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 How to Talk To and Get Support From Others About Your Weight

=> I am 13 years old, 5'5 and weigh 135 pounds. I just lost 10 pounds and want to lose another 10 pounds. But the problem is my mom is telling me to not lose any more weight. I am doing this the healthy way and am not starving myself by the way. The reason I want to lose more weight is to feel more healthy and get fit for soccer season. I'm kind of afraid of what my mom will say if I do lose the weight. Please help!

=> Evrey day I have to walk up two sets of stairs to get to class. I can't make it up without being out of breath and stopping a few times. I'm always late for class so should I tell a teacher about my problem or keep being late?

=> i really want to lose weight but i don't like to talk about my weight and no one will help me i need help

=> I can't really talk to my friends because I'm shy and there all skinny and look like models and I can't talk to my parents cause they don't really understand. Plus I'm adopted so I really have a hard time finding someone to talk to that cares about me. What should I do I really want to get skinny.

=> people hate me in school even the teachers they all say i am fat and will never lose weight but i dont think i am

=> How do I talk to my parents about being over weight.

=> I'm fatter than all my friends and I'm short too, its not fair! I am 12 years old and I am 113lbs. I am only 4ft 11inches. Im trying to lose weight but no-one is being supportive to me. How am I supposed to carry on?

 Many kids say it is easier to deal with their weight loss struggles and lose weight when they have the support and encouragement of their parents or another trusted adult or friend. However, it's common to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about talking to parents or others about your weight. You might think that they won't be supportive or will tease or make fun of you. Most always, they are there to help you.

Here are several things you can do to help talk to your parent or others about your weight:

1. First, check your weight on the weight calculator so you know if you are considered overweight.

2. Write down the reasons you want to lose weight. For example, so I can walk up the stairs without stopping, to fit into my favorite jeans, to ride my bike, and so forth.

3. Make a list of those you trust that you could ask for help. If you don't feel comfortable talking to parents, talk to your school nurse, your doctor, a teacher or counselor, your religious leader or someone else you trust. Don't be alone.

Tip: Here is more information about talking to parents about weight loss. You can also show your parents the Parent's Area on this site dedicated solely to parents to discuss weight issues.

4. Approach the person(s) on your list and tell them that you'd like to talk to them about your weight. Pick a time when they aren't busy and when others aren't around like after dinner, or after class. That way you can have a more private and unhurried conversation. They will probably be more than happy to help you and give you ideas. They can also support and encourage you. That is so much better than being alone with your problem. Right!!

5. Get support and help from friends and other kids on this site. The chatroom, pre-teen, and teen bulletin boards are great sources of help and information. You can interact with other kids and teens and read how they conquer their struggles with their weight. Don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

6. Check out the tips area of this site for lots of information on how to lose weight on your own. There are lots of things you can do on your own to help you lose weight. You control how much you eat and how often so read on and take part in the interactivity on this site.

Come to the chat rooms and bulletin boards on this site for lots of support and other ideas. You are sure to find support here!!

 Bullying / Teased About Weight - What You Can Do About It

=> What can I do about people thinking I'm pregnant? I'm only 12, but I've had people yell at me that underage pregnancy is wrong and at school sometimes the other kids ask who got me pregnant and stuff like that, when really I've just got a bit of a belly. How can I stop the comments? Yours in desperation, Kat.

=> I am constantly teased about my weight. People in my school lift up my T-shirt and take pictures or prod me with sticks or tickle me and sometimes they even hang my shirt on the climbing frame so my shirt slips up and I am stuck there till my shirt breaks and I fall. I also have OCD so I compulsive over-eat alot.

=> I am 12 years old and overweight. I am 53 kg and my belly sticks out a lot. I am constantly being teased and my friends often take me to the toilets to see how big my belly is and to weigh me. ( the girls toilets have scales in them) Please help me lose weight!

=> there is a girl at my school who I don't get along with who often makes snide comments whenever I eat at school. This has made me feel very self conscious and I don't know what to do. I have tried dieting and exercising but I don't see any results.

