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From yohana, Age 18, female - 11/25/09 - IP#:  
i started gaining weight in highschool, like 15 pounds ayesr, than in my junior year i was 180, by my senior year i decided to stop, and i ate health, i lost alot of weight, im now 122 pounds and im so happy and healthy.

From Daniel, Age 12, male - 10/20/09 - IP#:  
I learned how to control my self and when I started losing weight, i never wanted to stop.

From Colleen, Age 13, female - 10/13/09 - IP#:  
Hey, you guys. My name is Colleen. For the past year and a half, I have been trying to lose my extra weight.
Here is my story.
All my life, I had been one of the chubby kids. I was always bigger and always self conscience. I always tried to pin it on someone else, but not too long ago, I realized they may have started me off to a bad start and gotten me used to bad habits, but I was the one continuing to conform to those habits.
I decided to lose the weight last summer when I was 12. I weighed 163 pounds, and was outright disgusted with the way I looked. At the end of the summer, I had lost 20 pounds and was at 143 pounds. I was so proud of myself. I had gone from a size 9 jeans to size five. I was wearing mediums, not larges and extra larges. I was still overweight, but I was that much closer.
But, nothing can be good forever in our lives, can it?
During the... (view more)

From Lauren, Age 19, female - 10/05/09 - IP#:  
When I began trying to lose weight I was 186, and have no lost 31lbs. to be at 155. I am still working towards a goal of 130-145lbs though. 31lbs is a big accomplishment none the less. I have gradually increased intensity on my workouts. When I began I couldn't even run a full mile. Now I run 5 at a time. I eat so much more fruit and vegetables now. I have also picked up little tricks like no eating past dinner and finding a routine for meals.

From Emily, Age 11, female - 09/27/09 - IP#:  
I used to be 143 pounds, then I went to a weight control/weight loss camp. It is called Wellspring! This camp changed my life forever!!!! It taught me everything. First, only eat 12 grams of fat a day, also walk 10,000 steps a day. Exercise every day, and go on with your life. Don't go on a diet, or take an unhealthy weight loss pill, just exercise, only 12 grams of fat a day, and 1200 calories will help you loose weight. I lost 20 pounds doing this!!!!!!!

From Meg, Age 20, female - 09/19/09 - IP#:  
I used to be 5'7 and 215 lbs. I am now 170. So 45 lbs.
I honestly just ate healthier and exercised. I didn't give up. If i had a bad day, I moved on. I am still a ways away from my goal (130-145) but im starting to feel beautiful again ... i had lost the girl i used to be and im starting to get her back...once i do im NEVER losing her again

From Mara, Age 14, female - 08/23/09 - IP#:  
Me again! I checked my weight and since I was so proud of myself! I shedded 5 pounds which weren't water weight! EEE!! I'm so happy! I'm 155lbs now and my goal is 5 more pounds! My actual goal is 125 but it's going to take a while. I'm determined and eating healthy and feel great so far.

From Mara, Age 14, female - 08/19/09 - IP#:  
Well, the last time I checked I was 160 pounds. It's weird because my friends think I weigh less more and I'm get pretty nervous telling them my real weight. So, ever since friday, I have been exercising more. I used to run for 15 minutes everyday but would rather wait to ask for a treadmill for my birthday. So instead of running, I just exercised with two five pound weights and did 30 minutes of yoga + some other exercises. I also watched what i ate, no more junk food and i felt extremely good. Usually when i diet, i get weak but i learned how to eat well and not get weak at all. I actually felt good exercising! Then i checked some pants that were tight on me that i could still fit but they seemed more loose! I was happy but I'm not planning to check my weight on the scale as of yet. :)

