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From Kerry, Age 12, female - 02/18/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'5", 150 lb ( BMI %tile: 94)    Today: Ht. 5'6", 124 lb (BMI %tile: 70) - In the matter of only 3 months, I cut out all soda and juice from my diet and just drank water. I lost about 5 pounds in a month without realizing it and when I saw that just a small change in my diet made such a difference to my weight, I gained a whole new confidence to lose the weight so that I can be happy with my body and change my lifestyle. My family and I always ordered lunch and dinner from a fast food restaurant and soon junk food became an addiction and I realized I needed to get my family to stop and thats exactly what I did, and when they did order pizza for example i would never eat it and have some veggies or cereal instead which really helped me not get tempted to eat the pizza and not give up on my diet.Everytime I thought of giving up, I'd think about how sad I am with my body, the fact that I'll never be happy in a... (view more)

From Ali, Age 15, female - 02/17/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'8", 200 lb ( BMI %tile: 97)    Today: Ht. 5'8", 137 lb (BMI %tile: 58) - Wowwwwwy!!!!! I used to feel like a big fat cow but now I feel INCREDIBLE!!! I'm a size 4 or 2, my shirts are medium, and I go shopping all the time! I started school this year a loner, but now I have a ton of friends and all new clothes!! I lost the weight by joining a softball team and cutting out junk food. Now I love softball and my new body. This is inspiration for people who want to lose weight and STAY THIN. Good luck everybody!

From Nikky, Age 13, female - 01/31/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'0", 160 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'5", 118 lb (BMI %tile: 58) - You have absolutely no idea how long I've been waiting to write this, and how good it feels to be able to. For as long as I remember, I've been overweight. I hated my life because everyday i would get made fun of to the point that I didn't want to live anymore. it was a childhood no one should ever have to go through.
To reach my official goal weight , i still need to lose 8 lbs, and I want to be at my ideal body by my 14th birthday in October. if I can do it , so can you. Exercise every day, watch what you eat. Don't focus on the past, live in the present.
No one should hide behind their weight like I did for so long. It's time for change.
xoxo, Nikky

From Sabriyah, Age 14, female - 01/24/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'4", 212 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'6", 145 lb (BMI %tile: 84) - deciding to lose weight is the best decision I ever made! I feel so much better about myself (even though I do have those moments...) Since I've lost weight, I've done so many things. I've become a singer, a model, a journalist, and I've gone on a mission trip to help take care of the homeless. I've also taken up beauty pageants and have won a state title; something I never would've even imagined possible before! I've even filmed a commercial! I've gone from a size 22 to a size 8. Shopping is actually FUN now! I feel so much better now, physically and emotionally. I want everyone to know that they CAN do it. If you give it enough determination, it's not hard at all; it's almost fun!

From remi, Age 11, female - 12/22/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 4'5", 100 lb ( BMI %tile: 97)    Today: Ht. 4'8", 80 lb (BMI %tile: 52) - i was able to with the Lord and not eating to much. i asked my mom to buy healthy food and to work out with me.

From Anonymous, Age 14, male - 11/30/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 4'10.5", 118 lb ( BMI %tile: 92)    Today: Ht. 5'1.5", 100 lb (BMI %tile: 35) - I was always the chubby kid in school and sometimes people made fun of me for it. I mean, not telling me I was fat, but saying things like "you should be on the football team, they need fatter people". It did not really hurt me until my doctor told me that I should really lose a few lbs. In August of 2010, I was at my highest weight of 118lbs I started a "diet" in which I ate everything that I wanted, in moderation, before 6PM. It was so hard at first, but I got used to it and I began to feel a lot "cleaner and more energetic". Anyways, today I am at 100 lbs,2 lb less than my goal weight! Keep it up everyone!

From Lindsay, Age 16, female - 11/30/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'2", 210 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'5", 130 lb (BMI %tile: 61) - Oh my gosh, it's so fantastic being able to do this finally. I was overweight forever but then my doctor gave me a wakeup call. I had to lose the weight or else I was going to get diabetes. Now I'm at a healthy weight (finally!!!) without any additional help (no diet pills! no lap band! no surgery! WOOT!). I feel a million times better about myself. For people still trying to lose weight, just know this: find a way to exercise that is FUN FOR YOU. For years I tried doing workouts like running around the track and riding a stationary bike but it wasn't fun, so I started doing yoga and dancing and just stretching all the time so now I work out six days a week an hour every time! I feel awesome. Keep going, guys!!!!
Love and hugs,

From Ashley, Age 17, female - 11/20/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'8", 238 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'8", 165 lb (BMI %tile: 83) - :^)Hey guysss!!! I've read some of ur stories, and it justs breaks my heart to know the obstacles your currently enduring in. I've been through it all, and have felt the same emotions. I began lossing weight summer '08 before ninth grade. I was desperate to get into shape, and was tired of the harrassment and bullying I was being dealt with. My weight has been a struggling issue for most of my life. I still continue to struggle to this day, but I've had mad massive improvements and turned around my eating habits. What helped me stay motivated was keeping my envison in mind, and how I wanted to transform into the person I was ment to be. I know its very difficult to lose weight, and its even more difficult to keep it of. But with motivation, will power and support; you can conquor anything! If you need any advice on eating ,excercise or just someone to talk to for advice and support, I'm ... (view more)

