BlubberBusters Tips from Lucy

The Recipe for Salad Success! 


Many kids & teens say they make salads at school lunch or when they go out to eat. They know that eating more veggies can help a person feel full without a lot of calories. Sometimes, though, a person can load up on high calorie choices without knowing it. Consider these helpful hints when making your next salad:

*   Start with the darkest lettuce you can find. The darker the lettuce the more nutrients for you!

*   Add green, yellow, red, and orange colored veggies to your heart's content. Next time you are at the salad bar, consider trying a new veggie to put in your salad. Put broccoli, squash, or an orange pepper. Try new ways to add color to your salad.

*   Many people like to add cheese, garbanzo beans (also called chick peas), and baby corn on the cob to their salads. Pick one of these only to add to your salad. These are food choices available on the salad bar that can make your calories add up fast!

*   Pick dressings that are low calorie or fat free. The dressing packets at fast food restaurants can easily add 400 or more calories to your salad! Ask for the lower calorie options or use less. Also, keep your dressing on the side. Dip your fork in the dressing and then pick up your salad with the fork. You will taste the dressing without using much at all!

*   Skip the crackers, croutons, and olives.

*   Lastly, just because a dish is called "salad" does not mean that it is a good everyday choice for you. Limit things like tuna salad and chicken salad which are really just mayo and protein.


Make this a healthy week!

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