=> I am an 18 yr old male I am obese I way about 250 witch is out of control and I am trying to change my eating habit and I need help of any of you have tips let me no I am always getting put down because of my weight and nobody likes me because they are helping the other person with putting me down if you no any tips let me know please and thank you

=> im 11 and I weigh 237 pounds,I get bullied a lot,people tease me about my weight,and I want to know how to lose weight,cause I want to be skinny

=> How do you deal with people making fun of you

=> How can I deal with bullying about my weight? Why do people bully me?

 Bullies are nothing more than trouble-making LOSERS!! They are looking for attention and getting it makes them feel important and powerful. Here are some things you can do to stop them from bullying you:

1. Avoid them. If someone is bully you, try to stay away from them. That strips them of the fun they get from bullying.

2. Don’t react and don’t show your feelings. If you encounter a bully, ignore him/her or act like you don’t care. Don’t get angry or show that you are upset. Hold your head up high, walk away and get to a safe place. Learn more on how to deal with bullies and improve your self esteem. You will feel more confident about yourself and it will show. That will have the bully looking elsewhere!

3. Don’t do what they want you to do. Say “NO!" If you stick up for yourself, bullies usually leave you alone.

4. Get a buddy. Plan ahead and walk with a friend whenever you think you might encounter the bully.

5. Tell an adult like a school teacher, counselor or parent. Let them know what is happening to you. Bullying is wrong and IF WE ALL SPEAK UP WHEN WE SEE IT, WE CAN STOP IT!

Here are more ways to deal with bullies. Once you have the bully situation under control, check out many of the great tips in the tips area of this site on how to lose weight. You can get lots of support from all the kids on the site in the chatroom and from other kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards. And, don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

 Weight Plateaus - What You Can Do To Get Back On Track

=> I would really need to lose 60lbs I weigh 180 I have a problem i stopped losing weight so when I get on the scale it says 178-180 and nothing else yet I've been watching what I eat most of the time so I need some help getting over this plateau please

=> i am currently 12 years old. was overweight and lost about 10 pounds. but then i gained about 6 pounds back. i cant seem to loose any more weight and i am so sick of not being able to reach my goal!

=> How to can I add in excersize? I lost 25 pounds by just eating healthy but now I'm at a plateau and I know its because I don't excersize. Should I start walking at first, then run? How many times should I excersize a week at first?

=> I am 11 years old and 165 pounds. I have high cholesterol and glucose and insulin pro looms which can lead to worse cases. Anyway, I have tried losing weight and so far I have loser around 8 pounds in like 4 weeks. I try to keep doing what I am doing but the number won't go down and I don't know what to do next I need some help thanks!

=> I'm 13 yrs old and I weight 152 pounds and I'm 5'6 and I've been eating Healthy but I'm not completely cutting bad foods out because I'm not the one who does the shopping :p but I keep staying around this weight the highest I've been is 156. And I do sports so what could I do? I just keep staying in the average 150-150lbs

=> I'm 13, I weigh 164 lbs. I've gained 10 lbs since last year. I've been jogging every day for the past few weeks and really don't eat like I used to. But I've still been gaining weight and don't know why.

 Good job on the weight loss!! It can be frustrating when ones weight seems to be stuck, but this can be a good time to reevaluate and revamp your weight loss efforts.

Why Is My Weight Stuck: As one loses weight, it takes less energy (and fewer calories) to move around a smaller body. When you reach a plateau, you will either need to increase your activity, decrease the calories you eat, or do both if you want to continue losing weight. Adding more activity to your day will help. Here are some ideas to consider:

What and How Much Am I Eating:
- Check WHAT and HOW MUCH you are eating. Keep a food diary for 4-5 days and write down everything you eat. Take note of how much high caloric and high fat food you still might be eating. You may find that you are eating a little more than you realize.
- Cut down food portions. Most people tend to underestimate their calorie intake and overestimate how much they exercise.
- Use a salad plate with smaller size portions and don’t have seconds.
- Check out these weight control tips, as well as serving size and portion control tips for more information.
- Make sure that you aren't "comfort eating." Watch for emotional triggers to eating and make a plan ahead of time to avoid them.

