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 How To Lose Weight When Your Family Doesn't Cooperate

=> Im 12years old i'm 5'3 i'm trying to lose weight and my mom doesn't want to hear me "complaining" so who do i talk to? I am currently trying to lose weight, but its really hard for me because my family are always eating foods that I'm trying so hard not to eat and sometimes I cave in. I just don't know what to do, I workout everyday, but I'm not getting anywhere and it gets really frustrating.

=> I am 5'7 and I weight 240 pounds i know i am overweight i need alot of help my family Has a past history of diabetes and i really want to be healthy and i try taking my lunches but its hard because i have to eat what my mom buys and she doesnt buy healthy food.

=> I am overweight. I keep telling myself to lose weight but end up eating even more! My mom won't help me lose weight but she knows I'm fat. If I try and eat something healthy she says "it's not enough calories" and forces me to eat a cheeseburger. What Do I do?!?

=> I come from an overweight family. Im quite overweight and extremely self conscious. My parents get angry whenever I even mention weight. Not to mention weight LOSS. So I've decided that the only way I'm going to be able to achieve me goal is if I don't tell the. I feel really bad about this but I'm sick of getting yelled at by them. So my question is, how can I go about my weight loss without them getting suspicious? I know it is wrong to lie to your parents but I feel like it is the only way.

=> This fall I'll be starting seventh grade, and I want to lose weight. I am 180 pounds and 5 6". I dont have any friends at school for support, and when I even mention weight loss to my parents they dont let me talk and tell me that Im not overweight, even though it's obvious I am. I have tried dieting and exercising, but then I lose motivation. I need a plan that someone else can offer me instead of all on my own. Also, we dont have a weight scale and Im too embarrased to tell my parents I want one because they are so against this. Please give me a plan and tell me how I can convince my parents to help me. I really need help.

=> I really want to lose weight. I've been morbidly obese my whole life. I need help. I have been self conscious with my weight since kinder garden. I want to get into like a weight loss program/camp for a few months until I reach a healthy weight. My parents are no help at all and poor. Also I'm the type of person that can't do things by themselves. Please help me before it's too late...

=> I'm 13 and 170 pounds and 5'2 but I don't kno how to go on a diet because my parents just stuff us with junks. I would really like to lose35 pounds before 2014 starts so what's the easiest diet to lose weight?

=> Well I'm fat and I'm 5 3 and I weigh 160.I am depressed and don't know what to do.Im not able to do any ex resize because of my parents.plz help

=> I'm 14 and in nearly 13 stone. All my friends are a size 8 but I'm a size 14-18. Its the six weeks and I want to lose 3 stone but how with out my parents knowing because if I mention to them that I'm on a diet their always like 'You're beautiful, you don't need to go on a diet' but they don't understand what its like being to odd one out. Please help

=> My friend is severely overweight and her parents don't do anything to help her. The last time I went over to her house, I asked her mom if my friend was on a diet. Her mom said no and that she didn't need one. My friend has been bullied alot I think that because of the weight she is at, it would take at least two or three years of helping for her to be a regular weight again. What do I do.

 It's difficult to lose weight when you are unsupported by parents or other family members. Sometimes parents won’t listen or they don’t want to hear that you want to lose weight. Unfortunately, this is a common problem. The good news is that you can equip yourself with many tools to help. Parents with Early Teenager


1. FIRST, CHECK YOUR WEIGHT on the weight calculator to see if you are in the healthy weight range. It’s always good to arm yourself with FACTS! If the calculator shows that you are overweight, go to the next step.

2. Learn why some parents avoid listening and are unsupportive when you raise the issue of being overweight. Sometimes, raising this issue causes them to reflect on their own eating behavior. They may want to avoid the topic because they don’t wish to deal with their own weight issues. Here are some helpful tips and solutions you can try.

3. Write down all the reasons you want to lose weight and how your parents can support you. Then, talk to your parents again about your weight loss wishes. Be sure to pick a good time to talk to your parents when they aren’t busy.

4. If they still are unsupportive, talk to another trusted adult or your doctor to discuss the best weight loss strategy for you. Sometimes your parents just need an adult in the medical profession to talk to them about your health situation before they become convinced that they should support your desire to attain a healthy weight level. You can also show them the Parent's Area for more information.