From Taylor, Age 15, female - 11/13/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'2", 263 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'2", 244 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - Yayy !!! im at 244 , i found its easier to lose weight for me without trying just eating less :)

From allison, Age 14, female - 10/16/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'3", 240 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'3", 196 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - I lost 44-45 pounds in 3 months, i started in august and now its october.
i always had weight problums science i starded kindergarden. when i steped on the scale and it said 240 i couldent believe it.i kept on geting on and off to see if it was just a glich. but it still said 240. I stayed up crying all night. i couldent even think how i let myself go liker that. on that day i changed my thinking, i changed my bad habbits. a year before i was down to 203 but at christmas a ganed it back. now i want this weight to say off.
MY Plan: i wrote down everything a ate. when i went to a ditition she told me that i should do that so i know how much i was eating durning a day,
i dident eat anything that dident grow,( packaged)
i excerzied 5-6 days a week for 1 hour, walking running, swimming, for palying just dance on my wii ( really makes you sweat).
then in the first... (view more)

From Denii, Age 14, female - 10/11/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'3", 195 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'3", 163 lb (BMI %tile: 96) - Heey Everone:) I've Been Reading Many Stories On Here. I Find It Amazing How Many People Change Their Lives w/ Just Losing Weight. This Is My Story ;
I've Always Been That Chunky Girl. Maybe Not "Always," But By The Age Of 7 Or 8, I Guess That's When It All Started. I've Always Been A Happy Person. When Youu Look At Me, I'd Always Have The Biggest Smile On My Face For Just Being Alive. I've Always Loved Food, C'mon, I'm Latina (; I Sometimes Eat More Than I Should. Even If I'm Full, I Keep Eatinn' Until My Plate Is Cleaned. My Parents seperated When I Was About 5. My Mom Got Married To My Step-Dad. It Took A While For Me To Get Used To Him, But w/ In A Year or So, He Was Like My Real Dad.♥ He Died About 5 Years Ago, & I Guess It's Sad Times Like Those Where I Eat & Eat & Eat. I Just Eat Away My Problems, Or Try To.... (view more)

From Janessa, Age 15, female - 09/24/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'5", 121 lb ( BMI %tile: 49)    Today: Ht. 5'5", 138 lb (BMI %tile: 77) - Hi!
I am Janessa.
I am from Albany, New York and became obese at the age of 7.
I was 4ft 4in and i weighed 103 pounds. It hurt to walk and i had to go to a special school for kids who had mental, or physical problems. Nobody talked to me because they all were different.
They were unique. In a good way. But they were either shy, or had some type of brain disorder. But i made a best friend, her name was Heathyr. We were both obese. We stayed at that school for 3 years. Then, in the 4th grade her parents got in a car accident and died. :-(
2 years later, we legally adopted her.
when we became sisters in the 6th grade, i was 5"1 and she was 4"9. she weighed 106 pounds and i weighed 121 pounds.
Then, we went to a therapist to help us with our weight problems.
He really helped us!
I am now 15, i am 5"5, and 138 pounds! a healthy weight
This is ... (view more)

From remi, Age 11, female - 09/16/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 4'7", 100 lb ( BMI %tile: 92)    Today: Ht. 4'7", 72 lb (BMI %tile: 33) - I was realyy big for my height, but I didn't even notice until one day there was a weigh in at school...
They told me I was a little big and needed to cut down on food. I tried to lose weight, but it just wasn't working out for me. I then moved to Washington D.C. There it was me, my mom, and my dad. I was losing weight really fast after that and i didn't even realize it. What I didn't know was that once I moved to D.C I was eating healthy, excercising e.t.c. One day my dada said that I looked thin. I thought he was joking! It was only 2 months after I moved away and I weighed myself and I was 85! I was so proud! Then about a month later when i had stopped trying to lose weight I got on the scale again and was 77 lbs! Now I have gotten down to 72 and the calculator says I am close to being under weight! Not that I want to be underwieght or anything. I can run, swim, rollerblade so good now. I might even be better than my friends. This website helped me during those hard month of trying to lose weight. If I can do it any one can! Keep it up!!!!!!!

From Ally13, Age 23, female - 09/10/10 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'1", 204 lb    Today: Ht. 5'1", 139 lb - I've been overweight all of my was cute until about 5 and then it just became bothersome and embarrassing to feel that I was different from all of my active and slender friends.
I tried pretty much every diet out there, without much or lasting success. It was only in 2009 when I realized that I hit my heaviest (204 lbs.) while meeting my future in-laws that I said enough. Since then, I've had a total mental turnaround which is always what I knew I'd need to accomplish my weight loss goals. Something just clicked in my head and now, even if I fall once in awhile by pigging out at dinner or not exercising for a couple of weeks, I make sure that I get back into the groove of things before too much time elapses.
I'm 140 lbs. right now and my final goal is to be 115 lbs., so I still have some work to do, but I'm quite proud that I accomplished what I thought would be... (view more)

From Katy, Age 12, female - 08/30/10 - IP#:  
I was 110 pounds when i was eleven, and i was 4'11. Now I am a healthy 92 pounds and i am 12 years old. I lost my weight by eating healthy, watching how MUCH i eat, and exercising. I do volleyball and yoga. I do yoga every other day, and volley ball twice a week.

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