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 Am I Overweight? Who Should I Believe?

=> I'm obese but it was a website on the Internet and my doctor says I'm healthy for my weight, age and hight what/who should I believe? ;-(

 First, remember that not everything put on the Internet is true. That said, you can use our Weight Calculator to determine if you are underweight, a healthy weight, overweight or obese. The weight calculator on our website is designed for kids ages 2 through 20 and shows a healthy weight range based on your age, gender, weight and height. The healthy weight range is wide enough that it includes all body types. I hope this helps!

 How Lucy Lost Weight


 I used to love to eat sweet stuff like ice cream and cake. But I have learned that those foods are not good for me.

I now really like more healthy foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables. I have learned how to cook healthy like boiling, baking, grilling and steaming foods which are less likely to make me gain weight. I especially like these foods when grilled outdoors! I also avoid sodas and drink mostly water and low fat milk instead. After awhile, I really didn't miss the fattening foods! I TRAINED MY BRAIN! And, it works!!!

When I go out to eat with friends, I often ask the waitress to box up half the food before it even comes to the table. I generally eat the other half the next day for lunch or dinner at home or at work. Here is more information on cutting portions. Cutting down food portions really helps too!

Healthy Eating = A Healthy Life!

 Having a Boyfriend or Girlfriend - Does Weight Matter

=> The past couple of years I have been overweight. Lots of kids my age have girlfriends or boyfriends. I don't. Is it because I am fat?

=> Hi I am 11, 5 ft. tall, and I weigh 145 lbs. What can I do. I have fat all over and nobody at school wants to hang out with me!!! I NEED HELP!!

 Friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends spend time with you because of who you are, not because of your weight, height, eye color, or hairstyle. Think of the people in your life whom you most admire. Do they have movie star bodies? I doubt it. You like and admire them for the type of person they are, because they make you laugh, they are fun to be around, they are kind or encouraging, not because of their outward appearance. You can be fun to be around, kind, helpful, encouraging, supportive, and open to others friendship right now. Remember, TO HAVE A FRIEND YOU MUST BE A FRIEND! A SMILE goes a long way!

It's important that you want to lose weight for yourself and because you want to be healthy, not to impress someone else. Become a healthy weight for you! Try not to compare yourself with your friends. Everyone is different as far as body shape, and each of us is unique.

It may help you to know that there are many kids going through the same thing. Check out the message boards on this site for more support. When you are ready to learn more about losing weight, head on over to our Healthy Weight School to learn more.

 Seek Help For Cutting Behavior

=> Hey Lucy, So instead of emotional eating, which ive stopped a year ago i do something else.... for about a year or so now ive been cutting myself instead of eating... i know its not good but i cant figure what else to do when im fustrated,mad or upset, and its not just about my weight either... please give me some sort of help.... thanks

 Reaching out to others for help is a good first step to stop your cutting behavior. “Cutting” is the practice of intentionally cutting oneself with a sharp object to draw blood. It is often seen in younger teen girls, although older teens and boys can also engage in cutting. Getting treatment and addressing the underlying reasons why you engage in cutting is very important. It is an unhealthy behavior and if not treated can lead to other behavioral issues.

Teens cut themselves for many reasons such as a way to deal with and release emotional stress, express feelings of anger, to exert a sense of control, to punish them self because they feel worthless, or even to feel pain.

It’s important to tell some one you trust, a parent or adult, school counselor, religious or medical professional, and seek treatment. If they downplay your cutting behavior, ask someone else for help. A counselor can help you to identify what triggers your cutting behavior and help you stop. Reach out and get treatment if you are a cutter.

 Exercise To Help Lose Weight

=> im 12 and turning 13 soon i weigh 185lbs and am 5 foot 7. what exercises do you reccomend for me?

=> im 10 and im 92 pounds i get teased and people call me lauren the fatty i am embaressed and i want to loose weight and i have been working out like sit ups lifting weight not eating sweets and my weight is not going down HELP!

 If you haven’t done any type of physical activity in awhile, doing too much all at once is not a healthy way to start. Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise regimen. They will check your heart and lungs and discuss the best way for you to start an exercise program. Let them know if you have any problems with exercising like shortness of breathe. And, ask them to explain to you how high your pulse rate should be and what to do if you feel "palpations" while you are exercising.