5. Get support and help from friends and other kids on this site. The chatroom, pre-teen, and teen bulletin boards are great sources of help and information. You can interact with other kids and teens and read how they conquer their struggles with their weight. Don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

6. Check out the tips area of this site for lots of information on how to lose weight on your own. Just because parents might be unhelpful doesn't mean that you can't exercise and do distracting activities on your own. You can control how much you eat and how often so read on and take part in the interactivity on this site.

Come to the chat rooms and bulletin boards on this site for lots of support and other ideas. You are sure to find support here!!

 Binge Eating - What It Is and How To Stop

=> Does binge eating once in a while lead to weight gain? I try to work it of though.

=> i never really like my weight im 121 and im 12 i know thats the right size for my age but i just want to be skinnier and curvier im a pear i want to be an hourglass But are there any ways you can help me with my diet and exercise. Because i have a habit on binge eating and i just cant stop..so please help

 Yes, binge eating can lead to weight gain. Binge eating is a type of eating disorder most often caused by stress. Seeking help from your health care provider or counselor is a good first step.

A binge is when a person eats a lot of food at one time. When the person binges, she or he usually feels out of control (often due to some stress in their life) and uses eating a large amount of food at one time for comfort. They feel better for a while after eating, but then typically feel guilty about themselves later so they then might restrict their food intake. By doing this they may get overly hungry from not eating and they also might feel stressed at gaining more weight so they binge again for comfort and the vicious cycle repeats. Click here for a video about a girl who binged. Most people with binge eating disorder feel out of control with their eating and food habits.

WHAT TRIGGERS A BINGE Often times binge eating, is triggered by some emotion or stressful event or even by seeing food commercials on television causing stress eating.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP: Dealing with the source of the stress and problems that prompt you to binge eat, will help to reduce and hopefully eliminate binge eating episodes. It can be helpful to learn to recognize what your triggers are. Once you recognize your triggers, you can develop a plan ahead of time for what you can do instead of binge. Write your problems down on a piece of paper with a plan for each problem. For example: Do a distracting activity or call a friend for support when I am stressed about my homework.

BINGING IS TREATABLE, and there are many resources available. TALKING WITH YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER OR A SPECIALLY TRAINED COUNSELOR ABOUT YOUR BINGING PROBLEM CAN HELP YOU STOP. You can also find other kids who care in the chatroom and you can get good ideas from other kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards. Don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

1. Don’t Skip Meals.
2. Eat Balanced Meals. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and calcium.
3. Learn to cope with stress without using food. Squeezing your hands together tight; slow deep breathing; and, relaxing are other ways to relieve stress.


 Exercise - Losing Weight Is Not Just About Exercise

=> I have a problem with eating to and i have no idea how to lose weight Im 12 to and always eat to much my friends always make fun of me everytime i eat even one bite of food. And im tired if it i want to show them i to can play sports and stuff like that. But ive tried so MANY ways to lose weight but it doesnt work Im like 201 I know I know alot right? If you can help me please answer my question im becoming a cheerleader this year!!!!!

=> Hey I am overweight my friends don't bother me but my mom and aunt gave me a talk about losing weight now I am 146 lb and that part I don't get is I been going to my teakwondo for 4 days and swimming 1 day and runing 1 day please help me I am soo self aware I wanna quit swimming because the other people look at my streach marks and laugh at me and call me streached hippo plz help

=> I'm 12 years old and in the last one and half year, I've gained weight and become fat. I don't understand because I do exercise (swimming, basketball, netball, cricket, baseball) and im no longer eating or drinking unhealthy things (soft drinks+chips) maybe once in a week, I would eat or drink those things but other than that, I dont.

=> I do sports during the summer and in school, and I have a treadmill at home and go on that. I'm active I guess but it's my food habits that make me overweight. I really want to lose weight so I fit in with friends better and have self confidence.. I thought being active was enough, how do I also control my eating?

=> I am a girl 6 ft. tall, 165 pounds. I have been playing basketball, volleyball, and softball since I was little, but for some reason, I cant lose weight. I am a freshman in high school and my weight is really starting to affect my self confidence. I also eat pretty healthy. Someone help! I just want to lose some weight...

=> Hi im 12 year old and i think i am fat, i ride my bike everyday and i occasionally go swimming, when i go out for a meal i don't have pudding and choose healthy things, i feel embarrassed around everyone as they have a nice body, i also check my food portions and have greens every meal! What am i doing wrong?

