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From SJ, Age 14, female - 07/30/10 - IP#:  
Hey everyone in these past 8 months i have lost 30 pounds!
I did it by doing a few things
1- i joined basketball which was right after school... when i ate the most. by doing basketball i had something to do and it was good excersise!
2- i cut out soda and put in water and milk what i mean by this is i used to drink 4 sodas a day and now i only drink one unless i have a sleepover and need to stay up late:)
3- i chewed orbit. lol ok so whenever i got hungry or wanted food i didn't need i would just chew gum. it actually helped!
4- i never ate unless i was REALLY hungry
ur stomach will not tell u wrong if ur hungry eat when ur not stop if u have a lot of food in front of u don't eat it all bcuz ur bored... eat until u r satisfied
and finally...
5- eat lots of fibers, whole grains, fruits and veggies all that good stuff!

From Abigail, Age 12, female - 07/29/10 - IP#:  
Hi, I'm Abigail and I got to 121 from 130 in 2 months. I did this by doing gymnastics classes 3 times a week and drinking 10 cups of water a day. I'm 5'3 and 12. I want to get down to 115 though! Email me at if you wanna talk.

From Anonymous, Age 18, female - 07/28/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'9", 220 lb ( BMI %tile: 96)    Today: Ht. 5'9", 190 lb (BMI %tile: 91) - I used to come on this site whenever I was younger, and I never really did anything about losing weight. I was a huge emotional eater, and I still struggle with it sometimes.
Since January I've been watching what I put in my mouth, and I barely saw any results until June whenever I went out and bought some Jillian Michaels exercise/cardio DVD's, started walking 30 minutes every evening and eating a healthy 1,200 calorie diet (three 400 calorie meals). It's been since June first, when I weighed 210 pounds, and I've seen HUGE results! I've dropped three pants sizes, one shirt size, and I'm starting to see muscle definition!
I wish all of you the best of luck with reaching your weight loss goals, don't let the little things bring you down!

From Shelby, Age 15, female - 07/28/10 - IP#:  
I used to be a thin kid, but then in 4th grade I started to eat a lot! My family ate fast-food almost 3-4 times a week and me being 10 didn't help cuz I definitely didn't know it was bad for me. So by the time I was in 5th grade I was almost classified as obese. My doctor eventually told my mom that she needed to feed me better and feed me less in general or else my weight could make me sick. Over the corse of the next 3 years I gradually lost weight, but it wasn't much. I had managed to slim down a good bit by 8th grade, but I still looked a little heavy. I never really thought about it till I overheard one of my guy friends telling someone that he thought I looked bad cuz of my weight. That night I looked at a picture of myself and cried. I never realized how bad it was =( from then on I tried everything to lose weight, but with no success. Finally after I started high school I played ... (view more)

From Martin, Age 15, male - 07/22/10 - IP#:  
Hello i have lost a total of 113 pounds. I reached max weight of 263 and i presently weight 150. I ran every day ate 5 meals a day gave up soda and drank green tea twice a day

From Lauren, Age 16, female - 07/22/10 - IP#:  
At the end of middle school, I was 220 pounds. I tried everything - weight watchers, south beach, atkins - I was even on Nutrisystem at 11! It was a mess. I had a really hard time in middle school.
However, the summer after 8th grade, I went to a camp for overweight teens. This camp was probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life so far - and the most worthwhile. The camp taught us to limit fat, add exercise, and journal. I lost 20 pounds during my 4-weeks there.
When I came home, I expected a "Biggest Loser" fanfare. I quickly realized, however, that weight is an awkward subject to anyone who doesn't have to deal with it.
Anyway, with continuing my eating habits, I lost most of the weight - down to 150 pounds. I wasn't finished though, and was still considered "overweight". I was missing exercise! With help of a gym membership (That I've had since I... (view more)

From Amanda, Age 21, female - 06/25/10 - IP#:  
woah. I'm on my LAST TEN POUNDS!!! i cant believe it!!! So basically, in the last 3 years i've lost a total of 70 pounds... what!? I remember being 225 thinking i'd be fat and miserable forever. but now i can go shopping and buy whatever i want pretty much. still a bit more to go though! just goes to show you you CAN do it, i was and still am soo lazy, its just a matter of training yourself not to eat out of boredom or just for fun. eat because you're hungry and to survive. good luck guys!

