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 Embarrassed About Weight - How To Lose Weight

=> Im 11 years old and 5 foot tall i weigh 137 ponds and im embarresed because my docter said i was over weight and i dont know how to lose weight any ideas?

=> I am 12 and have a super skinny friend, she is my BFF but makes me feel so fat when im around her because as soon as im in her presence I suddenly feel really self conscious. I need to diet, I know I do, I weigh 11 stone and am 5'4 - when I mention dieting to my mom she looks at me like im trying to make myself anorexic and says don't be stupid, you don't need to loose weight, but I feel so big and keep comparing myself to other people... I just cant stop.

=> I'm currently weighing in at 175 pounds at a height of 5ft 5in.I'm 15 years of age.Its hard being overweight. When i was younger i was never this big then one day i looked in the mirror and im like wow your big. I've tried exercising at the gyms but nothing seems to work for me.Its hard at school for everyone else is thin and beautiful but me i'm just the one with the big arms big legs back fat and big jugs in front of my face.I'm tired of being called fat and being looked at differently.I want to lose weight so bad.I mean if i just lust 30-40pounds i'll be fine. Please help me,

=> Hi I'm 14 and I think I'm overweight! I can never wear what other girls wear cause I think it makes me look fat! I'm tired of being this way and I just want to know if 135 pounds is a healthy weight for me? I kinda haven't ate breakfast or lunch the past week and I have been riding bikes running walking jogging and all that! I just don't wanna feel fat anymore please answer back

=> I am 12.i am 120 pounds.i am six grader.and cause I am fat people tell me I don't really look like my age.please what should I do?

=> Im 11 years old, almost 12, and I'm about 120-130 pounds. I feel really overweight for my age, and I don't tell people my real weight because I think they'll laugh at me, or tease me about it. I always try to suck in my belly, so people don't notice, and I feel like others have noticed, and it worries me. I just got some new pants and clothes about 2-4 weeks ago, and the pants are already tight when they fit perfectly before. Please help!

 Sounds like there's a lot of self-doubt, embarrassment and low self-esteem going around above. When we feel bad or embarrassed about how we look, we call that low self-esteem. Remember to keep things in perspective. There will always be thin, smart and pretty people in the world. Here are some things you can do to feel better about yourself:

1. Make a problem list. Write down the things you think are problems like fat thighs, big butt, acne, being overweight, too shy, embarrassed about weight, whatever your problems might be.

2. Write down a goal for each one. Set small goals first so you can accomplish them. A goal can be something you can do to make the problem better. For example:
Problem - Embarrassed about weight;
Goal - Loose 5 pounds in 1 month;

3. Write down a plan and what you will do to reach your short term goal. For example:
Problem - Embarrassed about weight;
Goal - Loose 5 pounds in 1 month;
Plan - Walk 30 minutes EVERYDAY. Cut down portion sizes of all foods I eat. Keep a activity and food diary. Check walking diary and food diary in ONE WEEK. If you check the status of your goals frequently, you are more apt to reach them.

Usually, if you can write down your problem, you can come up with a plan. Don't forget, Be sure to check in on yourself frequently to see how you are doing with your goal.

Remember, safe weight loss is lasting weight loss so make realistic goals. That way you are sure to reach them. Once you build up your self-confidence and have set up a plan to attack your problem, don't forget to seek help from friends. They are more often than not wanting to help you succeed and can offer you tons of support and encouragement.

We've put together AN ORGANIZED WEIGHT LOSS APPROACH to help you be successful with your weight loss. It is designed to be a step by step manual for you to follow. TAKE A LOOK!

 How To Pick / Pack a Healthy Lunch at School

=> My lunch is served at school and we are not allowed to pack lunch so how do I pick healthy choices?


Whether packing your lunch or picking from the school cafeteria, planning ahead and making a plan is key to making better food choices. Remember, it is both WHAT YOU EAT and HOW MUCH YOU EAT (portions) that matter when selecting foods for lunchtime meals.

It's a good idea to review the cafeteria meal plan for the week ahead of time. Pick foods from the
five food groups: (Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein Foods, and Dairy.) Mix up food choices, colors and textures of the food you pack every day, that keeps lunch interesting.