Add Fun Activities / Exercise Every Day:
- Start with 15-30 minutes of activity / exercise EVERYDAY. Do something you enjoy like walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, cleaning your room, etc. and work up to longer time periods as your stamina increases. It doesn't have to be a cardio activity like jogging or lifting weights to make a difference. The key is to do some activity every day.
- Make time for Exercise When You Are Busy.
- Increasing your physical activity will distract you from snacking and will also help you to eat less. (When you are doing an activity, you aren't eating!)
- One needs to walk about a mile in order to lose about 100 calories. The amount of
exercise you need to do in order to burn a certain number of calories depends on your current weight and in part how vigorous your stride or effort while doing the activity. As you lose weight, you improve your metabolism, and you burn more calories. Yeah!
- Check out more information about weight plateaus and what you can do when you think you are stuck.

Remember, even if you haven’t reached your goal yet, you’ve already improved your health and reduced your risk for chronic health conditions related to being overweight. Focus on the positive and keep going!

 Spot Weight Reduction - It Doesn't Work

=> i am 12 almost 13 and i am 5"3 and i weight 125. it is mostly my thiges how can i lose the fat before school starts

=> I'm 13 years old and 4"10 my love handles are big. Those are the only things on my body that seems really big. I am very self conscience about them and was wondering what kind of exercises can help me lose them. If I grow taller will they go away? Can I grow if I already had my period?

=> I'm 13 about 5'11'' and my weight is about 185. I'm looking for a way to lose some belly fat because I think I'm carrying an extra 30 or so pounds there

=> hy does most fat transfer to one part of the body and doestn make the others big like hips

=> i need to know how to lose some weight im 12 years old soon and i hae some belly fat im embarassed of and i really want to get rid of can you plz help!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO GET RID OF IT

=> i 'm 15yrs tall girl but i have too fat stomach . immediately i want to reduce this fat stomach.what can i do??

=> Im 12 and live in the UK! Im going on holiday in about 2weeks and i need to lose weight, i managed.to get like a flat tummy ish but my thighs are huge and i don't want to.make them any bigger so i was wondering.how can you loose weight on your thighs without gaining muscle?

=> I am 156 and 5.31/2 I'm fifteen I want to lose my belly fat but having a hard time because I am a dependent on food well kind of addicted but I want to have a flat belly I try to exercise but I skip breakfest and lunch but eat dinner can you help me plzz I really wanna flat stomach

=> i am a boy of just 14 year.I just want to lose weight quickly from my belly and breast.

 Many kids are unhappy with certain parts of their body and would like to lose fat in just one area. Unfortunately, “spot” weight reduction in a specific area of your body doesn't work. The good news is that any exercise or weight loss should help your problem areas as well as your body in general.

Successful weight loss is usually done through a combination of increasing physical activity and decreasing your caloric intake. The best exercises for your thighs, butt, hips, and stomach are those that get your heart pumping faster. These are called cardio exercise and help your body burn fat for energy. Doing activities like swimming, dancing, walking, jumping rope, playing sports, even cleaning, can help your body get healthier. Try to get 30 to 60 minutes of "cardio" most days of the week and you should begin to notice changes. Head over to Exercising Smart for more information on cardio exercise! Get moving and you'll see results!

Toning, or strengthening the muscles in a certain location (your thighs) can also help give your body a better overall appearance. The key to toning is REPETITION. Repetition of movement (exercise) tones and strengthens.


1. GET MOVING. The simple act of walking more can make a big difference in your weight and overall appearance as well as tone your thighs and stomach.

Here are some activity ideas to try:
- Cardio Exercise.
- Physical Fitness.
- Increased Physical Activity.
- Exercise For The Cold.
- Exercise When Your Busy.

