BlubberBusters Tips
from Lucy

Curve Your Cravings

Cravings keep many people from eating healthy even when a person knows HOW to eat healthy. Cravings may come out of nowhere or they may come around at the same time everyday. The strength of cravings may surprise you!

Some people believe that changing how you eat to lose weight can be tricky because of the cravings. Cravings may make your mind and body tell you that you need a certain food. Sometimes it may even feel like it hurts if you don't get a certain food. The best way to beat the cravings is to have a plan. To get ready, arm yourself with a few things. Have a list of your favorite things to do to keep your mind and hands busy. Also, have bottled water or flavored waters in the fridge. Lastly, arm yourself with a few people to support you.

Here's how to curve your next craving:

1.) Next time you start to feel a craving come on, say hello to it. Don't try to ignore it. Let the craving know you are aware that it is around.

2.) Ask the craving why it came around now. Maybe you are bored or lonely. Maybe you just saw a pizza commercial on TV. There may be a reason why you craved a certain food. Find out why.

3.) Next, get out the list of things to do. Keep this list in a handy place where you can always run to in time of cravings. Some people go exercise. Some people like to draw or write when they get cravings. Some people even draw what the craving would look like outside of their mind. Use your imagination and do things you enjoy. Activities will help you get through the craving.

4.) Let someone know you are craving a food and you need help. Phone a friend. Talk with a parent. Meet online with your weight loss buddy. Surround yourself with people who can help support you through the craving.

5.) Drink some bottled water or flavored water.

6.) Allow yourself craved food once or twice a month. This will not break your weight loss efforts. Rather, it will keep you focused and healthy.

Make this a healthy week!

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