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 Self-Conscious About Weight - What Can I Do

=> I'm an 11(12 in a few months) year old girl, and I weigh more than my friends. I am not overweight, but I'm almost. I don't want to become overweight!!! People judge other girls in my grade... it's really mean. I don't know how to loose weight! My legs jiggle and I don't feel comfortable in my own body. Please help me by telling me what I should do... I just want to be thin. I want to be really small and cute. Hopefully down a dress size or two... please help me

=> I want to be a dancer i am eleven i weigh around 100 pounds i want t lose it howcan

=> 4"11 98lbs boy with the fat thighs, layer of fat and a big butt. Ok my bmi says I'm healthy I get teased by my friends because I'm short and fat one of my friends is 5"5 and weighs as much as me and another friend is 5"7 and only weighs 102 help me get like them

=> I'm very self-concious and get uncomfortable when my friends start talking about there weight. They're twigs compared to me. How can I 20-30 pounds from a minimum of one month to five months?

=> Isn't it embarrassing to be fat.

=> how do u get rid of weight in thighs and get rid of acne plzzz tellll meee im 11

 Whoa! There's a lot of self-doubt, embarrassment and low self-esteem going around these days! When we feel bad or embarrassed about how we look, we call that low self-esteem. Here are some things you can do to feel better about yourself:

1. Make a problem list. Write down the things you think are problems like fat thighs, big butt, acne, being overweight, too shy, embarrassed about weight, whatever your problems might be.

2. Write down a goal for each one. Set small goals first so you can accomplish them. A goal can be something you can do to make the problem better. For example:
Problem - Embarrassed about weight;
Goal - Loose 5 pounds in 1 month;

3. Write down a plan and what you will do to reach your short term goal. For example:
Problem - Embarrassed about weight;
Goal - Loose 5 pounds in 1 month;
Plan - Walk 30 minutes EVERYDAY. Cut down portion sizes of all foods I eat. Keep a activity and food diary. Check walking diary and food diary in ONE WEEK. If you check the status of your goals frequently, you are more apt to reach them.

Usually, if you can write down your problem, you can come up with a plan. Don't forget, Be sure to check in on yourself frequently to see how you are doing with your goal.

Remember, safe weight loss is lasting weight loss so make realistic goals. That way you are sure to reach them. Once you build up your self-confidence and have set up a plan to attack your problem, don't forget to seek help from friends. They are more often than not wanting to help you succeed and can offer you tons of support and encouragement.

 Am I Overweight - Fears of Being Overweight and What To Do About It

=> I'm 11 years old and 113lbs. Am I overweight? If so how do I lose weight easily

=> Hello. I have just turned 12 and I am worried about my weight. I am 5'8 (I have always been tall) and I weigh about 14 stone! I know it is an awful lot to weigh, but the problem is, I look like I weigh about 9 stone. My dad is always pressuring me to go running, but I hate running. I don't know why, but I just don't enjoy it, however I enjoy other exercise like cycling and swimming, but my dad says there is no point in those excersises as they will not cause me to lose any weight. What should I do?

=> I'm wondering what weight plan would work for me if I'm 11 years old and 4ft 9 inches and 117lbs I'm really insecure about my weight and feel like nobody in the world is obese but me and I feel like I have no friends my mom tells me I don't try losing weight but I have gym for 45minutes a day?


Reality Check #1: There is no healthy quick and easy weight loss plan. Quick weight loss gimmicks are not realistic or healthy. If you really want to lose weight and keep it off, first check the weight calculator to find your healthy weight range and then decide to commit to weight loss as a lifestyle change. Think healthy eating and moderate exercise EVERYDAY FOR LIFE.

Reality Check #2: Exercise in and of it self won't make you lose weight. But, exercise done in combination with reducing the amount of junk food, eating less food amounts than you are right now, and not eating when you aren't hungry will help you to shed some pounds. Look at the picture below: calories consumed and energy output. When you eat more calories than you put out, you gain weight. On the other hand, if you eat less calories than you put out, you will lose weight. It's simple math! Make exercise a daily habit.

