Fun Activity Ideas

Use this list to find things you like to do. These activities can be done whenever you feel the need to eat for reasons other than hunger. You can do these activities whenever you feel some uncomfortable feelings. Do them as often as you can. Try as many as you can.

Listen to music Take a bubble bath Go for a walk Hug someone
Write down 3 positive things about you Picture a relaxing scene Squeeze your hands together tight Say or read a prayer
Laugh Stretch Go outside Take a deep breath
Write in journal Get a massage Watch the sunrise or sunset Play sports
Read a magazine Sing or whistle Play Dance
Hit a pillow Meditate Read a book Paint a picture
Look at the stars Daydream Write a poem Dig in the dirt
Learn a new hobby Make music Meditate Paint your toenails
Go to a movie Smell flowers Read a joke book Take a nap
Talk with your school counselor Write down your thoughts and tear it up Have a temper tantrum (without hurting anyone or anything) Scream
Call a friend Go on a picnic Have a glass of hot tea Play cards
Walk in the park Stomp your feet Run Make silly faces
Make a bead necklace Cry Take a nap Build paper airplanes
Yoga Drink water Pound a piece of clay Hang out with your pet

Please ask your healthcare provider if these tips are right for you and please read our disclaimer.

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