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From jazzy, Age 19, female - 10/20/04 - IP#:  
i was over weight all my life being teases through school i even was buleimic. what people dont understand about buleimia is that after all the weight you lose, you start gaining it even when you are throuwing up because of the disorder your body is going through i went down from 240 to 140 in a matter of three MONTHS! if was a disaster i was sick and frail looking then i decided to get right it was hard because i was bulemic remember, so everytime i ate i felt fat. i started to drink a gallon of water a day, multiplying my desired weight by 10 and only eating that amount of calories.(never eat less than 1200) walk 5 miles 3-4 days and eat only when i am hungry never past 7pm eat green vegies plenty of fruit and not only did i lose weight my face is the most 'pimple free' face you will ever see. it took a lot of God and family motivation to get me out of a deadly illness but if i can anyone can

From Danielle, Age 10, female - 10/17/04 - IP#:  
Hey I am 5ft.2in.and I am 152.Although I am tall for my age I am overweight.I joined a basketball team and lost2lbs!!

From Liz, Age 15, female - 10/15/04 - IP#:  
Hey everyone! I haven't been on the site 4 a long time.. I just wanted to let u know that if u stick with something, u'll see the results. I'm 4'11" and I used to weigh 120-125. My heaviest was around 130 which was bad for my height. With a lot of hard work and determination.. I'm now down to a healthy 104. My goal weight is 95-100 which I'm still trying to achieve. I ate smaller portions and exercised a lot. Mainly, walking on the treadmill. (which I enjoy a lot) Drinking water is very important! I did mess up a lot of times, but I didn't give up. When I was heavier I got picked on, and it was extremely hard. Now, I feel a bit more confident and I'm happier with myself. I wish the best to all of u.. If I can I do it EVERYONE cand do it! Also remember that u r wonderful no matter what anyone says ! ~*Liz*~

From Jessica, Age 13, female - 10/12/04 - IP#:  
Good job for all of you that did it, and all of you that haven't try a lot, it feels good being healthy and in shape! :)

From kaitlyn, Age 15, female - 10/10/04 - IP#:  
Hello! I used to be 210, now I'm 177.2! I am currently on weight watchers and I want to lose 30 more pounds!

From Avril, Age 13, female - 10/02/04 - IP#:  
Hey everyone. This is kinda, kinda not, a success story. A couple months ago, I went on a diet where i just ate right and exersized whenever possible. I lost 10 pounds doing that. Then I slowly, not meaning to, went off that diet. I slowly gained that 10 pounds back and I was SO DISSAPOINTED. I am going back on that diet because now I know that it really works. Trust me. All you have to do is eat right and exersize. I didnt exersize daily, I just did it when I had a chance. Well, wish me luck, and I hope u are all doing well.

From Rita, Age 23, female - 09/29/04 - IP#:  
I have battled with my weight and heavy chest since I was 14 years old and I see how alot of you are feeling. I weighed 170 lbs when I met my husband at 17 and he liked me for me . When we met I started to cut down on my eating slowly. When we went out to eat, Id have a half a burger, no soda,and a couple fries. At home dinner was rice, green vegetables(look in the asian markets for edible greens of all kinds), 1 or two drum sticks of chicken or some strips of beef. I went down to 136. everyone is different but nutritious foods are important . too many sweets and alcohol beverages were what made me big

From newandimproved, Age 14, female - 09/28/04 - IP#:  
I'm 5'6" and female.I had always been a little overweight and actually been ok with it, until i suffered the teasing of my life last year!I thought to myself "ok i want to look better, but i also dont want to be at risk for health problems" so i became more athletic and began to do Tae-Bo at least 4-5 times a week.It wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do, but after the first month i was more fit so the workout wasn't as difficult as before. And as for my nutrition, i didn't go on any of those insane diets, i just ate healthier and replaced pop with water. i've gone from 150 to 120 pounds and i feel so great about myself.YOU CAN DO IT TOO! ;) !