You will want to start slowly with things like walking before moving into cardio exercises. Here are some tips to help you get started with exercise.

Aerobic or cardio exercises are more strenuous activities that raise your heart rate above the resting heart rate for a certain amount of time and are better at "burning" away fat over time. Some examples are things like running, jump rope, dancing, even vacuuming. It is best to start gradually and work up to your maximum cardio level.

Exercise does not need to be boring. Any activity you enjoy doing like riding a bike, going for a walk with a friend, or swimming are all examples of fun exercise. If you like doing an activity, you will be more likely to do it often. That’s what counts.

Healthy food choices and being physically active are key. Keep a food and activity diary to help identify the areas that you need to work on and track your progress. Eating smaller portions and increasing physical activity will help the most in losing weight and keeping it off. GET MOVING! GET HEALTHY!

 Craving Sweets and Sneaking Food - What Can I Do

=> listen ecerxise is fine,actually i love it.like ridding my bike for an hour or more,but i can not get sweets and sugar out of my mind.i have a huge sweetooth.HELP!!!

=> I'm 13 and I've been overweight/obese all my life. I weighed about 4-5 stone when I was 5 and continued to gain about half a stone to a stone each year. I started sneaking into class rooms at lunchtime and eating all the teachers chocolates. Then I did this at home. My parents would hide the chocolate on top of the cupboards. However I would just climb on the worksurfaces and eat the chocolates without getting caught. Now I weigh 11 stone and still gaining. I have three fat rolls, my fat hangs over my trousers by five inches and I wear size 16 clothes. I do 10 hours of sport a week and have a relitively healthy diet. So I don't know what's going wrong? Thank you for reading and please note that I have never opened up like this to anyone before!

 Stressed girl eating chocolate bar
“I crave chocolate,” “I crave pizza.” Do you find that you can’t get certain foods (usually sweets and high calorie foods) out of your mind? Do you sneak food and once you start, you can’t stop until it is gone?

Your feeling of “craving” a certain food might really be a food “addiction.” The more you eat the food, the more you want it, and once you start, you can’t stop. What’s going on?

Our brain has an emotional part and a thinking part. Our EMOTIONAL brain can be tricking us, telling us to eat something that tastes really good to soothe our sadness, boredom, loneliness, stress, or depression. That's why you get cravings. But, our THINKING brain is more rationale and knows pretty much what food our body needs for energy and repairs. It knows you don’t need the food you are craving at the moment. The thinking brain and the emotional brain can sometimes be in a tug of war!

Good News! The thinking part of the brain is BIGGER than the emotional part of the brain so WE CAN LEARN TO CONTROL THE EMOTIONAL BRAIN. It just takes practice by becoming aware of what is going on.

Practice talking to your brain and reasoning with your emotional brain. "No emotional brain! No! I am not going to let you trick me!!" I do not need that food because I am not hungry. GO AWAY!!"

Get in touch with your emotions and learn how to substitute other activates for eating.
Make a list of things you like to do and refer to the list when you get a craving. Then, go do the fun activity instead of eating. Usually, the desire to eat will go away. YOU CAN DO IT.

Check out Saying Goodbye to the Food Drug and Curve Your Cravings for more information and tips.


 Safe Weight Loss

=> i'm 12 years old and getting ready to go on a cruise the 19th of june well my point is my mom made a bet where we both go on diests and who ever looks best in a swimsuit gets a 100 dollars and gets to ware the swimsuit i weigh 139.4 and less then 5 ft. tall and i have been walking on our treadmill ATLEAST 1 or 2x a day and walk 30 min. to an hour i need to get skinny faster how?

=> how should i go about losing weight i am almost 500lbs

=> i was just wonder what dress size should i aim for whilst trying to loose weight- i am a 12 year old girl about five foot five inches i am in size 14 or 16 clothes i. Weigh 14.6lb i would like to get down to 10stone is this an ideal target weight and dress size 10

=> Hi im 16 150lb at 5'3 i have a medium/large frame i want to weigh 115-120lb what is the best way to do this? and is this reasonable to get done by august and how would i do this?