From yo, Age 18, male - 08/06/09 - IP#:  
it all started out when i went to high school, there was alot of students, and alot of peer pressure, so i was a weird freshman. i started to eat alot of chocolate and chocolate donuts, because chocolate helped me deal with high blood pressure and anxiety. everytime i felt nervous i ate chocolate. then i started to eat lots of fast food. by my sophmore year i weighted 160 pounds. i felt horrible i hated my body, but i kept on eating. i tried loosing weight many times but i always failed. by my junior year my weight was 180, i was depressed all the time and felt jelous of preety thin girls. i was in my room crying becase i had no shape, i wore loose clothes, and t-shirts to make me look slimer. but it only made me look fat. by the end of my junior yesr i started walking more and more each day, i went swimming everyday. and ate healthy food. then i gave up and ate junk food again. and... (view more)

From Ashley, Age 16, female - 08/05/09 - IP#:  
In junior high, I weighed at around 138. I saw the thinner girls in my class and felt like I was missing out. So I started to lose weight. I just exercise more and ate less, which took me down to 134 in a month. That was too slow for me, so I eventually gave up.
In highschool I came up against the same problem. The thinner girls had more fun, got dates, guys would flock them when dances came around. I felt terrible when I asked a guy to a dance, and he said yes, but never danced with me. Of course I blamed it on my weight. But it wasn't until this year, grade 11, that I am losing weight again. Without even knowing I had gone from 138 to 130. I dunno pre-teen fat that left? This time my efforts worked, though. It took about two months to get from 130 to 121. Since I refused to give up junk food completely, I learned to appreciate the slow pace. It doesn't stress me out if I gain a... (view more)

From ella, Age 16, female - 08/02/09 - IP#:  
hey, i'm not exactly at my goal weight for 115, but i have gone from 155 to 143 in about 8 weeks.
FYI: diets don't work. don't fall for some fad diet or something that says "eat all you want and still lose weight" cuz they don't work. also, if you lose 5 pounds in one day, its not actually fat. its water. sorry to burst your bubble. so losing weight fast really isn't the way to go because its not gonna last. and if it is fat loss, you must be depriving yourself an aweful lot in which case, its not gonna work either. exercise can't do it alone. you must eat right and its not all about calories. make sure your getting all your nutrients, aka protein, fats, carbs, calcium, etc. you're not going to be healthy by eating 1500 calories of chocolate, however, you will if you eat fruits, veggies, whole grains and stuff like that. you can't eat too little though either, cuz you will go into... (view more)

From Susie, Age 15, female - 06/29/09 - IP#:  
I lost four pounds in two weeks. I just ate less than what I would normally eat. And I really watched what I ate, but I know if I exercise and make much more effort to lose weight, I know I can. There are little things you can do to lose weight without even knowing it.

From zayra, Age 16, female - 06/29/09 - IP#:  
hey! my name is zayra and i use to weigh 235 but in as little as 4 days i lost 10 pounds so now i weigh 225 my ideal weight is 118 and i want to acomplish that in saayy 8 to 10 months well i am on a diet called herbalife its a really good diet i sware it wont fail you if you commit yourself and do the diet right!

From ********, Age 11, female - 06/13/09 - IP#:  
Ht. 5'3", Before: 138 lb, After: 130 lb - I used to weigh 138 but now I weigh 130 I worked really hard every day doing 2 hours of excercise because I go swimming and now I am happy that I did this because I really dont want to be obese when I grow UP.Now I have boys starring at me because im skinnier

From Jenna, Age 16, - 06/03/09 - IP#:  
Hey! I've been reading most of your messages and the repies. For the most part they are good. I remember at the end of my 8th grade year I was 5'1" and I weighed 180 lbs. And I wondered why I had never had a boyfriend. I was tired of being worn out after doing simple exercises. And I was so embarrassed of myself I would purposefully avoid swimming pools or anything that had to do with a swim suit. We went to see a doctor about my weight cause we thought maybe I had a thyroid problem. But I didn't. I was just plain and simple FAT. It wasn't that I ate too much it was just I was so inactive. My friends would "tease" me, my grandma was always making comments about my weight in public and to her friends. It really hurt. I finally decided I had to do something. See I have a REAL problem with waiting for things. I want things to be immediate. But I had to learn that weight loss is a gradual... (view more)

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