From Gianna, Age 13, female - 06/23/10 - IP#:  
Ever since I was five, I started eating a lot, and by age seven I could eat a whole big mac. My parents divorced and my step dad was never supportive and he always brought me junk food from fast food restaurants. So I went to a sports camp in California. Which was far away from my home in Kansas. But I was nine years old and I weighed 107 pounds! So I went to the camp with my best friend for two months. We were both overweight so we understood eachother.
We both ate fruit for vitamins and assorted nuts for protein.
She weighed a little less than me because she was 104 pounds.
We had so much fun!!! We went bicycle riding in the morning, then everyday after a healthy lunch, we had a race. One time, I won!!! So I got a free soccerball! Then, after the race, we got to choose which sport we wanted to do! Me and my best friend, Kaitee, liked to go swimming or sometimes play... (view more)

From Molly, Age 16, female - 06/09/10 - IP#:  
Trust me, it was not easy. I was over weight for about 6 years. I am 5'5 and currently 122lbs. My Highest was 160lbs and my lowest ever was 100lbs. I slowly started to understand my dietary needs. I never kept a food log and I never counted calories (well only a little from force of habit). But I tried to think about what I was eating and why I was eating it before I put it in my mouth. I consumed loads of water and never ate at fast-food places (I know too much about their food to be turned off for life!). As for exercise, I just walk around a lot (at least 2-1 mile a day). Stay away from over processed foods for a good month or two when your slowly working yourself into your new diet. Never EVER eat in front of a... (view more)

From Samuel, Age 13, male - 05/15/10 - IP#:  
Also, i'm not fully at my goal of 105 lbs but i'm just gonna keep doing what ive been doing.

From Sanuel, Age 13, male - 05/15/10 - IP#:  
Hey guys, I started at 5'4" and 144 lbs. Now, (4 months later) I'm 114. I lost 30 lbs in the last 4 months. I'm a vegetarian so that helped a little, but eating right is one of the most important things! For breakfast, (DON'T SKIP IT!), i ate Cheerios or Oatmeal or Eggs. Don't eat any sugary cereal or instant oatmeal. Look for healthy foods for meals. Exercise is also important. Try to do some sort of exercise at least 4 times a week (if you can do it every day thats even better). Sports or going to the gym, try to get a solid workout. It's definitely worth it! If you've already started don't give up!

From Somebody somewhere..., Age 14, female - 04/10/10 - IP#:  
I had never really thought of myself as fat. I never really was, but I was pretty chubby. I went a whole 11 years without even realizing how chubby I was. Then, we went on vacation to Disney World. As I looked at the vacation pictures, I almost cried. It was the first time I had took a good long look at myself. Did I start eating healthy at that moment? No. I continued to be unhealthy, and I ate tons of junk food. It was making me depressed. One summer, I decided I was going to get thin. I tried to only eat one meal a day, thinking I would be gorgeous by the time I went back to school. I ended up losing about 5 pounds, but gained it back (and more) when I started eating normally. This continued for about a year and a half. I would try to lose weight, but it never worked out. I ended up eating tons, then getting even more upset than I was before. I was at the breaking point. Then, I got... (view more)

From Anne Marie, Age 13, female - 03/31/10 - IP#:  
I recommend drinking a LOT of seriously making your body a human aquarium! well, im nt that pretty muscular and i am a mesomorph...i think thats what its called... and ya i say water, fruit, protein such as chicken and egg, omega 3 like fish and stuff, and motivation! well theres more but thats what i know...good luck!

From amber, Age 18, female - 03/27/10 - IP#:  
By imageing how you would look if you where skinney take small steos join a hobbie set little tasks for toueself beleive in yourself if i can do it anyone can

From brittany, Age 18, female - 03/14/10 - IP#:  
What works for me In my fridge youll find sharp cheddar cheese spinach,MILK,dales sauce,8$bag of broccoli,bag of boneless chicken breast,eggs,canadian bacon,old tuna salad, frozen black berries,jar of presto....I switch it up but if you havent noticed I avoid carbs your body burns carbs before fat so i dont give it to many carbs to try to burn i keep it at about 40 carbs a day while dieting avoiding junk and sugars ..protein is your friend ..when i was bored I worked out when I thought about how bad I wanted to lose weight I worked out.
Id do squats,push ups sit up,lunges weight training and I kept at it when i would want to eat alot cereal was a big help Id make a huge bowl of raisen brancrunch and add sliced bananas to it hey it A bowl of oats..No junk cereal though i only eat when im hungry not over doing it and sometimes you think your hungry but you really just need protein shake or a glass of water. know your body type Im a mesomorph so i really dont struggle with my weight unless i eat ALOT OF junk over a long period of time like i did when i was little good luck people

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