 Congratulations on wanting to lose weight. That is the first step to a healthier you!

Before you decide to start on a weight loss program, it is always a good idea to check with your health care provider to make sure that you don’t have any underlying health problems. They may recommend a special diet plan for you. Safe weight loss takes time and effort, so be patient.

In general, losing 1 to 2 pounds per week is considered safe, and gradual weight loss tends to stay off longer. Quick diets, food fads, and fast weight loss are bad ideas. They don’t work. So, be smart, lose weight safely!

It might also be helpful to revisit some of information in the School Area of this site such as How Do I Lose Weight, and Weight Control Tips. Generally, successful weight loss involves two parts: 1) healthy eating and 2) exercise. We need to take in less (food) and put out more (exercise) in order to lose weight.

Keeping a food and activity diary can get you focused on what you are currently doing and can help you track your progress. Strive to eat healthy foods and cut back on the amounts of food you eat. Review your food diary and identify better food choices you can make the next day. Do the same with activities. Try to be active most days. Do fun activities you enjoy, you are more likely to do them. If you mess up one day, try anew tomorrow. Remember, weight loss is a daily journey!

 Portion Control - What It Is and How It Works For Weight Control

=> Will I keep my weight off,if I ate 6portions of food daily and at least exercised?

=> Hi i'm 11 years old and I weigh 148 pounds. People say i'm fat. I'm going to middle school in August and I want to be a new me like I want to be skinnier. How do I loose weight. I can't play sports because I have a broken leg and arm. I eat a granola bar for breakfast then for lunch I eat carrots and broccoli. I don't have dinner. If I do have a snack it's a granola bar. What do I do?

=> i'm 15 and i weigh 100lbs and my height is 155cm.i've never been overweight but i've been kinda chubby until i began to exercise and cut off extra calories.i lost some weight and i think i'm not chubby anymore. so i was wondering if it's ok to have some extra calories again.will it make me chubby again? i wanna be thin. thanks for helping

=> Hey, I am gaining about 5lbs a week do you know what is happening

 Sometimes we may not realize that the size or amount of the food we put on our plate is WAY MORE than what is considered an average serving size. Larger sized servings can lead to weight gain. By learning to recognize a normal serving size (portion control) we can be more successful at maintaining a healthy weight or weight loss, if that is our goal.

Some teens think that skipping meals will lead to weight loss. This does not work! Our bodies need a certain number of calories and nutrients for healthy growth. Instead of skipping meals, try eating less than what you might consider a full meal at these times. Even if you don't normally eat breakfast, including this meal can help you avoid binging later in the day. At a minimum, grab a piece of fruit and drink some milk in the morning (which takes almost no time for those with tight schedules).

There are many things you can do at home, (use smaller plates); at restaurants (cut the food you order in half and take the rest home for a later meal); and at the supermarket (read labels for serving size recommendations) to help you follow healthier portion sizes. Check out this tip on portion control to help get on track with healthier eating.

 Motivation - How To Get It, How To Keep It

=> I'm 12 and I'm at least 140 pounds I want to be 110 pounds at the most but I just can't stop eating or cant start exercising and I can't stay motivated help please

=> Im 13 years old and im 50kg and im 1m 58cm i wear a size 8 or 10 in clothes but i feel fati really want to loose weight but i just cant stop eating i feel like im going to go mad if i dont eat something an i try to eat food with less calories but end up eating loads. My parents think im skinny but i dont think i am, please help me how to stop eating and eat less

 M O T I V A T I O N
Recognizing that you have a problem with overeating and that you want to do something about it is the first step to a healthier you. Maybe you crave certain foods or use food to comfort your feelings but don’t know how to stop.

A good way to break the overeating habit (and it’s a habit you can break) is to write down in a notebook WHAT YOU ARE FEELING each time you eat. Once you identify why you are eating, you can take steps to break the habit.

Here’s a way to identify your feelings and develop a plan to keep motivated:

1. Write down WHY I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. Things that motivate you to lose weight like “I want to feel healthy,” “I want to feel better about myself,” "I want to be able to walk 3 miles," “I want to wear fun clothes that fit,” whatever they might be.