2. Exercise EVERYDAY. If you do that, you will notice body tone improvement everywhere including your thighs and stomach. You'll also feel more energetic and feel more positive about your appearance in general.

 Puberty In Overweight Teens - Hormones, Periods and Man Boobs (Gynecomastia)

=> is puberty any different for obese people? if so can you please explain it to me in detail. thanks.

=> How do you lose your man boobs? I am 12 years old. Apparently I am normal weight for my age but how come I still have noobs and a pot belly (which overflows my waist band)?

=> My mum says my flab is caused by hormones and it will go away later on But I don't believe her.is it true or is she just saying that I'm 13

=> I'm 13 and I'm 148 pounds and I'm kinda fat but I have man boobs how do I fix this problem I worked out all summer ever day and lost 30pounds and my man boobs are still there and are not going away

=> I'm 15. I'm 270lb pounds and really fat but I'm also very muscular but not at all noticeable because of how fat I am. I'm 5'9. If I lose weight will I get taller? Even just an inch?

=> i think i have gotten my period because i was over weight what are the chances?

=> If I cut my food in half will it interfere with my growth?

=> I'm 12 and I weigh about 170 pounds. I also come from a tall family so that makes me around 5 feet 9 inches in height. Mom says that I JUST have "puberty fat" but I don't think that's my problem. I never really have a good chance to exercise because I'm always really busy. And my mom homeschools me so I don't have phys ed like I would if I did go to school. I just want to know if my weight is normal or not.

Puberty is defined as the period of time when boys and girls undergo the process of sexual maturation. When your body is ready, your pituitary gland (located at the base of your brain) releases certain hormones which affect various parts of your body. The increased level of hormones causes your body to start developing more both physically and emotionally.

Puberty usually occurs in girls between 8 and 13 and in boys between 9-15. Many factors such as nutrition and obesity affect the onset. DON'T WORRY, EVERYONE GOES THROUGH PUBERTY! And, EVERYONE CHANGES AT HIS OR HER OWN PACE.

Many physical and emotional changes occur such as the development of secondary sex characteristics like developing breasts and starting menstruation (your periods) in girls, as well as achieving fertility, growth of pubic hair, and rapid growth spurts in both girls and boys. The development of menstruation (having your period) happens a little later.

Rapid growth can make you feel awkward. During this time you can grow a lot taller (several inches to your adult height). Even your feet grow in size, making you feel a little clumsy. Don't worry, the rest of your body will catch up! Losing weight during puberty will not make you grow taller or make your feet shrink. But, you may grow taller because you are experiencing puberty (the time when your body grows and develops.)

Hormones can affect your emotions. You might find that you get upset easily and feel anxious about all the body changes that are occurring. You might even have sexual feelings that you've never had before. It's important to talk to your parents about your feelings. If you don't feel comfortable talking to parents, talk to your school nurse, your doctor, a teacher or counselor or someone else you trust.

- It's important to get the right information.
- Everyone develops at a different pace. Don't worry if you start puberty early or late, or if the girls are taller than the boys for awhile. Everyone usually catches up!

Studies suggest that obesity plays a role in girls starting puberty earlier and that girls who are underweight undergo puberty later. Overweight girls therefore often tend to get their periods earlier than normal or underweight girls.

So far, there isn't much evidence that obesity is a factor in early puberty for boys. Sometimes overweight boys develop enlarged breasts (gynecomastia) or man boobs during puberty. Although having man boobs can be embarrassing, most cases resolved within a couple years of onset without treatment. Growing taller as occurs during puberty and weight loss will help. If you feel self-conscious about how you look or questions about what is happening to your body, it's a good idea to talk to a trusted adult or your doctor.