Consider how the food is prepared. Is it fried, baked or broiled? Does it have lots of added toppings? Fried foods and added toppings can really add extra calories so be careful when selecting them or have only small servings.

Here are more tips about making better choices at the school cafeteria and at the salad bar.

 Comfort Eating - How To Stop

=> I'm 15, about 5"6/7 and weigh10 stone (140 pounds). I reallywant to lose weight, especially belly fat, love handles and thighs. I am trying but finding it hard. I do horse riding once a week but no other exercise. I just ccan't find the time as I don't get home every evening until 6 or past that, then I'm too tired to workout. I'm in 3rd year in school and it's my junior cert which is stressful enough. I just can't stay motivated and eat to comfort myself. I just need help. I want to have a flatstomach and smaller thighs for summer but reaaallyneed help. It may not seem I'm fat but I really am unhappy with my weight, hopefully you can help.

 Sounds like you have two issues: comfort eating and lack of motivation. Let's take a look at what they are and what you can do to overcome them.

Sometimes, even though we are not hungry, we eat to soothe a feeling or emotion (when we are bored, lonely, sad, angry, happy, frustrated, or stressed.) We call this EMOTIONAL or COMFORT EATING. This can become a habit and a vicious cycle. For example: You feel sad so you eat cookies to make yourself (temporarily) feel better, then you feel bad because you ate all those cookies, then you eat again to cover up your feelings of being sad and the cycle repeats. Each time you have a certain emotion you keep turning to food to comfort yourself. Unfortunately, the foods we choose for comfort are often high in fat, sugar or salt, which can lead to weight gain.

Instead of finding comfort in food, we need to find other ways to cope with our feelings. 1. WATCH FOR EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS (things that spark the urge to eat even when you aren't hungry) such as (watching TV food commercials or walking past a bakery) and 2. MAKE A PLAN AHEAD OF TIME TO AVOID THE TRIGGER. (Mute TV food commercials, walk a different way to avoid the bakery). Get the idea?


1. PLAN AHEAD. MAKE A LIST of things you can do other than eat when you feel certain emotions. Some ideas might include: painting your nails, calling or texting a friend, listening to your favorite music, going for a walk or run, reading a book. DISTRACT YOURSELF!. Here are more distracting ideas. Check out our Kids Helping Kids page and the Comfort Eating Board to learn how other kids deal with their emotions.

2. DO SOMETHING ON YOUR LIST when you experience one of these emotions. Some kids put ideas on slips of paper and put them in a big "DISTRACTION JAR." Then they "draw" out an idea and GO DO IT instead of snack. Try it, you will be amazed how it can work!

3. GET JUNK FOOD OUT OF THE HOUSE! Out of site, out of mind! It works!

4. Be mindful. THINK BEFORE YOU EAT! Are you really hungry? If not, DON'T EAT. THINK DISTRACT as in distracting activities.

5. Surround yourself with SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE. Get support and help from friends and other kids on this site. The chatroom, pre-teen, and teen bulletin boards are great sources of help and information. You can interact with other kids and teens and read how they conquer their struggles with their weight. Don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

If you feel you are
losing your motivation, review why you want to lose weight or find a motivation buddy to help encourage you and keep you accountable. There is lots more information about motivation in the Healthy Weight School. You can also check out the Teen Bulletin Board and the Success Boards.

 What Is a Healthy Weight For Me

=> I am only nine years old but soon I will be 10. I am overweight for my age but my family doctor says I am fine because I am very tall. Do you think my weight is okay? Because I seem to be one of the heaviest person in my English class.

=> I'm 12 and I weigh 117 lb I am 5ft 2' and a gymnast. I train 3 hours 3 time a week. I just want to know if I am the right hight and weight for someone my age who does gymnastics (I have been doing it since I was like 4).

=> How come my dad has a bigger belly than me but yet I weigh more than him?!

=> I am 140 pounds and I'm 11 years old and my doctor said I need to lose weight what are some ideas about losing weight

=> I'm really overweight and my weight goes between 155-161 but is mainly 161. Why is this?