Reality Check #3: YOU need motivation to lose weight. No one else can lose it for you!
If you lack motivation, here's help to find some. Get started on making your own motivation chart. If you are overweight and want to make a change, learn How to Lose Weight and find other tips in the Healthy Weight School. Get support from all the kids on the site in the chatroom and from other kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards. Don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

Losing weight can be fun when we do it together!!!

 Is It Bad To Be The Weight I Am - I'm The Heaviest

=> im the youngest in my my class of 31 but im the heaviest at 152 is that bad?

=> im 13, im 6.6 or 6.5 stone and my height is 4ft 11 is that bad

 You can use the weight calculator on the home page of this site to help determine if you are overweight. The weight calculator shows a healthy weight range based on your age, gender, weight and height. The calculator determines the healthy weight range for all body types; small, medium, or large and is designed for kids ages 2 through 20.

You ask if it is bad to be the heaviest in your class or bad to be the weight you are. Only you can determine that. But, if you decide you want to do something about your weight, you can visit our Healthy Weight School to learn more, especially the section on How Do I Lose Weight.

 Avoiding Binging - How to Stay Healthy

=> Hi Lucy! I'm Treasure and I'm also 12! Here's my problem..... Right now I'm not fat but I'm out of shape. I feel like I'm on the path of fatness and ill be fat soon if I don't stop this binging. I exercise everyday and I go to the gym every week. You have any tips on how i could possibly blast some pounds? By the way, I'm 127lbs.

 Binge eating is a type of eating disorder most often caused by stress. A binge is when a person feels out of control (often due to some stress in their life) and uses eating a large amount of food at one time for comfort. They feel better for a short time after eating, but then feel worse about themselves later. They turn to food to feel better again, and the cycle repeats. Click here for a video about a girl who binged.

Binge eating, is often triggered by some emotion or stressful event or even by seeing food commercials on television causing stress eating.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP: Dealing with the source of the stress and problems that prompt you to binge eat, will help to reduce and hopefully eliminate binge eating episodes. It can be helpful to learn to recognize what your triggers are. Once you recognize your triggers, you can develop a plan ahead of time for what you can do instead of binge. Write your problems down on a piece of paper with a plan for each problem. For example: Do a distracting activity or call a friend for support when I am stressed about my homework.

Binging is treatable, and there are many resources available. Talking with your health care provider or a specially trained counselor about your binging problem can help you stop. You can also find other kids who care in the chatroom and you can get good ideas from other kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards. Don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

Other things you can do to help reduce or
stop binge eating:
1. Don’t Skip Meals.
2. Eat Balanced Meals. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and calcium.
3. Learn to cope with stress without using food. Squeezing your hands together tight; slow deep breathing; and, relaxing are other ways to relieve stress.

Don't feel alone, others are here to help support you!

 Belly Fat - How to Lose It Fast

=> Hey..I am 16 years old and I have a stomach that I am not proud of. I weigh about 135 pounds. I feel ashamed when I am around my friends because they have a nice body. I also feel like the guys in my school think I am fat and that bothers me. My mom will not let me get a belly button ring until I lose the weight. The thing is I would LOVE to lose my stomach fat by April. I would really LOVE it if you could give me some tips on losing this ugly weight. Thank you

=> hey, well im 13 and im a little fat. I have a big stomach,and I dont like my body. Do you have any advise for me to lose the belly? please and thank you


Trying to lose weight or fat in one area of your body (spot reduction) doesn’t work. But, any exercise or weight loss will help your problem areas. Toning, or strengthening the muscles in a certain location (your stomach) can also help give your body a better overall appearance. The key to toning is REPETITION. Repetition of movement (exercise) tones and strengthens.


1. Watch your plate. Check your food portions to make sure you aren't overeating. Take a look at more portion control tips and the Healthy Weight School to learn more about how to control your hunger.

2. Get moving. The simple act of walking more can make a big difference in your weight and overall appearance as well as reduce your stomach size! Try more fun activities like swimming, dancing, jumping rope, or playing sports at least 30 minutes a day.
Here are some activity ideas to try:
- Cardio Exercise.
- Physical Fitness.
- Increased Physical Activity.
- Exercise For The Cold.
- Exercise When Your Busy.

