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From ???????, Age 12, female - 09/27/15 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'2", 194 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'2", 186 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - I've always had a larger frame. I guess you could call it an apple shape. Even though I thought I was around 80 pounds over weight, I was really just 40. The reason why is because I have a large frame. (you can measure this by measuring the circumference of youre wrist) Nobody really teased me, but this summer, most of my friends got asked out. I just needed the self confidence boost. I wore a size 14-16 pant size, and XL to XXXL, but now Im wearing a size 12 and M-XL sized shirt. Ive only lost 8 pounds but you can see the diifrence. I can see muscles I have a longer duration in working out(I use workout videos like T25, pilates,blubberbuster,and yoga) I stopped geeting junky desserts. I ate a frozen yougurt cup instead. I do targeted workouts in bed, like scissor kicks and db bentover rows. I bike. And I drink 4-6 bottles of water a day(especially befor bed, it makes you apperear slimmer in the morning) and I read a lot of fitness artiles like shape magazine, livestrong, and womens fitness. I hope to lose 30-40 more pounds of fat.

From Brianna, Age 12, female - 07/28/15 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'2", 133 lb ( BMI %tile: 92)    Today: Ht. 5'2", 123 lb (BMI %tile: 86) - I cut out all junk food, when I did that I felt happier, and I went on and planned out my workouts

From Airika, Age 13, female - 07/11/15 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'8", 240 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'9", 180 lb (BMI %tile: 95) - Counting calories and exercising daily.

From Rachel, Age 12, female - 05/06/15 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'4", 135 lb ( BMI %tile: 89)    Today: Ht. 5'4.5", 129 lb (BMI %tile: 83) - Hi I'm Rachel! It has only been a month but I was so excited with the results that I had to post! I have only lost 6 pounds and have definitely not reached my goal weight of 115 yet but I'm getting there! I used an app called "Lose-it" that has really helped me count my calories and I have a journal and exercise at least 45 minutes a day! You can do it too with a little motivation!

From Katelin, Age 15, female - 05/06/15 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 4'11", 150 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'2", 117 lb (BMI %tile: 64) - Hi - I'm Katelin. I'm 15 years old and I've not had any success in loosing weight. It feels like no matter what I do. I struggled with a severe case of binge eating disorder for 3 years. (5th, 6th and 7th grade) I was going through a lot of emotional turmoil and was beginning to see symptoms of my now diagnosed general anxiety disorder and depression. Of course, I had no clue how to deal with that, so I turned to food. I binged in between two and four times a day and all of my binges tended to exceed 1,000 calories. I quickly shot up in weight, and at my heaviest, I was 150 and 4'11, making me ever so slightly obese. (BMI 30.3)
I ended up telling my mom about the binging, (I had been able to easily hide it, because I was on a medication with a side effect of weight gain) and soon thereafter saw a therapist. It took me over a year to stop binging after... (view more)

From Keylaigh, Age 18, female - 03/03/15 - IP#:  
Start: 402 lb    Today: 104 lb - Hey my name is Keylaigh, I'm 18 and I live in Florida. I'm originally from England but my family moved to the Keys because my dad's job placed him here so yeah. In England I was perfectly happy, normal weight etc. I mean I've always been insecure, but where I lived in England it rained most of the year so I could cover myself up with coats and other things. But Florida is opposite where I live; most of the time it is humid and sunny. I was so stressed out about starting a new life in Florida and making new friends that i gained a little tiny bit of weight. I'm converting kilos into pounds so measurements might not be accurate but yeah anyways, I gained a little bit of weight like 4 or 5 pounds. I then started school right after Christmas break, and I felt like I was a loser and had no friends. I also had a hard time focusing because my mind was so lost over missing my friends from back... (view more)

From Charlie, Age 15, female - 03/01/15 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'2", 140 lb ( BMI %tile: 89)    Today: Ht. 5'2.5", 117 lb (BMI %tile: 61) - I started to notice that I was gaining weight about 4 months ago. I decided I needed to lose it immediately. I started doing Focus T25, a workout that is only 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I loved that it was only 25 minutes a day, I was able to complete it daily. I also started drinking only water and eating 1,200 calories a day. I noticed the weight coming right off. I lose 5 pounds the first week! Then, after most of the weight was gone, I lost the last bit slowly over 1 month!

From Katelin, Age 14, female - 01/29/15 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'1", 145 lb ( BMI %tile: 96)    Today: Ht. 5'2.5", 115 lb (BMI %tile: 63) - Hi, I'm Katelin! I had an eating disorder called binge eating disorder where my brain told me to go eat all the time even if I wasn't hungry, so I got chubby and it really bothered me. I decided to go and get help and a therapist helped me stop binging. Then I just drank a lot of water and started running 2 miles everyday. Now I'm healthy and I'm happy!!!