=> Do I need to loose weight? Im 13 and my height is 5'1 and my weight is 6st 13lbs, is this too much for my height and age? I want a flat stomach like everyone in my class so I can wear more of my clothes that I have but I cant because my belly sticks out very far so far that when I look down I almost cant see my WHOLE foot : ( if you answer me it would mean the world... thanks

"Am I Overweight?" CHECK YOUR WEIGHT on the weight calculator to see if you are in the healthy weight range. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is a number that shows how your weight compares to your height (BMI = weight / height2). Healthy Weight School If your BMI is in the 85th to 94th percentile, you are considered overweight. If your BMI is in the 95th to 100th percentile, your are considered obese.

If your BMI is in the overweight or obese range and you want to lose weight, it would first be a good idea to see your health care provider to make sure you don't have any other health conditions that would interfere with a weight loss program. It is usually safe to lose 1-2 pounds a week.Take a look at the Healthy Weight School, How To Lose Weight and the weight loss tips area for lots of ideas and ways to help you lose weight. Everyone is unique, and everyone "wears their weight" differently, so don't compare yourself to others.

You can get lots of support from all the kids on the site in the chatroom and from other kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards. And, don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

 Safe Weight Loss And How To Achieve It

=> im 13 and 5'5 feet tall i weigh alot more than i look.im 190 pounds and im embarrased.id like to get to 150 by june is that possible,is it heallthy? i can play sports and stuff but i deal with the concequences .ex. shortness of breathand pain can you help me?

=> im 12 years old and im 124 pounds i want to lose weight but i dont knoe how to im always feeling left out becouse i dont have any friends .some girls at school make fun of me i will be in high scool soon and i want to go there healthier whe i go to sckool

=> I am 11.5 year old girl and my height is 4 ft 10. I weigh 6.5 stone and i have love handles. Most of my friends weigh 5 stone how would i get to that weight and how many calories do i need to consume ? many thanks beau xx

=> I am 12 years old and I weigh 144 lbs. I feel so bad about myself and I cant wear my favorite shirts without feeling bad about my weight. My mom calculated my weight with my height and she says I am obese. It makes me want to cry. I need some tips to lose at least 40 lbs before 7th grade next year. Oh, I also have flat feet and my ankles often hurt after running for a few minutes.

=> im nearly 14 (2 weeks ) and i feel crap about myself u feel so fat yet my parents and siblings laugh when i say i need to lose weight i am currently 5 5 /5 6 (height[ft+inches)and weigh 8 stone 4 when i checked after dinner today .. I need help woth my weight i have friends 14 that are going on 15 and they are like sticks weighing 6stone ..i want to and need to lose weight even if it is only going to bring me down to the 7 stones .. I am not overly active yet i do love walking and runing i also cyle and play hovkey and tennis in school please help me !!!!!! (p.s im trying to look well for a certain someone)

=> Okay so i'm 13, I weight 145 pounds and i'm 5'4, but i kinda have alot of muscle. I really want to lose at least 10 pounds but i don't know how what to do and what i should start doing. Any tips?? Thank you

=> I want to loose weight but I'm having problems choosing the right foods and getting excersize in.What should i do, I do Just Dance 4 on our wii at home but I can only do it on weekends (no video games during the week).BTW I'm only 11!?!

=> so I'm 15 years old, i weigh 194. i want to get my weight down to 125. i started taking sea kelp, but my dad is always telling me i need to lose weight, how should i go about losing the weight?

=> If I were to go on a diet would eating 90 calories total (of Healthy Choice Chiken Noodle Soup) make me lose weight?

=> Im 12 & almost 200 ibs. I need help in losing weight before school starts. what exercises can I do & what kind of foods should I eat.?

1. FIRST, CHECK YOUR WEIGHT on the weight calculator to see if you are in the healthy weight range.
2. SECOND, answer this very important question.


You can't lose weight if you continue to eat everything you want like sodas, candy, sweets and fatty foods or continue to eat large portions, second helpings or "junk food." If you aren't MOTIVATED or COMMITTED to change your current lifestyle (eating and activity habits) you probably will not be successful at losing weight. IT'S A FACT!