From Burhan, Age 13, male - 09/26/04 - IP#:  
Hi! i'm in 9th grade and weigh 121 pounds! in 8th grade, i used to weigh 162 pounds! heres a tip:if you dont want to do push-ups or run, just quit eating the bad foods for you. just trust me! my friends used to call me tubs!lol but it wuznt worth taking! i worked my on doing some things like girls and sucking bobs and i'm gay!hahaha! i'm so gay and i love my boy!

From Lindsey, Age 15, female - 09/26/04 - IP#:  
Hey everyone! good work on losing weight!.. iam 15 turin 16 soon and i use to weight 148 now im 110 and i lost it all in 4 months,i excercised 30 mins a day and before i went to bed i would do 2 hours of dancing to my fav songs (burns 200 calories per hour!( you feel alot better in the moring)and ull look great. just remember ladies.. work hard.. stay away from sweets( i know its hard) stay away from fatty carbs(pasta,white bread,white rice) and "NO SODA".. just drink lots of water eat lots of fruits and veggies and the pounds will melt off! :) thanks! XoXoXo

From Mark, Age 23, male - 09/19/04 - IP#:  
A year and a half ago I weighed 306 pounds. Believe it or not, I just didn't realize HOW fat I really was. One day it just hit me to start exercising and I did. It started walking two miles a day and gradually picked up more. I now walk four miles a day...usually everyday. I cut out the junk/fast food and mainly eat only at meal-time. I have breakfast every morning, consisting of oat-meal, toast, fruit and sometimes a granola bar. Then I try not to eat after dinner...if I do it's fruit (banana/apple etc) I'm down to 175 or so pounds and still have about 15 or so pounds to loose.

From Taneesha, Age 14, female - 09/16/04 - IP#:  
Hey I am Taneesha and I lost 100 lbs went from 310 - 210 the doctor said i was going to die in a month if i didnt lose weight still need to lose i am on way!

From laura, Age 18, female - 09/11/04 - IP#:  
I LOST 20 POUNDS WITH THIS DIETBREAKFAST - The same every day: One half grapefruit, one slice dry protein toast, coffee or tea. MONDAY - Lunch: Lean cold cuts, tomato slices, coffee or tea. Dinner: Broiled fish, salad, one slice toast, grapefruit, coffee or tea. TUESDAY - Lunch: Fruit salad (any kind and as much as you like). Dinner: Plenty of steak, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives, brussels sprouts or cucumbers, coffee or tea. WEDNESDAY - Lunch: Tuna fish or salmon salad with lemon and vinegar, grapefruit, coffee or tea. Dinner: Two lamb chops, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, coffee or tea. THURSDAY - Lunch: Cold chicken, raw or cooked spinach, coffee or tea. Dinner: Two eggs, cottage cheese, cooked cabbage, one piece protein toast, coffee or tea. FRIDAY - Lunch: Assorted cheese slices, raw or cooked spinach, one piece protein toast, coffee or tea. Dinner: Broiled fish, salad (as many... (view more)

From jake, Age 13, male - 09/10/04 - IP#:  
hey ya'll im 13 and i used to weigh 150, i know but all i did was excersise and eat right and i lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks! now i only weigh 110 i know it may seem hard but just stay with it and it will work

From Belinda, Age 16, female - 09/06/04 - IP#:  
ADVICE and SUCCESS!:) My peak weight was 106kg.The numbers still flash in my head.I always think "How can u let urself go like that?" Now i'm down to 62kg.I'm vegan now, thanks to my boyfriend, and the weight is practically dropping off. I don't feel the need for chocolate when i'm upset and i have realised that half the stuff i used to eat, i don't really like that much! i go for one hr walks in the morning and again in the afternoon. I love it. i also do weights before my walks in the morning!I know think of the world in a totally different way. I think of myself in a totally different way.I'm happy to hear that all of you's are wanting to and are losing weight.Just keep in mind that everyone has their own ideal weight range and also different body types.Don't just think because ur friend weighs like 50kg, that u have to aswell.Work out your BMI and find out what weight u need to be to... (view more)

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