 Dealing With Feelings of Being Overweight

=> I'm a 13 year old girl about 148 pounds and I'm 5"6 people keep saying I'm not fat but look at me ...I am and I don't want to be when I graduate 8th grade I don't want to be fat ! I don't want to be fat anymore it's horrible most of my family is skinny or thick I would have very beautiful curves if I didn't have my stomach....I have very low self esteem and very up confident please help me!

=> Okay so I'm between overweight and obesity and I've been trying to loose weight I drink a slim fast and fruit for breakfast lunch I eat rice and baked chicken but eat less and drink water I lost a lot of weight and gained it back im trying to loose weight before school so I can get my confidence back I feel attractive just my weight makes me feel different then other people can you please help me loose this weight

=> I'm 13 years old and I weigh 115 lbs. I feel very fat and when I look at my body in the mirror I'm unhappy with the way my body looks my friends and famliy members tell me that I have nice legs and I'm no where near fat but it's hard to see what they claim to see in me. To try to lose weight I do cross fit every Tuesday. wednesday and Friday but I still feel fat. Does this mean I'm insecure?

=> I'm the slowest runner and get picked last in spots. In swimming I'm the only boy with a shirt.

=> At are school we have swimming once a week and I'm very embarrassed wearing a bathing suit and the other kids make fun of me

=> i have always been over weight and i REALLY want to lose like 20 pounds because all the girls i hang out with are really skinny and they can do more than me and i, just not as skinny and in 6th grade girls are very competitive and they all wear bikinis and i wear and 1 piece and it mades me feel like a missfit and i just want to fit in

=> I'm 12 and every scince I turned 10 I have been overweight I'm 133 pounds and when I look at the other girls and there all like hey I only weigh 80 I feel like I'm a giant

 Improving ones SELF CONFIDENCE (SELF ESTEEM) is a first step in learning how to cope with people that might make fun of you or who make you feel uncomfortable. When we feel bad or embarrassed about how we look, we call that low self-esteem. It's common to feel self-conscious about ones weight when you are overweight.

Here are some things you can do to build up your self confidence and increase your motivation to lose weight:

1. Work on building up your self esteem (self confidence). Try some of the self confidence tips and you will start to feel better about who you are now. Start thinking positive and believe in YOU! You will feel more confident about yourself and it will show!

2. Make a list of some of the qualities that you admire in yourself. YOUR FRIENDS LIKE YOU FOR YOUR QUALITIES, NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE THIN. You might be good at art or math, or a patient listener. You might be funny, caring, honest, nice to others. See!

3. Take a look at the tips area, Healthy Weight School, and How Do I Lose Weight for lots of ideas. Then, make a plan and get started!

4. Be honest with friends and parents and ask them for help in losing weight. You’ll be amazed at how willing they are to support you if you just ask. Ask them to do fun things with you like go for bike rides or walks, play games or practice dance steps. Here are more ways you can ask your friends for help. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

5. Re-Fuel Your Motivation! Here's help to find MOTIVATION. Get started on making your own MOTIVATION CHART. Make a list of what you will need to do to reach each goal. Plan to do something on your list EVERY DAY!!!!

6. Get Lots of SUPPORT! Get support from all the kids on the site in the chatroom and from other kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards.

7. Don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!


 The Truth About Losing Weight

=> I am 150 pounds, 11 years old, a boy, and I am starting to go through purburty. For some reason, i workout, doing pushups and situps to help with my chest and upper body, but i don't lose weight. I see no difference and i eat healthy. WHAT SHOULD I DO! Please reply back as soon as possible!

=> Hi im a 14 year old boy around 5feet and 8 inches and weigh around 90kg (its a lot). So i tried loosing weight after 5 days i lost around 3kgs. Is it safe to loose that much? Since i want to still grow and i feel im short. Also can you give me tips on how to loose weight and yet grow. Since we are having more interactions with girls and i do not want to feel out. I hope fully want to loose a lot of weight this year since there will be more interactions. And the year after that there will be a prom. At my current state i feel i wont get any girl to like me. Since i have a big butt and legs and stomach. Its like the worse combination. Compared to my classmates and friends they are all at the right weight. I feel left out every time im with my friends and their friends. Pls help me i do not want to have my life like this.