3. THIRD TAKE INVENTORY OF YOURSELF and answer these questions:

4. FOURTH REVIEW HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT for an organized easy to follow step by step approach.

5. FIFTH, THINK OF THIS AS YOUR JOB. You don't know how successful you can be without trying, so GET STARTED. YOU'VE GOT EVERYTHING TO LOSE!

 HALLOWEEN - Avoiding the Candy Trap

=> Halloween candy is everywhere. How can I avoid it and not mess up!

 Watch Out! Don't let all that candy hanging around trap you! Halloween can be stressful and that huge bowl of candy tempting. Be proactive and plan ahead to avoid caving to temptation. If you go Trick or Treating or if Halloween candy fills your house, here are some tips:

1. Pick out a few of your favorite candies. Give the rest away or throw it out.

2. Put a few small pieces of the candy in small sandwich bags and freeze the bags. Each week, allow yourself to eat from one bag. NO MORE! Pick a time like after school to enjoy a small piece. A small piece won't stop your weight loss.

3. Keep the candy out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind. That helps.

4. Substitute healthy fruits or vegetables for the candy.

5. Do other things to distract yourself instead of eat like take a walk or listen to fun music.

6. Make Halloween a time for other activities that don't involve candy like volunteering.

Here is information on sugar addiction and other tips to help you avoid Halloween from sabotaging your healthy weight goals. Happy Healthy Halloween!

 Teased About My Weight

=> whybdo people hurt u and say ur ugly

=> I am 11 years old and 80 pounds. I am not as skinny as my friends and I get made fun of. For example someone stole my lunch and told me i am already fat enough. Thanks

=> I am only 14 years old and I weight 56 kg . I want to be slim cause my friends and my family teases me alot even though I get hurt a lot . What should I do?

 Bullies are nothing more than trouble-making LOSERS!! They are looking for attention and getting it makes them feel important and powerful. Here are some things you can do to stop them from bullying you:

1. Avoid them. If someone is bully you, try to stay away from them. That strips them of the fun they get from bullying.

2. Don’t react and don’t show your feelings. If you encounter a bully, ignore him/her or act like you don’t care. Don’t get angry or show that you are upset. Hold your head up high, walk away and get to a safe place. Learn more on how to deal with bullies and improve your self esteem. You will feel more confident about yourself and it will show. That will have the bully looking elsewhere!

3. Don’t do what they want you to do. Say “NO!" If you stick up for yourself, bullies usually leave you alone.

4. Get a buddy. Plan ahead and walk with a friend whenever you think you might encounter the bully.

5. Tell an adult like a school teacher, counselor or parent. Let them know what is happening to you. Bullying is wrong and IF WE ALL SPEAK UP WHEN WE SEE IT, WE CAN STOP IT!

Here are more ways to deal with bullies. Once you have the bully situation under control, check out many of the great tips in the tips area of this site on how to lose weight. You can get lots of support from all the kids on the site in the chatroom and from other kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards. And, don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

 I Exercise But I'm Not Losing Weight

=> I practice every day for sports. I start at 5am with Travel soccer practice and then end at 7am then I go to school at 8. and from 2:22 to 3:30 I practice my school sport. I do all of this every day and my practices are longer on the weekends, but I'm not losing weight. I'm gaining it. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? I don't drink soda and I stay away from candy, so what's wrong??

=> I'm am in 8th grade I'm 5 feet 2 inches and I am 165lb and I want to loose weight I only drink water and I eat really healthy and I play volleyball and am on the swim team and i don't want to be one of the biggest girls in my grade

=> I have an idea. Typical workouts don't really work with me. Im not willing to give up watching TV just yet either. So what if every time a commercial is on, I workout as a hard as I can (not unhealthy though) then rest when the show is back on? Will this be effective? Thank you.

=> I am 17 and I have been active in sports since the age of 3. I do not eat bad at all, and during the school year I work out three times a day. I have been around 160 and no matter what I do, I can't seem to lose weight. Why can't I lose it?

=> I live in Arizona and it becomes way too hot to go outside. I'm a bit overweight so I try to lose a couple of pounds by hula hooping for 30 minutes a day. Even after doing it for a month I'm not seeing any difference. Is there something I'm doing wrong and is there something else I can do?