3. Exercise EVERYDAY. If you do that, you will notice your stomach size reducing. You are sure to get that belly button ring. Good Luck!

 Can You Be Healthy and Overweight at the Same Time

=> Just because I`m overweight/obese doesn`t mean that I have high blood pressure and heart beat per minute right? The doctors checked both and mine are both low average/average so it doesn`t mean that it is causing strain to my health right? I actually don`t eat more than I`m supposed usually I eat less because it`s natural for me but I`m obese unlike the girls and guys who eat triple of what I eat and remain underweight/average for their health and height. Today I hung out with several people my age I got tired actually the latest since apparently I was the most fit for the 2 and a half hour walk. I exercise a lot apparently as I swim and do tennis and go around my neighborhood a lot...does it make sense that I`m obese? And does it damage my health? By the way, I`m 159.5/160 cm in height and 66.9 kgs and 12

 Can You Be Overweight and Healthy at the same time? This question sparks tons of controversy among obesity experts. Some experts believe that fitness can reduce the high risk of being overweight or obese. Others do not.

Do You Know the Health Risks of Being Overweight?
Weighing too much may increase your risk for developing many health problems especially later in life. If you are overweight or obese, you may be at risk for:
- Type 2 diabetes
- Coronary heart disease and stroke
- Metabolic syndrome (impaired ability to handle blood sugar, high blood pressure, elevated blood fats, low HDL (“good” cholesterol) and a large waist circumference)
- Certain types of cancer
- Sleep apnea
- Osteoarthritis
- Gallbladder disease
- Fatty liver disease
- Pregnancy complications

Some studies suggest that obese people are at no greater risk of developing or dying from heart disease or cancer, compared with normal weight people, as long as they are metabolically fit despite their excess weight. Read more. Experts suggest that METABOLIC (blood sugar, blood pressure, blood fats, cholesterol) AND PHYSICAL FITNESS are key, not your weight, in determining how healthy you are. How Fit Are You?

Other experts find that if you follow overweight or obese people long enough, you find out there appears to be no such thing as metabolically healthy. Additional studies show that being fit lessens but does not fully reduce the health problems associated with being overweight.

Good News: You can lower your health risks by losing weight, doing regular physical activity, and eating healthfully. Think of exercising as a means to improve your health and well-being, not something you have to do in order to lose weight.

Tips for good health:
- Exercise for well-being – Exercise improves fitness, period.
- Eat for good health and vitality
- Pay attention to ALL the health parameters—not just the number on the scale
- Check out the weight calculator to see if you are overweight. If you are overweight and want to make a change, learn more.

 Snacking on Junk Food When Bored - Help

=> Dear Lucy, I'm turned 14 I want to loose about 5 pounds and improve my diet. I don't really do that much exercise and I eat a lot of junk food. I don't eat much during the day, but in the evening I snack. I'm not addicted to any food, but I eat when I'm bored. The only exercise I have is P.E in school, Badminton and swimming. I also take my dog for walks. I would just like to know how I can improve my diet, get more exercise and lose a little weight.

 Why is it so hard to stop eating certain foods? Why can't I stop? There can be many factors at play including boredom and the habit of overeating.

First, let's learn a little about cravings and how to resist them.

Here are other ideas to help you conquer the snacking problem:
1. Cut out the junk food you eat one at a time.
2. Be MINDFUL of WHAT and WHEN you are eating. Overeating is a habit and often occurs when you are bored, sad, stressed or depressed. YOU CAN BREAK IT!
3. THINK BEFORE YOU EAT! Are you really hungry? If not, DON'T EAT. THINK DISTRACT as in distracting activities.
4. Get junk food out of site and out of the house! Out of site, out of mind!
5. Surround yourself with SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE. Try a weight loss buddy for support and encouragement! Good Luck!

 Exercise - Indoor & Outdoor Fun Ways To Exercise

=> I do a cardio workout 5 days a week and i do it at the evening - when is it the best time to workout, morning or evening?

=> Are there any fun ways to exercise and lose weight

=> im 14 and weight 170! im very muscular and i dont think im really that fat! i do have some problem areas! but i love to play sports but sometimes i have no one to do them with, and im not sure what to join! im in dance but that seems to not be enough! i never exersize if its not a organized sport! so i seem to never lose weight! do you have any advise?