=> Okay I want to lose 40 pounds by the end of the school year. I weigh 170ish and I eat healthy. Because of this I Don't lose anything I just maintain my weight and I'm frustrated. IMPORTANT PART- I only have after school to exercise so I can't do an hour a day like the doctors say, only like 30 minutes. Can I lose weight with only doing 30 minutes a day.

=> Im almost 13 and im 122 pounds i can't go over and i can't go under. I feel really fat compared to outhers. I exercise on a daily basis and try to eat the right foods but im still gaining and losing. like one day on the scale it says im 122 pounds then the next day i weigh 125 pounds and it goes in that pattern. After i have already eaten im still hungry i ignore it because i should eat a normal amount of food.

=> I'm 13 , I'm 150 pounds , I workout 3 times a week by boxing , that's 1000 calories burned per workout , I'm trying so hard , what do I do

=> i am a little overweight but i want to get in shape what can i do?

=> I'm 12 years old and weight 220 pounds. I would love to loose 30 or more to start with. It's embarrassing! I'm 5'6'' so I don't look crazy big but I feel that way. How can I loose weight In an easy way?

=> I am 14 and very fat. My family backgrounds has many health problems and wanting to the change that. My mum is a very healthy eater however she works nearly all the time, so my dad brings junk food. I try to eat healthy but i can't sometimes. I also to jog and run but we moved house so my garden is smaller and my parents wont allow me to go to the local park nor jog. Can you help?

 Losing 1-2 pounds (2.2 - 4.4 kg) per week is considered a safe amount of weight loss. Teenagers are growing so make sure that you eat sufficient protein from lean meat, fish and diary products as well as maintain a well balanced diet. Avoiding high fat and high sugary foods is also important.


In other words, you will need to eat less, be more active, or a combination of both.
It's that simple. What is not so simple is resisting the high fat, high sugar foods, the large portion sizes, second helpings, and frequent "junk food" snacks and soft drinks that you are used to.


HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT: A STEP BY STEP APPROACH - We've put together AN ORGANIZED WEIGHT LOSS APPROACH to help you be successful with your weight loss. It is designed to be a step by step manual for you to follow. These are all things that YOU CAN DO AND THAT YOU CAN CONTROL.


 How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

=> My daughter is turning 13 and she gained at least 30 pounds this year.she about 165 now. Do you have any ideas how she could loos weight?

=> ever since I turned 9 I'v been over weight iv havent had a boyfreind and I really want too loose weiight please help me

=> im 12 years old and over weight im goin into 6th class and every 1 calls me burger belly and im tryin 2 lose weight but have an eating problem i go for a walk nearly every day with my dog but i just dont seem 2 be loseing weight and alll my freinds are skinney i no weight loss is not about looking good for boys i try 2 lose weight for my own benifit so i need some help please help me!

=> I'm 13 and I weigh 127 lb (9 st 1 lb) and I know i am little bit on the chubby side and i want to lose 18-20 lb and i'm just not sure how to go about it like what kind of food should I eat?( I am vegetarian) and what kind of exercise I should do and how many times a week I should do it ? Also I would like to have lost the weight by next June. Please help

=> I am about 5'4 and weigh 149 lbs I would like to loose around 50lbs. Could you give me some tips on how btw I am 12.


=> Okay so I'm 5'3 and 170 pounds and i really want to loose 40 -50 pounds in about 7 months how do I do it? I can't go to a gym every day and I plan to start running what should I do?

=> I'm 11 and 163CM, and I'm 75kg.I keep trying to lose weight but cant, instead I seem to be gaining

=> How do i lose weight? i know this question has been asked so many times before and i feel silly for asking, but i am desperate for help! I am thirteen years old and am in my second year of high school,and i weigh 7 1/2 stone. I have tried everything, but every time i go on a diet i cant stick to it as fatty foods are so addictive. I get bullied at school because of it and, because of my weight i dont look very attractive. I get very upset and cry a lot because i am not tall, skinny, popular and pretty like every other girl in my year. please help by giving me advice. thanks!