2. Write down all the reasons WHY LOSING WEIGHT IS HARD FOR ME. For example: "It's too hard to give up candy," "I don’t like to exercise,” “I am too embarrassed,” “There is junk food all around me,” and so forth. Write down as many reasons as you can.

3. Make a list of FUN ACTIVITIES I WANT TO TRY. Things that you enjoy like walking with friends, gardening, dancing, whatever they are.

4. Do something on your fun activities list EVERY DAY! If you don't feel like doing something, look at your list in #1. Why I Want To Lose Weight. Your list should give you motivation.

5. KEEP TRACK in your journal the activities you have tried. Mix it up, don't do the same thing every day. It is easier to be motivated when we do things that are FUN and DIFFERENT EVERY DAY!

6. Keep a FOOD DIARY. Write down everything you eat every day on one page. Review what you’ve eaten and see where you can cut down. Then, write down all the exercise you do on that day on another page. Look at your activity list and get moving. Review your reasons Why I Want To Lose Weight if you need motivation.

7. Pick one food goal and one exercise goal each week. For example, "I will stop eating pizza." "I will walk for 30 minutes 3 times this week." Keep track in your notebook how you are doing. Sometimes writing your goals down and checking your progress at the end of every day helps you stay on track and stay motivated.

8. Write down the things that you have accomplished, or new motivations along the way. Writing these down such as “I lost one pound this week”, or “my clothes feel looser than before” are great MOTIVATORS to keep you going!

9. Reward yourself after each goal you achieve. CAUTION: Do NOT reward yourself with food. Instead, try things like new exercise clothes or a DVD, go to a movie, or get a new hair style.

10. Start on your next goal. The key is to do it step by step. When you feel like you are losing your motivation you can take a look in your notebook and read about why you want to lose weight or find a motivation buddy to help encourage you and keep you accountable. The Teen Bulletin Board area is a good place to find a buddy. Many kids post motivation tips on the Success Boards as well. Check out lots more information in the Q&A area of this site.

Remember, You can do it! Good luck!

 Losing Weight Is So Hard - Help

=> What can I do to lose weight?

=> I am very worried about my weight. I am 12 years old and 113 pounds I have done several diets and calculated my BMI on kids BMI calculators and all of them have said that I am obese. I am the only obese child at my school and everybody makes fun of me. I need to do something about this FAST.

=> I want to have a toned and slimmer body and feel more confident. I am attempting a diet with my friend and we really need advice on how to cut back on calories and do exercise that benefits us. Please help

=> Im quite fat and i hate it. Tell me how to fix it. I have hypoglycemia so you can do what you will with that. But ill stop eating carbs and stuff. help because this sucks.

=> hi im 12 and i weigh 148 ponds. i really want to lose weigh but its really hard plus i want to go back to gymnastics what should i do

 Why is it so hard to lose weight? We get asked this question a lot. Check out more complete answers to this same question by scrolling down the pages in the Q&A area. Here are a few recaps:

1. There is no quick fix to being overweight. Safe weight loss takes time and effort, so be patient. Generally losing 1-2 pounds a week is considered safe weight loss. Gradual weight loss usually stays off longer.

2. Talk to a parent or trusted adult about your desire to lose weight. They can support you and provide encouragement. A parent can also help by making your house "food safe." Healthy eating as a family works best.

3. Learn to read food labels to help cut back on calories. Check out what a normal serving size is (you are probably eating larger serving sizes) and the food value of what you eat. Empty calories in sugary and fast foods don’t contribute to healthy bodies and pack on the weight.

4. Explore the reasons you eat. Do you eat only when you are truly hungry, or do you eat because you are bored, stressed out, depressed, anxious or other reasons? You might be emotionally “hooked” on certain foods and need to learn to control emotional eating in order to lose weight.

5. Motivation is key to losing and maintaining weight.

6. Keep a food, emotion and exercise/activity DIARY and WRITE OUT A PLAN.

7. Set realistic short term goals and take it step by step. Small steady steps forward work much better!

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