=> how can i lose wait easily right here inside my home

There are many things you can do both inside and outside for exercise. The right time to exercise is ANYTIME! fun exerciseThe most important thing is to do some FUN ACTIVITY EVERYDAY! You might even want to start thinking of exercise as "Fun Activity!" Sounds better already doesn't it?

1. Exercise / Fun Activities should be FUN! What do you enjoy? Swimming? Basketball? Tennis? Biking? Volleyball?

2. Exercise can be anything that gets you moving! It doesn't need to be some "formal" or "team" sport.

Things you can do right in your home or neighborhood are:
• Dancing to your favorite music in your room
• Jump Roping
• Hula hoops
• Walking or Running up and down Stairs
• Going for a walk

3. Set small goals! That way you will accomplish them. Start with 15-30 minutes a day. Step by step, that is the key!

4. Mix it Up! Write down as many activities that you can think of that you enjoy and put them in a big jar. If you like doing an activity, you will be more likely to do it. That’s what counts. When you feel lazy or are about to eat something even if you aren’t hungry, reach into the jar, grab an activity, and DO IT!!! Right Now!!
Be creative, mix it up, have fun!

5. Start a Weight Loss Challenge With a Friend. If you have friends that also want to lose weight, start a friendly challenge where points are given for doing certain activities, drinking enough water, making healthy snack choices, and doing a fun activity everyday. Check out the message boards on this site to meet others that want to be healthier also.

REMEMBER, Find time each day for exercise! JUST DO IT!!!

 How Lucy Lost Weight - Inspires Others, Maybe Even You!

=> Hello Lucy, I'm 12 years old and overweight. I'm trying my best to lose weight and ur story inspired me to. I just wanna say thank you (:

=> How do you lose wieght? How many times do you exersise a week?

 Thanks for the shout out! We are glad The Story of Lucy and How She Lost Weight inspires you and we hope that it might also help others who read it.

To those of you that haven't read it, the story is about how Lucy conquered her eating problem. Even though she felt awkward and embarrassed around others she continued to eat. Finally, with the help of her friends, she gradually began to change her habits. You can do it too! Check it out!

 Craving And Resisting Food - How to Stop

=> How do you resist the foods? my doctor says i'm going to crave food because i'm going into puberty and its in my genes sometimes I feel bad for myself because all my friends are skinny and it feels like i can't wear anything to school without looking fat but my mom says i look fine and sometimes they hint at about how fat i am and i don't want my parents to think i'm wasting food by cutting it in half I feel embarrassed in front of my friends because their so skinny

=> How do i try to stop eating i eat soo much

 Stressed girl eating chocolate bar
If you crave certain foods and you find that you can't resist them, you might really have a type of food “addiction.” The more you eat the food, the more you want it, and once you start, you can’t stop. What’s going on?

Our brain has an emotional part and a thinking part. Our EMOTIONAL brain can be tricking us, telling us to eat something that tastes really good to soothe our sadness, boredom, loneliness, stress, or depression. That's why you get cravings. But, our THINKING brain is more rationale and knows pretty much what food our body needs for energy and repairs. It knows you don’t need the food you are craving at the moment. The thinking brain and the emotional brain can sometimes be in a tug of war!

Good News! The thinking part of the brain is BIGGER than the emotional part of the brain so WE CAN LEARN TO CONTROL THE EMOTIONAL BRAIN. It just takes practice to become aware of what is going on.

Practice talking to your brain and reasoning with your emotional brain when you have a craving for a certain food. Tell yourself, "No emotional brain! No! I am not going to let you trick me!!" I do not need that food because I am not hungry. GO AWAY!!"

Get in touch with your emotions and learn how to substitute other activities for eating. Make a list of things you like to do and refer to the list when you get a craving. Then, go do the fun activity instead of eating. Usually, if you can resist for a few minutes, the craving will go away. TRY IT, YOU CAN DO IT.

Check out Saying Goodbye to the Food Drug, Curve Your Cravings, and Preventing Food Addiction Relapse for more information and tips.

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