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Halloween Help!

Haunted this Halloween? Wondering what to do with all that candy? Many kids and teens on our website have been wondering the same thing. All that candy hanging around can be stressful and tempting. Many are wondering if having the candy around will ruin their weight loss efforts. Before you give up, consider some of these Helpful Halloween Hints from some website users:

Christina, age 16, suggests:
"Empty out all your candy on your bed and sort it into a pile. Make a pile of the candy you really like and then the candy you don't. Keep the pile of candy you really like and treat yourself to two a day. One for a snack when you get home from school and another after supper. The candies are small enough and wont stop your weight loss. And give the other pile of candy you don't care about to one of your sisters or brothers or a friend!"
Kailyn, a parent, suggests:
"I have the 'Great Pumpkin' come to my house. The kids eat what they want the night of Halloween then they put the rest of the candy in the hall before they go to bed. The 'Great Pumpkin' replaces the candy with a present (something that encourages healthy eating and activity). I tell them the more candy they leave the better the present. They love it!!!"

Here are some other Helpful Halloween Hints to try from Lucy:

  • Pick 10 of your favorite candies. Give the rest away.
  • Set a candy dump date. Decide today the date you will get rid of all the candy still hanging around.
  • Place all of the candy into small sandwich bags. Place 4 or 5 pieces into each bag. Freeze the bags. Each week, allow yourself to eat from one bag.
  • Do not expect to binge on the candy. Believe you can eat it in moderation! Do not make the candy the enemy!

Make this a healthy (and Haunted) week!

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