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From Michelle, Age 17, female - 03/06/10 - IP#:  
I have finally lost 50 whole pounds in the past 7 months! I finally made some changes in my life; I had dealt with my eating disorder, but I really dealt with my weight issue afterwards. I joined crew, or rowing as my sport. I had done athletics before (all the time) and had become sedentary. But when I rejoined a sport (toughest thing to do after getting out of shape) I stuck with it, even though crew is the toughest sport known to mankind. It forces you to endure incredible pain every day, but I love my teammates and everyone's noticed how much weight I've lost. I would have lost more, but I've gained back all the muscle I had lost and more. I am looking great, I get compliments all the time... my jeans are loose. I've been eating better, too, and am still losing weight! I just felt like dropping by and letting all of you know that it can be done. I feel great. :D

From jamie, Age 8, female - 02/08/10 - IP#:  
im able to reach my weight goal by eating vaggies everyday and doing sit ups every night and morning.

From Hana, Age 17, female - 02/06/10 - IP#:  
I used to be 213 lbs at 5' 7''. i worked my butt off for a year! it was so hard at first. i cried trying to run twice around the track! after the first 4 months i had already lost 40 pounds already! now im 130 lbs and i feal so great!!

From Hayley, Age 14, female - 01/30/10 - IP#:  
I hadn't really been that chubby until I got to be about 11. Then that's when I started overeating all the time. Instead of just eating one serving of something, I would eat 2 or 3. I never really thought anything of it, though. Then, a few months back, I was looking at pictures from my cousin's graduation, and I couldn't even believe that was me. I looked horrible! The pictures were so embarrassing because I really truly looked fat. From that day on, I vowed to get down to a healthy weight. I exercised (and still exercise) 5 days a week and ate healthier. Fast forward 4 1/2 months later, and here I am today, 25 pounds lighter! I feel so much better about myself now, and don't run from the camera anymore. I don't get winded from going up stairs anymore, either. To anyone who wants to lose weight, I say go for it! It's worth it.

From kelly, Age 13, female - 01/08/10 - IP#:  
my name is kelly this summer i lost 20 ponds.i dint starve my self i did eat ice cream and can eat just control your i dint have to work out i just went out side and hade fun. i use to weight 150 now am 130

From Sabrina, Age 13, female - 12/22/09 - IP#:  
I agree with what it says about how loosing weight and reaching the goal is difficult. I'm not going to tell you how easy it was to loose it, because it wasn't. Since December of 2007 I've been working to loose weight. I don't even remember what I started at. I went to a personal trainer, did my school's physical education class, and dieted and lost some, but it wasn't even close to my goal. I dieted on and off during all of 2008. Finally, in January of 2009 my family decided to compete to see who could loose the most weight. I found this to be a good way to loose some both because I'm naturally competitive and I had my family behind me. I started the competion at 220. We had agreed to do it until June, and once June rolled around had lost double what anyone else had at 25 pounds. I know this may not sound like a lot to some, but it was the first time I felt that good about myself since ... (view more)

From Heaven, Age 14, female - 12/16/09 - IP#:  
I was always labeled "The Fat Girl" in school and I was getting sick of it. I stopped alot of my boredom snacking, and I started to exercise more. I was 12 at that time, and I had weighed 133lb and increasing. Now, I'm 14 and now I weight around 120ish. I'm still working on losing weight, and my goal is around 100-110lb. I'm going to completely cut out junk food, exercise ALOT and be the size I want to be. I wont give up, because my mom never did, she always fought and never gave up. I'll make her proud. Even though she isn't with me today, I know she's watching over me and will help me with my challenge. I REFUSE to give up!

From Lindsay, Age 13, female - 12/14/09 - IP#:  
I'm 13 years old and live in West Virginia I was just starting a new school and people were making fun of me and after i have been with camc with people just like me I felt more alive and not having to hold my stomach or sucking in i've lost a lot of weight and not that much people make fun of me any more but i have gotten a lot of new boyfriends lately but know i'm taken and it's been for 4 months so sorry i'm taken and it's because of my new body thank's dr.Jeffery and Amy I couldn't have done it without ya!!! (:

From Lindsay, Age 13, female - 12/14/09 - IP#:  
I was able to reach my goal by talking to Dr.Jeffery and Amy while eating veggies dancing and playing sports

From sarah, Age 12, female - 12/13/09 - IP#:  
im 11 years old and weighed 167 pounds height 5ft7 after 2hrs of doing a workout video a day its called taebo and a healthy diet im now a healthy 114 pound in just 8 months

From Jomaa, Age 13, female - 11/29/09 - IP#:  
I Joined a Weight Loss Group Called TOPS (Taking off pounds sensibly) Ok Soo Whenn I started I was 11 Years Old At 301 Pounds, Thats a Lot right?!..I had very low self esteem and had just started at a new school. I joined the group with my mom At First I had Lost 37.7 Pounds and won first place in provincal and international division 8 age group,It Was Great Got A Trip to Disney World..Oh and i was twelve when i lost that weight, as i reached age 13 i was now at 240. Iam Still Losing and not going to give up,Because i realized i would feel better if i was healthy..I now have a high self esteem and iam going to my old school aand making friends..Its Feels great,
All I really did was eat less and healthier
walked occasionally i roller skate each weekend friday and saturday for 2 hours.
So All I got To say Is Never Give Up Even If You Gain half back
dont Give up and Try 5xs Harder.
Good Luck :).

From yohana, Age 18, female - 11/25/09 - IP#:  
i started gaining weight in highschool, like 15 pounds ayesr, than in my junior year i was 180, by my senior year i decided to stop, and i ate health, i lost alot of weight, im now 122 pounds and im so happy and healthy.

From Daniel, Age 12, male - 10/20/09 - IP#:  
I learned how to control my self and when I started losing weight, i never wanted to stop.

From Colleen, Age 13, female - 10/13/09 - IP#:  
Hey, you guys. My name is Colleen. For the past year and a half, I have been trying to lose my extra weight.
Here is my story.
All my life, I had been one of the chubby kids. I was always bigger and always self conscience. I always tried to pin it on someone else, but not too long ago, I realized they may have started me off to a bad start and gotten me used to bad habits, but I was the one continuing to conform to those habits.
I decided to lose the weight last summer when I was 12. I weighed 163 pounds, and was outright disgusted with the way I looked. At the end of the summer, I had lost 20 pounds and was at 143 pounds. I was so proud of myself. I had gone from a size 9 jeans to size five. I was wearing mediums, not larges and extra larges. I was still overweight, but I was that much closer.
But, nothing can be good forever in our lives, can it?
During the... (view more)

From Lauren, Age 19, female - 10/05/09 - IP#:  
When I began trying to lose weight I was 186, and have no lost 31lbs. to be at 155. I am still working towards a goal of 130-145lbs though. 31lbs is a big accomplishment none the less. I have gradually increased intensity on my workouts. When I began I couldn't even run a full mile. Now I run 5 at a time. I eat so much more fruit and vegetables now. I have also picked up little tricks like no eating past dinner and finding a routine for meals.

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