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How To Make Your House
"Problem Food" Safe

Is Your House Filled With Junk Food?
Do you find you mindlessly eat junk food just because it is there?
Is your family tuned in to a "healthy snack" House?

Ask Yourself This Question. "Am I eating because I am hungry, or am I eating because I am feeling bored, stressed, eating for comfort, lonely, sad or just mindlessly eating? Getting in touch with our feelings and emotions can help us control what and how much we eat. It can also help if we can control what food is in our house and make a plan ahead of time to avoid eating (junk food especially) when we aren't even hungry.


1. Take Inventory! Check the cupboards for junk food. Do chips, cookies, and candy line your shelf? GET RID OF THEM, move them to the back where you can't see them, or lock them up! Check the refrigerator. Does ice cream stare you in the face? GET RID OF IT, or bury it under the frozen vegetables. DON'T BUY IT ANYMORE!!! By spotting all the junk food in your house you can develop a plan to substitute other healthier snacks for the junk food. Better still, you can write out a plan to SUBSTITUTE FUN ACTIVITIES AND DISTRACTIONS instead of MINDLESS SNACKING.

2. Make a Grocery List with your Mom or whomever buys the food. Make sure that JUNK FOODS that you crave such as candy, ice cream, chips, soda, etc. are NOT ON THE LIST. This is the best idea!!!

So, what can you substitute for junk food? Here's where you and your parent can be CREATIVE! Try new fruits you've never tried before that are in season. They will be less expensive than junk food and you might find that you really like them. How sophisticated you'll sound when you tell your friends you had kiwi or passion fruit last night!

Do the same with vegetables. Plan ahead by washing and cutting up vegetables when you bring them home from the market so that they will be ready to eat when you feel like a snack. Try new ways of cooking them as well. Eggplant or kohlrabi anyone?!!

3. Go Shopping With The Person That Buys The Food. Follow your list and don't get tempted into buying things not on the list, especially junk food. Grocery stores are in the business of "marketing" certain products and their displays, smells and various aisles are strategically placed to LURE YOU into buying junk food that you don't need. LEARN TO RESIST and keep to your list. DON'T GO DOWN THE SODA, CHIPS, COOKIES AND ICE CREAM AISLES. Your waist will thank you!!

4. If JUNK FOOD is bought, limit the amounts! Buy small sized bags with single servings. That way, if you are tempted, the amount will be small. Ask your parent to put junk food items in drawers or containers that you can't easily see. Out of sight, out of mind!! This still allows others to access the food but helps you to avoid it.

5. Make A Plan Ahead of Time so that you will know what to do if you feel tempted to eat junk food when you are not actually hungry. Think of SUBSTITUTE FUN ACTIVITIES AND DISTRACTIONS instead.For example:

- brush my teeth.
- go for a walk around the block,
- count to 100,
- dance to one song on the radio,
- play with my dog,
- call a friend.
Usually, the urge to eat will pass. Some kids find it helps to smell a foul smell, look at something moldy, or taste something gross if they start to eat the junk food. This may help you to like the junk food less. (You can make a a gross smell and taste by letting some milk go sour and keep it in a small jar.)

6. If You Mess Up, Just Try Again. Writing down how we feel helps us to get in touch with our emotions. When we understand what we are feeling, we can make a plan to change that feeling and do something else but eat. It gets easier, so just keep trying. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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