=> Hi! I'm 12 years old 165 pounds. I am 5'4. I'm really am afraid of judgement from others and get nervous every time to topic of weight occurs. My "friends" tease me and they do not understand how much it hurts to look in the mirror everyday. I'm able to admit that I was denial for a while, but now I realized this is too much! I really want to start living a much healthier lifestyle and my goal is to be 140 pounds at least. I know that cardio training is not the best answer right now, but with the topic of exercise, honestly I don't get much at all! My parents and I are always busy and I just don't know what to do. I just needed to let that go to someone. At school we have been doing 1 pound weights and dance elevated platforms and it is helping. Anymore additional advice?

=> I'm going to be 12 some and I weigh 110 I don't know if that the size I Asposse to be but everyone is smaller then me. What are some good work outs to lose weight

=> what is a good time limit to exercise a day

=> I'm 13, I weigh 164 lbs. I've gained 10 lbs since last year. I've been jogging every day for the past few weeks and really don't eat like I used to. But I've still been gaining weight and don't know why.

=> I can't seem to lose fat. I'm not concerned about weight just my fact. I've tried nearly anything to lose fat. I have intense physical activity for over 4 hours a day (I'm not even exaturating), I have a very healthy and well balanced diet, I keep track of my calories, no sweets or processed sugar. My daily exercise consists of an hour on the treadmill, an hour lifting weights, two hours of rugby practice and an hour of gym class. Now I also have track and field starting up. No matter what I do I can't lose any fat I'm actually pretty sure I gained fat. I'm 15 , weigh 190 Ib and I'm 6 foot and a bit.


If you are currently exercising but not losing weight, then you are probably still taking in more energy (food) than the energy (exercise) you put out. In order to lose weight you will need to increase your physical activity, decrease your caloric intake (eat less), or do a combination of both. So why aren't you losing weight? Take a look at these tips and do an honest inventory of your status. It might be that all that is needed is a little adjustment here or there.

1. KEEP A FOOD DIARY. Write down EVERYTHING and HOW MUCH that you eat and drink each day for all snacks and meals. We frequently eat a lot more than we realize and keeping a food diary can help us see that. Review your food diary EVERY DAY. You will begin to see where you need to cut down. Even cutting down small amounts can help. (For example, cutting out one 16 ounce soda a day will result in about 20-25 pounds of weight loss a year!)

2. KEEP AN ACTIVITY DIARY. Write down all the activities and how long you do them EVERY DAY. Try to increase the kinds of healthy activity you do EVERY DAY! For example, walk up the stairs instead of taking elevators, walk to school, walk up hills instead of walking on flat areas, or ride a bike. Sometimes eating about the same but increasing ones activity level breaks the cycle and can get you on your way to losing weight.

3. START DOING DISTRACTING FUN ACTIVITIES EVERY DAY. Distracting Fun Activities can get your mind off of food and help burn calories. You can also check out more information about STEP BY STEP APPROACH to losing weight. Just be sure to MAKE IT FUN AND MIX IT UP!

 Fast Weight Loss

=> What can I do I'm overweight and 14 year old but I want to lose weight in 3 weeks

=> I am 12 years old and I weigh 163 pounds. I get really mad that I am over weight and I am going to 7th grade. All my friends are all skinny and that is my question how do I lose weight before I start school on July 31. Please give me some advice I want to be at least 105 pounds sp my friends can see that I can do it. I want my friends to see a different Zoe in 7th grade. Will you help me and five me advice. Thank you.

=> im 13 years old and I weigh 178 pounds and I need to lose about 60 pounds. What do I do

=> I'm turning 14 and I weigh almost 200 pounds i need help and quick i cant take myself like this and people make fun of my weight and i cant take it i wanna at least lose 30 lbs and maybe in a month or two and i need info asap I'm really active but cant ever seem to lose weight i do wrestling swimming track BMX and walking i don't snack at all and I'm not going for liposuction

=> So I am not over weight..... But I feel like I could lose a little because I can tell I have gained a little..... So it's Sunday and I have a dance on Friday how can I feel slim but lose a little in a safe way?