=> I am a boy at "5'1" 135 pounds. Am I over weight and how can I lose weight. I don't get it, I always exercise. PLEASE HELP

=> Soon I will be having a quincenera. A Latino tradition. And honestly I'm pretty big, and I need to lose weight for my special day. I try my best to lose weight, i'I've been in the sport soccer for about 9 years, and I practice and play games a lot. It seems to be that, it has not helped me with my weight. I really need to know how to lose this weight. I don't eat at night, I don't eat as much as my family members do. I REALLY NEED HELP!

=> I need help I'm 15 and I weigh 20 stone and I'm a active guy


If you are currently exercising but not losing weight, then you are probably still taking in more energy than you put out. In order to lose weight you will need to increase your physical activity, decrease your caloric intake (eat less), or do a combination of both.


1. WRITE DOWN WHAT AND HOW MUCH YOU EAT AND HOW MUCH YOU EXERCISE EVERYDAY! DON'T CHEAT! Think about WHEN and WHERE you eat. Write down EVERYTHING you eat, at meals as well as snacks. Keeping a Diary can help you BE MORE HONEST.

2. LEARN ABOUT OVEREATING AND HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS. Become more aware of how you use food in your life. Do you eat for comfort, when you are stressed, bored or sad? Do you eat when you aren't even hungry? Write down how you are feeling and what and how much you eat at those times. This will help you figure out your emotions and what distracting things you can do instead of eat when they occur. When you become more aware of how you use food in your life, you can become more successful at making a change.

3. DETERMINE YOUR COMMITMENT LEVEL TO LOSING WEIGHT. How willing are you to give up food for pleasure? What things can YOU do to replace eating for pleasure in your life? This requires a long term commitment to a healthy lifestyle. It gets easier the longer you practice your goals. So, keep following your goals step by step. Soon you will be living your new healthy you! Keep working at it. YOU CAN DO IT!

4. EXERCISE EVERYDAY. Start thinking of exercise as "FUN ACTIVITY!" Your Exercise / Fun Activities should be FUN Girl Exercising Think of things you enjoy. Swimming? Basketball? Tennis? Biking? Volleyball? Then do one of your fun activities everyday. MIX IT UP!

TRY THIS: Write down as many activities that you can think of on separate slips of paper and place them in a BIG JAR. Some examples of fun activities might be dancing, jumping rope, walking or running up and down stairs, shooting hoops or simply going for a walk. You will be more likely to do an activity if you like it. When you feel lazy or are about to eat something even if you aren’t hungry, reach into the jar, grab an activity, and DO IT!!!

5. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE Give yourself credit for making the effort everyday to put out more energy than you take in with food. Start with 15-30 minutes of activity every day. If you mess up one day, brush yourself off and start again tomorrow.

Here are more activity ideas to try:
- Cardio Exercise.
- Physical Fitness.
- Increased Physical Activity.
- Exercise For The Cold.
- Exercise When Your Busy.

 Stress And Panic - What To Do

=> I work out for 90 minuets some days! Not only that, but I have very low self esteem from bullies, stress out every moment, and get panic attacks when i'm stressed beyond stress because of a light case of autism. I know I should calm down, but I panic like crazy! HELP!

 Eating for reasons other than hunger can be a recipe for gaining weight. It's just not a good idea! When we are stressed or sad we might find comfort in eating but it is only temporary and then the stress or sadness returns.

Here are some things to try instead of turning to food:

1. Start a journal. Writing down how we feel inside can help us get in touch with our feelings and help us come up with ways to solve our stress or sadness without turning to food. Here are some tips on starting a journal. Try it, it's relaxing and fun.

2. Take a walk or exercise. Exercise can help clear your mind and calm you down.

3. Play with a pet. It’s amazing how helpful a furry friend can be.

4. Dance! Sometimes expressing your stress can help relieve it. Here is a list of more tips to try.

By learning to become more in touch with whatever our feelings are, and by practicing other coping strategies, we are on the road to becoming less stressed and more happy. Try some of these suggestions and see for yourself!

 Excessive Weight Can Cause Urinary Problems

=> my penis is buried is this normal

 Don't feel embarrassed. Overweight or obese males can develop urinary problems due to excess abdominal weight restricting the flow of urine. You should see your health care provider who may refer you to a urologist for evaluation.

 Motivation - How To Get It & How To Keep It

=> How to get the motivation to do exercise? I always think I can't lose weight so why try.please help lucy

=> i am twelve and want to lose weight. my parents are overweight and i used to be skinny. can you by any chance encourage me so that i can lose weight. thanks for any help that you give u r cool!!!

