BlubberBusters Tips from Lucy

Eating Smart During Your School Lunch 

Sometimes choosing lunch at school can be tricky when you are trying to lose weight. Tempting foods are everywhere! You have to eat with your classmates who may not have to lose weight!  

Try out some of these tips to help make better choices at school. 

*   Instead of choosing fries, pick a veggie or fruit.

*   Skip the soda or fruit drinks, choose 1% or fat free milk or water. Flavored milks made with 1% milk are good choices for everyday too!

*   Skip the cheese on your burger or other entrée (or main item).

*   Choose mustard and ketchup as often as you like. Use little or no mayo and ranch dressing.

*   If your school has a salad bar, use this as a side item most days! Pick lots of different colors to make up your salad. Skip the cheese. If you use a dressing, put it on the side. Choose the dressings that are clear more often.

*   Consider picking an entrée (or main item) from the cafeteria. Then pair it with some side items from home. Bring some carrots or other veggies and grapes or other fruits from home.

*   Skip the desserts most days. Consider having a dessert at lunch once per month only.

*   Go over your monthly school menu with a parent, your doctor, or your dietitian. This person can help you pick the best choices for you! 

Make this a healthy week!

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