obesity. I made on-and-off attempts to drop some pounds but could never stick with it. While I still don't feel 110% committed to an organized weight loss plan, I'm probably at my strongest in my attempt to lose weight. In early 2005, I was at my peek weight - almost 240 pounds (I'm 6 foot 1... (view more)

From ---, Age 14, female - 07/22/05 - IP#:  
I used to weigh 182 pound in about february. then i started cutting down on fatty foods and eating only 3 healthy meals a day. i excersized and worked out for a total of 2 hours a day using the tread mill, bike, and doing scrunches. i now weight 125 pounds. it took me about 5 months. its possible, so never doubt yourself.

From shannon, Age 29, female - 07/22/05 - IP#:  
hey im just checking in last time i posted i was 193 well GUESS WHAT!!! im 185 now and i feel great i walk an hour a day and ride my bike for 30 at night and i watch what i eat and i drink water alot im loseing 4 pounds a week if you are walking to lose weight get a walking meter it helps when u do 7000 steps thats an hour well good luck everyone thats trying i am almost to my goal now 30 pounds to go wooooot and my bf picked me up and he said wow your light when i first started i was 220 im 185 im so happy ty this site really helps me to keep going i check back in a month bye bye

From Sarah, Age 13, female - 07/21/05 - IP#:  
Hey guys i used to be 5'4 and 145 lbs. Unlike most people, my motivation to loose weight came from my brother, everytime we would go swimming he would laugh at me and tease me cuz i was overweight. I put up with it to his face but then i went to my room and i would start crying cuz i would see the bodies of all the famous people on t.v and all my friends that were really slim. I finaly stoped feeling sorry for my self and decided to do something about it. I went on the special k diet, eating it for two meals a day, and then had salad and chicken for a third meal. i also did 30 minutes of Taebo (it really works!) and started walking my dog on the beach with my mom twice a day for fourty five minutes a day. Right now I am 5'5 and 142 lbs. You might not think thats much of a sucess story, but almost all the fat in my body got turned in to musle. my legs stoped rubbing together and i... (view more)

From Casey, Age 13, female - 07/21/05 - IP#:  
Hey, I'm 13 and I have lost about 20 pounds. I was 160 and now 140. I still want to lose another 20 pounds but getting there. All I did was cut out all the junk food, ate healthy, went for a walk/bike ride every day twice a day, and drank a lot more water and a lot less pop. You can do this too. It is so easy and you will be happy with the results!

From vanessa, Age 15, female - 07/20/05 - IP#:  
hi my name is vanessa. last summer I gained 10 pounds. I went from 128 to 136. BY around March I decided to eat less and not eat late and also try harder in P E and also drank 8 glasses of water a day. my weight then was 138. The first month in a half I lost 5 pounds I felt happy because I was down to 133.(By the way I am only 5'3) Then in late May I started exericising everyday,ate less,didn't eat late,and also drank 8 glasses of water a day.I am know down to 125. I am hoping to lose 6 pounds before school starts. I hope everyone has great results with their weight loss.

From Emily, Age 17, female - 07/18/05 - IP#:  
Hi my name is Emily. When i was younger, i was very obese. The sad part was that i was oblivious to it because i had a great family and miraculously, my peers accepted me. I loved to eat, especially high calorie foods like cookies and cakes and icecream afterschool. I remember going to the doctor when i was 11 and him explaining to me and my mother that i had gained 30 pounds in one year. I thought nothing of it, but my mom was slightly concerned. I didn't understand that i was different from the tiny, pre-puberty bodies of most of my classmates. I mean, they treated me kindly. It wasn't until the 6th grade, the time of first boy friends. Most of the girls in my class were going out with someone every week. But everytime i asked a boy, be would refuse, causing a sudden rush of tears to stream down my pudgy face. I didn't understand. Soon, i was too big to wear the clothes that everyone... (view more)

From Nicole, Age 13, female - 07/18/05 - IP#:  
I used to have a eating disorder (bulemia.) I had a goal of gaining 20 lbs. And I did but then i kept eating and became OVERWEIGHT!! I was very depressed and wanted to be buliemian again to loose weight. But then I decided to eat right and try to loose weight the RIGHT way. And I did now i weigh 110 lbs. which my doctor says is great! I simply ate less and excersised more. I would ride my bike and take staris instead of the elavator at the mall it was those LITTLE things that lead to so MUCH weight loss. And now i am happy with my body and am entered in a swim -suit pageant!! yay! :-D

From Dianna, Age 16, female - 07/17/05 - IP#:  
Hey everyone? I just thought I would share with everyone that as of today I am down to a size 5 in jeans! At the end of school May 19, 2005. I was a size 10 (and 5'3). So keep on supporting me guys!

From fabio, Age 17, male - 07/16/05 - IP#:  
whats going on everyone well i was 195 about 4 months ago and now im 155 what i did to loose all that weight was just eat 5 small meals a day to keep my matablosim running so that i could burn more calories if u eat big meals then it takes longer for ur metabolism to burn off that fat but if u eat more during the day with small healthy foods such as fruits and veggies etc u will burn fat like crazy and i just stopped eating past 8 cause thats when ur metabolsim runs slower so u wont burn as much fat after that and everyone that likes coke, sprite, 7up etc cut down on that i guarantee u that u will will loose weight just by doing that

From tina, Age 18, female - 07/08/05 - IP#:  
I am soo happy i lost 65 pounds this year!

From Carolyn, Age 13, female - 07/07/05 - IP#:  
I lost 10 pounds so far!!! I started of at 175 and now I am at 165. It took just a month to loose. I want to loose at least 15 more pounds before the begging of school. It's hard work but you just have to have willpower, but don't be afraid to treat yourself once in a while to your favourite food. Good luck to all of you who are trying to loose weight. I know you can do it!

From shannon, 0female - 07/07/05 - IP#:  
omg omg i went to the store to buy new jeans and im down 2 sizes wow im so happy thought i share with you i was size 18 im 16 :DDDD 40 more pounds to my goal :D

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