=> I am 11 years old and I weigh 125 pound. And according to weight experts, I am overweight. What can I do? Please help.

=> I am 16 height 5'6 I weight about 265 I am very over weight for my age how should I get motivated to loose the weight?

=> I just turned 16 and i really want to lose weight . i weigh 256 pounds and im 5 10 . i need help losing weight. I try but then i just go back right to it. what do i do?

=> I'm 5 6 or 5 7 and I way 170 I get made fun of a lot I just don't no how to lose weight like I've tried diets but I go to the same habitats of junk food.

 Here's the simple truth: NO MOTIVATION = NO WEIGHT LOSS. If you have little motivation to eat less junk food, eat less food amounts, or stop eating when you aren't really hungry, you will not lose weight. Similarly, if you have little motivation to distract yourself with other activities when you aren't really hungry, you will not lose weight. So here are some things to help you get MOTIVATION:

1. Write down WHY I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. Look at this list EVERYDAY.
2. Write down all the reasons WHY LOSING WEIGHT IS HARD FOR ME.
3. Make a list of FUN ACTIVITIES / DISTRACTIONS I WANT TO TRY. Here are some to try.
4. Place each activity idea in a large JAR. When you feel bored or unmotivated take an idea out of the jar and DO IT! Do something from your fun activities / distractions jar EVERY DAY! If you don't feel like doing something, review Why I Want To Lose Weight. Your list should give you MOTIVATION.
5. KEEP TRACK of the activities / distractions you have tried.
6. Keep a FOOD / ACTIVITIES / DISTRACTIONS DIARY. Write down everything you eat and what activities and distractions you do each day. Get moving. Review your reasons Why I Want To Lose Weight if you need motivation.
7. Pick one food goal and one exercise goal each week. Check your progress at the end of every day, that helps you stay on track and stay motivated.
8. WRITE DOWN YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. This is a great motivator to keep you going.
9. Reward yourself after each goal you achieve but do NOT reward yourself with food.
10. Start on your next goal. The key is to do it step by step.

If you feel you are losing your motivation, review why you want to lose weight or find a motivation buddy to help encourage you and keep you accountable. There is lots more information about motivation in the Healthy Weight School. You can also check out the Teen Bulletin Board and the Success Boards.

 Food Cravings and Junk Food - How To Resist

=> When ever I try To stopto eat so much it works out for a day then I start eating a lot again

=> I can't talk to my mom cause I feel weird and when I do she doesn't want to hear it I have been looking every where please help and when I try to stop eating junk food now I can't help myself

=> I am 13 and I have a big belly and I want to lose my belly fat. I know I eat to much because I out eat my dad and he is 39. I have tried to cut back on eating but I can't help but eat.

=> my family thinks my stomach is forward and i can not stop eating junk and sweets.please help me loose my tummy and stop eating so much.

=> I am 12 years old and weigh about 175 lbs and I hate it. I feel like going to the jim wont help that much because I gain all the weight back. PLEASE HELP!

=> i am verry active but i just cant stop eating

 It sounds like you might be having trouble resisting what are called cravings. Cravings are food urges that you can't resist. Stressed girl eating chocolate bar High calorie, fatty, and junk foods like donuts, chips, pop, cookies, ice cream and pizza are often the most problem to resist. You can't stop thinking about the food until you cave and eat the food. Sometimes, you might even eat the food until it's all gone.

Some people turn to these foods to comfort themselves or to avoid feeling emotions such as boredom, anxiety, sadness, or to relieve stress. They find it difficult to stop eating the junk food much like a drug addict finds giving up drugs difficult. You can feel "addicted" to the food. But, getting in touch with your emotions and learning to recognize what triggers a craving can help you avoid caving and eating the junk food.

What are Triggers?
Triggers are events or cues that happen immediately before you eat a problem food, a snack, or large amounts at a meal. Triggers cause the emotional brain to want to use food for coping.

Here are food trigger examples:
1) Whenever you have money in your pocket, you end up going to the store on the corner to buy candy,
2) When you pass by the donut store on the way home from school, you can never resist getting a donut, and
3) Whenever your brother puts his soda pop in the fridge, you always drink it.
Money in your pocket, the donut store, and your brother's soda pop in the fridge are your problem food triggers

A Plan to Avoid the Triggers: To avoid those triggers do not keep extra money in your pocket, take a new route home from school, and ask your brother to keep his soda pop in the garage. It is much easier to avoid your triggers, than when the problem food is in front of you.