=> So im 212lbs and 5ft 5-ish nad im 12 years old so how do i lose weight fast and easily

=> I'm 14,and I weigh 245 pounds,I want to get in shape during ssummer,I want to become slim,so how do I lose weighrn

=> I'm 10,and I weigh 278 pounds,and I get teased all the time about being fat,my belly is huge and I'd like to lose weight during the summer,how can I do that

=> I really need to lose weight,I weigh 285 pounds,people tease me,and I really want to become skinny over the summer

=> Hi I'm 10 years old and 103.3 pounds I have a muffin top . I want to loose as many pounds possible by July (When I go to the beach ) how long will it take for me to loose weught

 Remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? Fast out of the gate, the Hare sped but soon floundered. Meanwhile, slow but sure came the Tortoise, and won the race! Similarly, just like the Hare, fast weight loss just doesn't work and doesn't last!

Although most of us would like to lose weight fast, gradual weight loss (1-2 pounds a week) is more likely to stay off. One to two pounds a week doesn't seem like much, especially when you have decided you want the weight gone quickly, but it's the healthiest way to do it.

To lose weight, we need to take in less (food) and put out more energy (exercise). You will need to take an honest inventory of yourself and make a plan. It's time for a STEP BY STEP APPROACH. This involves making better choices, including healthy eating and exercise, so think about a plan you will be able to stick to for the rest of your life. All the small changes you make everyday will add up over weeks and months to a healthier body and a healthier you.

Instead of focusing on "I want to lose 30 pounds this summer," try making WEEKLY WEIGHT LOSS GOALS. Learning to set achievable goals is key. For example, if your goal is to lose 30 pounds, make your first goal to lose 5 pounds. Then when you lose the first 5 pounds make your next goal to lose another 5 pounds. STEP BY STEP, that is the way to do it! When you accomplish the smaller goal first, you will feel more successful and it will make working toward the end goal weight more attainable.

 Weigh Loss Efforts Haven't Worked

=> I'm 15 & weigh about 200 pounds. I want to lose weight but everything I try doesn't work & I'm starting to become depressed that I will never be able to lose the weight which makes me insecure. Can you help?

=> I try everything from eating small portions and exercise and drinking nothing but water but nothing is working. I am 4'11 and I weigh 220 lbs I want to look trim before I go back to school. What can I do to lose weight?

=> I'm 11 years old and I'm 214 pounds but everything I try I don't lose the weight and my Mom won't let me get liposuction. To get rid of it. What should I do?

=> I am at least 180 pounds and I am desperate to lose it. Pease give advice so that I could lose most of it over the summer. Thanks!!

=> everyone in my family is thick we all have bodies none of us are thin but i want to be a little thinner as far as the stomach i weighed 149 then when i was sick i

=> I tried and tried to lose weight but I can't please help me

=> I'm 13 and am 156lbs. I went to the doctor and she said I should work out and don't eat less but eat a healthy diet. I've gained 5lbs since that appointment (which was a week ago) . What should I do? I know I'm heading for depression if I get any bigger! I cry myself to sleep half the time. Don't tell me about doing exercise and eat less because that doesn't work, well not for me. Can someone give me a decent answer about what to do, because I can't live like this any longer. I'm desperate

=> I have been excercizing and eating healthy for a while now and still havent loss any weight. Why?

  If you've been trying to lose weight but it isn't working, it's time to RE-THINK your approach. Perhaps you are dieting or exercising but you aren't seeing any results. We may practice bursts of exercising or healthy eating several times a week but to be successful, one needs to work on weight loss EVERY DAY. Often times when we fail, it's because we don't have a PLAN and we aren't consistent in our weight loss efforts. This doesn't mean dieting or exercising. Remember, losing weight is a long term commitment. Here are some helpful ideas:

1. First, take a STEP BY STEP APPROACH.
2. Second, make specific and measurable SHORT TERM GOALS.

Check out How Lucy Lost Weight for more ideas. Things like:
- Avoid Problem Foods
- Cut Down Food Portions
- Do Distracting Activities
- Get in Touch With Your Feelings
- Ask Your Friends For Help

Try some of these ideas. You are bound to be more successful!

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