 FIRST STEP: TAKE INVENTORY OF YOURSELF Congratulations on deciding that you want to lose weight! That's great! But, before you start on a weight loss journey, it's important to TRUTHFULLY answer this question.


If you aren't MOTIVATED or COMMITTED to change your current lifestyle (eating and activity habits) you probably will not be successful at losing weight. Take the time to understand why you want to lose weight, how you became overweight and honestly determine your commitment and motivation levels. It's important to do this!

Basically, losing weight requires that you eat less calories than your body burns up. If you are not losing weight that means that you are still eating more than you are burning up. It's that simple. What is not so simple is resisting the high fat, high sugar foods, the large portion sizes, second helpings, and frequent "junk food" snacks and soft drinks that you are used to.


We've put together AN ORGANIZED WEIGHT LOSS APPROACH to help you be successful with your weight loss. It is designed to be a step by step manual for you to follow.

NEXT, GET STARTED: Take out a notebook and write out each answer. That way you can refer to it each day.

THINK OF THIS AS YOUR JOB. FOLLOW YOUR PLAN EVERYDAY! If you mess up one day, just start over the next day. Don't look back, look forward to the new you! STEP BY STEP, YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO A HEALTHIER YOU!

 Using Food For Comfort

=> How does food comfort people ???

 Stressed Girl with Ice creamSometimes, even though we are not hungry, we eat to soothe a feeling or emotion (when we are bored, lonely, sad, angry, happy, frustrated, or stressed.) We call this EMOTIONAL or COMFORT EATING. This can become a habit and a vicious cycle: you feel sad so you eat cookies to make yourself (temporarily) feel better, then you feel bad because you ate all those cookies, then you eat again to cover up your feelings of being sad and the cycle repeats. Each time you have a certain emotion you keep turning to food to comfort yourself. Unfortunately, the foods we choose for comfort are often high in fat, sugar or salt, which can lead to weight gain.

Instead of finding comfort in food, we must find other ways to cope with our feelings. It helps to watch for EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS such as (watching TV food commercials or walking past a bakery) that might cause you to eat when you aren't hungry and make a plan ahead of time to avoid the triggers. (Mute TV food commercials, walk a different way to avoid the bakery).


1. Plan ahead. MAKE A LIST of things you can do other than eat when you feel certain emotions. Some ideas might include: painting your nails, calling a friend on the phone, listening to your favorite music, going on a walk or run, building paper airplanes, and writing a poem. Here are lots more ideas. Visit our Kids Helping Kids page and the Comfort Eating Board to learn how other kids deal with their emotions.

2. When you experience one of these emotions, check your list and DO SOMETHING ON THE LIST. Some kids put ideas on slips of paper and put them in a big jar. Then they "draw" out an idea and GO DO IT instead of snack.

3. Get junk food out of the house! Out of site, out of mind!

4. Be mindful. THINK BEFORE YOU EAT! Are you really hungry? If not, DON'T EAT. THINK DISTRACT as in distracting activities.

5. Surround yourself with SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE. Get support and help from friends and other kids on this site. The chatroom, pre-teen, and teen bulletin boards are great sources of help and information. You can interact with other kids and teens and read how they conquer their struggles with their weight. Don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

 Excuses For Being Overweight - What YOU Need To Do

=> im a 14 year old gal and really uncomfatable with my weight. Im 5'8 and all my friends are tall and have nice bodies whereas me im short with a big ass and i luk like an old lady frm the back. I always have cravings and i just cant stop eating and my frnds eat bt they dnt get fat. I try to run&jog bt the area i live in its very busy &peaple r always outside and my parents wnt take me 2 a place whr i cn run. My m0m makes all unhealthy and nice foods because she doesnt have enough money to afford healthy foods. What can i do ? Please help

=> I'm 12 and I'm overweight. I have a Thyroid problem and have been trying to lose weight but it hasn't worked. I'm 67 kg and want to lose weight any tips.

