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From Cindy, Age 16, female - 12/10/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 172.5 cm, 89 kg ( BMI %tile: 96)    Today: Ht. 172.5 cm, 74.5 kg (BMI %tile: 85) - For the last three months I have only been eating breakfast and dinner, and its working! Before trying this, I had a gym membership and was going about four or five times a week. I was getting quite fit, but not losing weight. Then I read about the 80/20 rule, you know, about 20% of losing weight being about exercise and 80% being about what you eat, so I gave up on the exercising alltogether. It felt kind of strange, as if I wasn't doing enough to lose weight. It was school holidays and I spent my time sitting around, which made me feel a little guilty, because I thought I should have been going to the gym. But after a week of eating two meals a day and being lazy, I jumped on the scale and I had lost one and a half kilos! (or 3 pounds!). I was really happy with this result and have been doing the same thing for the past couple of months. So far I have lost 14.5 kilos (31 pounds)... (view more)  (Note: 172.5 cm, 74.5 kg is 5'8", 164 lb.)

From Claire, Age 22, female - 12/04/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'4", 210 lb ( BMI: 36)    Today: Ht. 5'4", 152 lb (BMI: 26) - Hey, you guys I don't know if you remember me but I see a couple of familiar names on here that I saw years ago! Anyway I totally forgot about this site and just typed in the name and saw that it was still in existence! so glad. I remember all the support that I received here :) and motivation. You girls are strong, keep going. I'm almost at my goal but it's so frustrating you know, what with finals coming up especially :( but I won't give up. Also, I'm getting married soon! (next month) so I really want to lose the extra belly fat so I can make a beautiful bride. I'm determined to lose it. I don't have much time :\

From heather, Age 15, female - 11/28/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'2", 193 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'2", 138 lb (BMI %tile: 88) - hey guys (:
havent been on in a while, but i have since lost 7 more pounds. i am pretty darned happy with myself. :) i truly have come a long way. i remember when i decided to do something about my massive weight. i was nearly 200 pounds and that fact alone made me feel absolutley crumby. I even remember the date. It was December 9th, 2010. Now, nearly an entire year later, i am an entirely different person. I weigh 55 pounds lighter. I feel so much better physically and mentally. I also look healthier. Now, the doctor has informed me that I have made an incredible and drastic improvement. I am very proud. I still have a bit more weight to lose though, the journey isn't yet over. After I reach my current goal (to weigh 130), i think i want to set an additional goal to lose 10 more pounds and weigh 120. I think that is a healthy weight for myself. I am impressed with everyones... (view more)

From Amanda, Age 22, female - 11/24/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'8", 225 lb ( BMI: 34)    Today: Ht. 5'8", 165.6 lb (BMI: 25) - SWEET! So, now that I know I lost water weight, I'm down to 165.6 and steadily losing 0.2 pounds per day, so weekly i'll be losing 1.4 lbs. Definitely not an incredible loss but I know from experience that when I lose weight too fast, I gain it back and then some. This way, it will be steady consistent PERMANENT weight loss. I'm also starting a full time job at the hospital starting on Monday (just graduated college yaay!) So from 7am-3pm I will be busy and will be packing healthy low calorie lunches. It's just going to be hard not to snack at night which I am very used to. So at this rate, I'll be 160lbs by Christmas (mini goal) and then close to 155 by my 23rd birthday in January. I'm very positive right now that I can do this! Hope everyones doing great, good luck!

From Roxie, Age 21, female - 11/13/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'8", 207 lb ( BMI: 31)    Today: Ht. 5'8", 199.4 lb (BMI: 30) - I Feel great ! this is the first time in 2.5 years that i have been under 200 ! This is pure motivation to me i want to keep going ! i wanna get to 165 ! i doing great so far !

From heather, Age 15, female - 10/24/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'2", 193 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'2", 145.5 lb (BMI %tile: 92) - hey guys,im really happy with myself. i am finally able to look in the mirror and see myself and truly smile at all that i am. thats a beautiful thing.

From heather, Age 15, female - 09/26/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'2", 193 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'2", 148.5 lb (BMI %tile: 93) - Hey Guys, how is everyone doing? jeesh im so proud of myself. <3 i have made a miraculous change in my life and i have accomplished SO MUCH :) my life is beautiful (: im strong and happy. (:

From Lora, Age 16, female - 07/06/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'5", 165 lb ( BMI %tile: 95)    Today: Ht. 5'6", 110 lb (BMI %tile: 11) - I didn't really have to try too hard. The first 10lb are the hardest then you just get the hang of it. I was really depressed and knew I had to do something. Swimming and jump roping really helped. Those are both thing I love to do. Get info on how many calories everything has. Did you know that swimming burns over 800 calories an hour? Once you start stick with losing weight! I used to say "one more cookie, I'll eat only healthy starting tomorrow", START TODAY! I feel so good now and I can wear any clothes I want, I had to donate all my old ones and now everyone is like "you look so good". Even my face changed! Get a support system. Just a buddy there can be a huge help if they support you.It's funny cause at first I was like "oh my goodness I have to lose those 50lbs and now I am looking for a way to lose 2lb. Good luck to everyone.It's worth it!