You can also learn to:
Say Goodbye to Problem Foods
Curve Your Cravings,
Prevent Relapse, and,
Avoid Cravings.

Here are more tips:

1. LEARN TO SUBSTITUTE OTHER ACTIVITIES FOR EATING. Make a list of distracting activities. When you have the craving urge, substitute an activity on your list instead of eat. Usually, if you can resist eating for a few minutes with a distracting activity, the craving will go away. TRY IT! YOU CAN DO IT!

2. BE MINDFUL of WHAT, WHERE, AND HOW MUCH YOU ARE EATING. Start a food diary to keep track of your eating habits. Check for areas that may be food triggers for you and make healthy substitutes. For example, try choosing a healthier after school snack or tell others that you are trying to watch what you are eating. Ask them not to offer you tempting foods. It also helps to weigh yourself everyday. That way, if your weight starts to creep up, you can take measures to reduce your food intake right away.

3. GET JUNK FOOD OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! Out of site! Out of mind!

 Exercise To Help Lose Weight - With and Without Gym Machines

=> I have recently joined a gym to get my weight loss journey started but I am unsure of what machines to use and how long and how often to use them so I lose weight. Need advice please.

=> What are some excercies that don't involve machines that could help me lose weight?

 After joining a gym, it's a good idea to meet with the facilities health coach. They will discuss your weight loss goals and recommend the right program for you, demonstrate the exercises and correct weight limits on the machines and how many repetitions of each exercise you should do. It is always best to start out slow with light weights and build up gradually over time.

All kinds of activity including cardio workouts such as jogging, cycling, and simply walking are great activities for weight loss and good health.

Start thinking of exercise as "FUN ACTIVITY!" Your Exercise / Fun Activities should be:
1. FUN Think of things you enjoy. Swimming? Basketball? Tennis? Biking? Volleyball? Then do one of your fun activities everyday. Mix it up!

2. Exercise / Fun Activities can be anything that gets you moving! It doesn't need to be some "formal" or "team" sport.

TRY THIS: Write down as many activities that you can think of on separate slips of paper and place them in a BIG JAR. Some examples of fun activities might be dancing, jumping rope, walking or running up and down stairs, shooting hoops or simply going for a walk. You will be more likely to do an activity if you like it. When you feel lazy or are about to eat something even if you aren’t hungry, reach into the jar, grab an activity, and DO IT!!!

Set small goals! That way you will accomplish them. Start with 15-30 minutes of activity every day. Step by step. Now, you are on your way!

 Healthy Weight - What's A Healthy Weight For Me

=> What`s a healthy amount of weight to lose in a 9 month period for a 13 year old girl who is 5`3.5 and weighs 145 pounds? Can I be 120-125 pounds by then? (I exercise a lot already and I don`t eat unhealthily at all [my portions are actually smaller than an average person my age] so how come am I so heavy?

=> I'm 10 and I'm 80 pounds. The problem is is that I look kinda fat for a 80 pound kid. A lot of my friends are the same weight as me and look skinnier. I exercise for at least a hour each day and I eat a lot of different healthy foods. Why don't I look as skinny as my weight?

=> Im 12,im 4,10 and i weigh 106 pounds but i dont look like i do.i dont have a belly.but even though i dont have a belly ,is that still an unhealthy weight?please answer:)

=> I feel overweight, but when I actually see overweight people I don't feel it. How can I tell if I am overweight?

=> im really fat im 14 years old my weight is 88 kg and my height is 1.60 m what do you think?

=> I am 14 years old and I weigh 214.2 pounds. I have lost about ten pounds so far, but I would like to lose a lot more. I am about 5'6. How much should I weigh and what should I do to lose weight.

=> i'm 13 and i'm 5'2 and weigh 124lbs. I exercise everyday for 30 minutes- 1 hour and I made my poportions smaller and eat no snacks. Should I lose weight?

=> I'm 4'10 - 4'11 and I'm 10 and I'm 80 pounds should I loose weight or gain weight? Well I'm not sure if I am overweight.

=> ok so im 14 years old and I weigh 179lbs. idk if that's healthy for me to weight that much. I've looked at some websites and they all said that most 14 year old girls should weight 109-115 lbs. im so confused about my weight. can you help?

=> I'm not overweight but I feel so fat. I am 5 feet tall, I weigh 95 pounds and I'm 11 years old. My belly is massive and I don't no wether or not to lose weight. All my friends are really skinny and I think my weight is affecting my social situation but nobody is teasing me. HELP!!