=> i am over weight because of my medicine. It is hard to loose weight. I always want something unhealthy when i go to the store. How can i stop eating? My medicine makes me eat too much. My body doesn't tell me when to stop. Kids always look at me funny. Do you have any advice for me? Is any other kids the same way?

=> help me im 11 and i weigh 8 stone 3 pounds and i am 4 foot 9 inches. i know im over weight but i can help it!!! and the realy hard bit is that i hate vegetables and most fruit!! I cant eat them! but i realy like crisp and my meat like ribs and steak and chicken wing. My mum says i shouldn't try to loose weight as i've just started puberty and it could be dangerous but i am getting bullied alot and have been for my life. is there any way i could lose weight heathly but with results i can see if not then ok :( i just realy need to lose weight as i am now obese!

=> I'm fourteen and obese, I'm aware I am and not in denial, I feel bad when I ear junk but I'm in a vicious circle! You see my step mother cooks my food, she is obese and enjoys it, she makes large quantity fat foods and expect me to eat it. I am forced to finish my plate. I have promised myself I will try to lose weight but I feel I can't do that if my evening meal will put it back on... I need help because if I confront her my dad will be angry at me because I don't respect her.

=> I am 12 5'6" 158 lbs size 10 and i have a cupcake hips and am really chubby. everyone i know is skinny and i am large i want o lose weight so i don't get sick. i want to boost my metabolism please help i cannot diet or excercise because i have a bad back and damaged lungs heeelp please

=> I am 14 years and 6 months old. I always feel that i am so fat. I wanna lose weight but i don't want my family to find out that i am losing weight. People tease me sometimes...and it hurts,but i don't think they really know that it does. All my family isn't really fat except ME! What can i do???? P.S i DON'T WANT TO BE FAT ANYMORE! I don't know why God made me like this! :( Please help!!!

 Medical conditions such as thyroid problems, "bad back," "bad lungs," or taking certain medicines may make it somewhat more difficult for you to lose weight, but they will not make you overweight. Eating more food than your body needs is what makes you overweight.

You may want to talk to your doctor about your medical issues and let them know that you are gaining weight. They may be able to change your medication or prescribe certain exercises and eating plans that can help you.

Losing weight requires that YOU EAT LESS CALORIES THAN YOUR BODY BURNS UP. In other words, you will need to eat less, be more active, or a combination of both. It's that simple. What is not so simple is resisting the high fat, high sugar foods, the large portion sizes, second helpings, and frequent "junk food" snacks and soft drinks that you are used to.

HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT: A STEP BY STEP APPROACH - We've put together AN ORGANIZED WEIGHT LOSS APPROACH to help you be successful with your weight loss. It is designed to be a step by step manual for you to follow. These are all things that YOU CAN DO AND THAT YOU CAN CONTROL.

1. KEEP A FOOD DIARY. Write down EVERYTHING and HOW MUCH that you eat and drink each day for all snacks and meals. We frequently eat a lot more than we realize and keeping a food diary can help us see that. Review your food diary EVERY DAY. You will begin to see where you need to cut down. Even cutting down small amounts can help. (For example, cutting out one 16 ounce soda a day will result in about 25 pounds of weight loss a year!)

2. KEEP AN ACTIVITY DIARY. Write down all the activities and how long you do them EVERY DAY. Try to increase the kinds of healthy activity you do EVERY DAY! For example, walk up the stairs instead of taking elevators, walk to school, walk up hills instead of walking on flat areas, or ride a bike. Sometimes eating about the same but increasing ones activity level breaks the cycle and can get you on your way to losing weight.

3. START DOING DISTRACTING FUN ACTIVITIES EVERY DAY. Distracting fun activities can get your mind off of food and help burn calories. Make it fun and mix it up!

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