From Lukas, Age 17, male - 01/17/15 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'11", 292.3 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 6'0", 240 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - Unlike most stories on here, I wasn't always an overweight kid. I did start gaining weight in 2nd-3rd grade, slowly packing on the pounds from stuffing my face whenever I could. By the time I was 12, I was 5'2 and weighed 150lbs. I just gave up and ate everything and anything I wanted, and my parents let it happen. At 15 I weighed myself and I was 300.2lbs. I freaked out and started eating healthier, but it only lasted for three weeks and I had only lost around 10lbs. I continued to eat basically crap for the next two years. My mom took me to a nutritionist at age 17 to get my allergy testing done and they weighed me, I hadn't seen a number that high in a while. The next day I went back to the gym to reinstate my membership, I started working out 2-3x a week, sometimes more, and eating a lot healthier than I used to! I've never been a red-meat lover so I just stuck... (view more)

From Breann, Age 16, female - 12/30/14 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'7", 240 lb ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 5'7", 160 lb (BMI %tile: 86) - Growing up I had always been overweight. My mom, who had been a bodybuilding competitor and fitness instructor, had always tried to help me to become healthier and lose my excess weight. Throughout my childhood, we visited different doctors and specialists to try to help me with my weight problem. My mom also encouraged me to join activities such as dance and cheerleading to help me stay active. In September of 2007 when I was in 4th grade my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, she had never been a smoker and had always been very healthy until this time in her life. Her health began to go downhill along with her energy because of chemo therapy and other treatments to try to help her. No matter how tired she was at the end of the day, I was her number one priority and she would always go on walks with me or ride bikes to try to keep me active daily. In April of 2008 she lost her... (view more)

From Spacemonkey, Age 16, female - 12/31/14 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 160 cm, 73 kg ( BMI %tile: 95)    Today: Ht. 162.5 cm, 55 kg (BMI %tile: 51) - I LOST 40LBS IN FIVE MONTHS. IF I ACHIEVED THIS, YOU CAN TOO.
I've had problems with my weight all my life. I was always the 'big' kid in my friendship group. I got sick of it, of having low confidence, and I wanted to change. It took me a long time to start, but getting my prom dress and a boyfriend encouraged me to change. However, I was more concerned about my health than either of these things, so I started going swimming and walking my dogs with my mum during the summer break. I'd do it every single day - an hour of swimming, half an hour of dog walking. When school started again, I'd walk 4 miles a day - to and from school - and then bike ride for an hour, saving the dog walking for weekends. My stamina improved massively and I slimmed down a lot, toning my body because of the exercise. I had to cut out a lot of the bad food but as time went on, I... (view more)
 (Note: 162.5 cm, 55 kg is 5'4", 121 lb.)

From Aline, Age 15, female - 12/29/14 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'6.5", 147 lb ( BMI %tile: 83)    Today: Ht. 5'6.5", 106 lb (BMI %tile: 7) - Hi there. I was once a small framed girl and no matter what I eat and how much I eat I won't get fatter. I used to join a sport club, exercising 4 times a week and four hours each. But things changed when I starrted mid-school. I stopped exercising but I still eat the way I used to be. My friends told me I became a little bit chubby but at first, I ignored them. Then about a year later, my mom did that too and I realized how I became too fat. I was 147lbs and 66.5 inches that time. My mom brought me to see a doctor and I started to work out again, also stop having junk food and those unhealty foods. At the moment, it wasn't easy. Sometimes I ate junk food when my mom isn't around but then I started to understand why I shouldn't eat junk food and why I should start eating healty food. After eight months dieting and exercising I already lost 40 lbs. Now I'm 107 lbs(underweight, but I do have big bones so I don't look underweight) and I feel a lot more healtier than I used to feel when I was 147 lbs!

From freya, Age 11, female - 12/23/14 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 154 cm, 64.5 kg ( BMI %tile: 98)    Today: Ht. 163 cm, 56.6 kg (BMI %tile: 86) - Hi i droped loads of weight and i am really proud i was obese but now i have lost a bit of weight i am sort of on the right track  (Note: 163 cm, 56.6 kg is 5'4", 125 lb.)

From Selaah, Age 12, female - 12/22/14 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 5'5.5", 150 lb ( BMI %tile: 93)    Today: Ht. 5'5.6", 123 lb (BMI %tile: 70) - If I can do it you could do it to .Trust me I have been through a lot.

From catherine, Age 13, female - 12/16/14 - IP#:  
Start: Ht. 4'11", 110 lb ( BMI %tile: 85)    Today: Ht. 5'3", 121 lb (BMI %tile: 76) - ATE A TON OF FRUITS AND VEGGIES. VEGAN IS THE ANSWER. NO ANIMAL ANIMAL PRODUCTS. AND ABSOLUTELY NO RESTRICTION!

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