 "Am I Overweight?" CHECK YOUR WEIGHT on the weight calculator to see if you are in the healthy weight range. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is a number that shows how your weight compares to your height (BMI = weight / height2). If your BMI is in the 85th to 94th percentile, you are considered overweight. If your BMI is in the 95th to 100th percentile, your are considered obese.Healthy Weight School

If your BMI is in the overweight or obese range and you want to lose weight, it would first be a good idea to see your health care provider to make sure you don't have any other health conditions that would interfere with a weight loss program. It is usually safe to lose 1-2 pounds a week. Take a look at the Healthy Weight School, How To Lose Weight and the weight loss tips area for lots of ideas and ways to help you lose weight. Everyone is unique, and everyone "wears their weight" differently, so don't compare yourself to others.

You can get lots of support from all the kids on the site in the chatroom and from other kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards. And, don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

 Fast Weight Loss - It Is Unhealthy and Unsafe

=> I am a 12 year old girl, I am 102 lbs and 160 cm , I have a big event coming up in around 3 weeks pls how can I lose weight?

=> My sister and I are both trying to lose weight for a big trip we are about to take soon. I am 5'6" and 170 pounds while my sister is 5'0" and 160 pounds(though I'm younger than her). We are doing a diet plan that requires a strict diet, running, and dancing. I am terribly out of shape but my sister is athletic. What do I do? How can I get in shape for summer? How much weight can I lose in about 3 months?

=> I need to loose my weinght in 1 month....i am 13yrs old

=> is it possible to lose alot of weight in 5 weeks?

=> im 11 years old and im 239 pounds i try to lose weight i just cant because i eat too much people make fun of me ALOT and im tired of it i start school in 5 weeks and i want ti lose weight b4 then can you help me

=> hi am a 16year old girl from Namibia i am in the 10th Grade, i would like to find out how to lose 30pounds in just a month without exercising?

=> I weigh 150 and I'm 5'2 and I'm about to be 15! I would like to lose about 20 pounds maybe even 40! We'll my question is I sit ok for teens to use green tea while trying to lose weight?

=> My sister and I are both trying to lose weight for a big trip we are about to take soon. I am 5'6" and 170 pounds while my sister is 5'0" and 160 pounds(though I'm younger than her). We are doing a diet plan that requires a strict diet, running, and dancing. I am terribly out of shape but my sister is athletic. What do I do? How can I get in shape for summer? How much weight can I lose in about 3 months?

=> Im 13 and i weigh about 140 plds and im 5ft tall. Whats an easy and fast way to loose weight and still be healthy

 TV advertisements, weigh loss Internet sites and magazine ads that promise fast weight loss are promoting unhealthy and unsafe practices. Diets that promise rapid weight loss and food fads are just plain bad ideas. Don't do them.

The Healthy Way: Losing 1 to 2 pounds per week is considered safe weight loss, and is a good goal. Generally, successful weight loss involves two parts: 1) healthy portion controlled eating and 2) exercise. We need to take in less (food) and put out more energy (exercise) in order to lose weight. It's as basic as that. Take a look at the School Area of this site such as How Do I Lose Weight, and Weight Control Tips.

One to two pounds a week doesn't seem like much, especially when you have decided you want the weight gone, but it's the healthiest way to do it. Instead of focusing on the total weight loss goal, try making little goals that lead up to the big goal. When you accomplish the smaller goal first, you will feel more successful and it will make working toward the end goal weight more attainable. For example, if your goal is to lose 40 pounds, make your first goal to lose 5 pounds. STEP BY STEP, that is the way to do it!

Here are a few more tips:
1. Keep a food and activity diary. This helps you focus on what you are currently doing and can help you track your progress. Try cutting back on food amounts (watch out for fried or fatty foods as well as sodas) and increase your activity. Review your food diary EVERY DAY and identify better food choices you can make the next day. Do the same with activities. Try to be active most days. If you do fun activities you enjoy, you are more likely to do them. If you mess up one day, try anew tomorrow. Remember, weight loss is a daily journey!

2. Check your weight on a scale every couple days. That way, if you are gaining, you can cut down food amounts a bit more and increase your activity.

Remember that losing weight involves making better choices, including healthy eating and exercise, so think about a plan you will be able to stick to for the rest of your life. All the small changes you make everyday will add up over weeks and months to a healthier body and a healthier you.

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