From Tarah, Age 15, female - 07/02/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'5", 180 lb ( BMI %tile: 96)    Today: Ht. 5'5", 140 lb (BMI %tile: 79) - My doctor said I was really obese and that I was a risk of diabetes. I lost a lot of weight and I felt proud. I got a lot of attention from everyone and finally got those solos at dance. But then my mom said I looked to awfully skinny and my doctor said I need to gain 'some' weight.But I don't know how much. At first losing weight was so hard, but then I changed my lifestyle and got the hang of it and it was easier. Now I feel like I can control my weight. All of you out there don't give up cause in the end you will feel proud of yourself!

From Morgan, Age 15, male - 06/27/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'9", 16 st 3 ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'11", 13 st 0 (BMI %tile: 91) - I was always the biggest in my classes and my year at a time but then my dad got diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabates so my family had to take action. So we started losing weight. It was easy and I lost a stone within 2 months. But then we went off the diet but I go out with my friends a lot and we walk miles at a time. I've managed to lose 45 lbs (3st 3lbs) but I need to stop.  (Note: 13 st 0 is 182 lb.)

From step at a time, Age 14, female - 06/27/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'6", 17 st 7 ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'8", 10 st 6 (BMI %tile: 76) - hey guys i have never was fat till i moved to england since i didn't no the right foods to eat i i eat all the wrong foods and i didn't do any exercise i put lots of weight and i got bullied alot at school, i was so sad and i couldn't stand up for myself becuase i felt what people were saying abut me was correct:C then one sunday i remember sitting down on the sofa and i just said out loud i'm goigng to lose weight i stoped eat bad foods from that day on i had support but my family didn't think i would stick to it well i showd them!!! i lost lots of weight and went down to a size 13 when i moved house again i felt i was still rwlly fat but i wasn't in a hurry to lose the weight just yet but then after the winter i really wanted to lose more and i went on a diet and lost almost 3 stones which puts me at my current weight i have got 60 days starting from today to lose more than 36 pound... (view more)  (Note: 10 st 6 is 146 lb.)

From Annie, Age 17, female - 06/18/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'4", 188 lb ( BMI %tile: 97)    Today: Ht. 5'4", 157 lb (BMI %tile: 90) - It really does feel good when you accomplish half your goal! Keep going, you can do it!

From Katie, Age 14, female - 05/25/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'4", 172 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'6", 167 lb (BMI %tile: 94) - Okay, well when I first started becoming aware of my weight, I was 10 years old. I first started wanting to lose weight before I started 8th grade. I began watching what I ate and counted my calories and exercised on my Wii Fit. Soon I started losing weight very quickly and I got down to 160! I was able to keep the weight off until spring break and then I gained 10 pounds in 10 days! I dont know what happened to me. I was so sad. But now I am staring to exercise and I'm losing weight again. I hope to be at 140 or less before I start high school in September. I am tired of looking at my self in the mirror and being so sad about what I see. So now I am taking charge of my life! Wish me luck! I hope everyone else is able to reach their weight loss goals as well.

From aaron, Age 17, male - 05/22/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'4", 235 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'6", 155 lb (BMI %tile: 83) - i reached my goal by doing exercise every day and eating right and my friends and family support i have still not achieved my goal but i still think this would inspire other people that if your really want something and you never give up and if you fall you get back up even stronger then before and you don't let anyone get in your with determination and hard work you will truly get what you want and what you deserve life is to short to have regrets never ever let people put you down because trust me on this one what goes around comes around one day they can be pudding you down cause of the way you look the other you will put them down cause of how good you look always get inspired by other people and you will make it their is nothing in this life that you cannot achieve.

From mark, Age 14, male - 05/20/11 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 170 cm, 81 kg ( BMI %tile: 97)    Today: Ht. 174 cm, 64 kg (BMI %tile: 67) - i gave up all soft drink, fast food, fruit juice, beer, lollies and chocolates and started going to the gym 4 yimes a week plus playing footy 3 times a week  (Note: 174 cm, 64 kg is 5'9", 141 lb.)

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