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 School PE - Help With Questionable Coach Requests

=> I just started ninth grade and I signed up for P.E. but they changed the course to athletics, so the first day of athletics they made us run a mile, we have had a 3 month long drought and it was 108 degrees outside, and the worst part of this was that our lunch is right before athletics. So of coarse I was in last, I tried to run as much as I could, but unfortunately, I just could not do it, I had to walk. When I finally finished, the coach said I had to do it again because I could not finish in the right time. I could use some advice for repeating this.

 You did not say how much you weigh. Overweight kids tend to get out of breath more easily with exercise, because overweight impairs the body's ability to take in oxygen. Plus, joints can become sore from carrying extra weight.

Furthermore, if you were not in the habit of running or doing any type of physical activity during the summer, running a mile all at once would not be a healthy way to start an exercise routine. It would be better to run some and walk some until you could build up to running one mile.

If a school coach or P.E. teacher asks that you do an activity that you feel is unsafe for you, you should tell the teacher your concerns. If that does not help, you might want to talk to your parents or your school principal.

 Going Vegan

=> I was online and saw that going vegan can help lose weight. I don't like meat or eggs that much anyways. I told my mom I want to go vegan, but she said I need calcium and protein. I can eat fruit, veggies, beans, nuts, and milk. I guess that isn't true vegan, but close. That keeps me from eating cake, cookies and other things with eggs. Also it will keep me from eating icecream and other unhealthy dairy products. Only milk. I won't eat any other dairy products like butter or cheese. This really narrows what I can eat, which helps me more with loosing weight. Do you recommend this idea, and what is your opinion? I weigh 85 and I am 4' 9". Thanks for your help!

There are three different types of vegetarians:
- Vegans do not eat any animal products, including dairy products.
- Lactovegetarians do not eat meat, poultry, fish, and eggs, but their diets include milk products.
- Lacto-ovovegetarians do not eat fish, poultry or meat, but do eat eggs and milk products. This is the category that most vegetarians in America fall into, and is probably the diet that most easily allows complete nutrition.

The most important thing to remember if you decide to eliminate animal products from your diet is to be sure to get enough of the essential nutrients. There are many resources available to vegetarian teens on the internet. Check out The Skinny on Going Vegetarian and Vegetarian Nutrition For Teenagers to get you started.

It seems from your question that your reason for wanting to try this new way of eating may be to help you avoid your problem foods. Ask yourself why you turn to these foods in the first place. Are you bored, angry, lonely? When we eat to soothe a feeling, we are TEMPORARILY comforting our self, not fueling our body because it needs it. Check out The Healthy Weight School to read more about comfort eating.

 I want to lose weight fast. How?

=> If i only eat nothing else but fruits,and drink only water, will i lose weight..and if i do will it be fast?

=> i am over weight and I want a easy way to lose about 2 stone because i hate the way people look at me and say things behind my back and call me names. Lucy how can i lose weight and fast? what tips can you give me to help me lose weight. i find it hard to run about four miles without stopping. i use to be able to do 4 miles now i can only do 2 and a half.i find it hard to do P.E(sports) at school because of my weight I HATE IT SO MUCH!!!!!! I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT CAN U HELP?

=> how can i lose 1 stone in a week, without anyone realizing i am on a diet? i am overweight and i want to know how to lose a stone in a week.

=> Im 12 and im 50 kg and very short i was wondering if that is a good weight for myself i am 145cm tall I no i get picked on a heap i just want them to stop. I need quick easy tips to help me lose weight that wont get in my way with life. Thank you dearly

 Successful weight loss is a lot like the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise, slow but sure, ends up the winner! The same is true with weight loss. While most of us want to lose weight as quickly as we can, weight loss that occurs gradually (1-2 pounds a week) is more likely to stay off. Take a look at tips on how to loose weight for more information.

Here are a few more things you might do:
1. Ask yourself, "am I eating for fuel or to comfort a feeling?"
2. Develop a plan ahead of time of things you will do instead of eat when you are eating for comfort. For example, "when I am bored I will ride my bike instead of eat." You might want to check out the tip on saying goodbye to problem foods. Putting your thoughts down on paper can help.
3. Make specific short term goals that you can achieve. For example, if you want to lose 40 pounds, tell yourself you will lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks. Then write down what you are going to do to reach that goal, such as “I will walk one mile, or dance for 15 minutes to fast music EVERY DAY.” Do something different every day to keep it fun. Keep track of what you do!
4. Write down what and how much you eat each day. Try to cut out more of the high fat foods and increase more fruits and veggies. Check your portion sizes too!

If you create a sensible plan and stick to it each day your weight will start to come off, and be more likely to stay off. You can do it!

 What is a normal serving size

=> Hi this is Remi.How much is a normal serving size for a 12 year old girl? I want to lose a little weight, but I am not sure what is a normal serving size. Thanks!

 Sometimes we may not realize that the size or amount of the food we put on our plate is WAY MORE than what is considered an average serving size. Larger sized servings can lead to weight gain. By learning to recognize a normal serving size (portion control) we can be more successful at maintaining a healthy weight or weight loss, if that is our goal.

Sometimes visualizing the normal serving size of a certain food as a familiar object can help. For example, think of a medium size apple to be the size of a baseball or a serving of chicken to be the size of a deck of cards. Check out the handy serving size plate for more examples.

You can also do things at home, at restaurants and at the supermarket to help you follow and maintain proper portion sizes. Take a look at more portion control tips. Good Luck!

 Emotional Eating: How To Help Someone Who is an Emotional Eater

=> hi my name is ester i live in africa and ive lost weight and gained it back from emtional eatin pls help

=> My friend who is age 14. She found out that she is obse. And is 4'8 130 pounds. She is an emotal eater. I am getting worried.. She even said I give up..She got bullied and I dont know what to do.. Any ideas I can help her? she is not tall.. It hard for her to keep with her friends running now.. She eats and eats. When strss sad. Or angrey. I been trying to help her..

=> How do you know when to stop? I eat alot! Way too much! Sometimes I don't know when to stop. I just eat, eat, and eat! It is usually only when I am home alone. When I am around people I eat very little. Why is this? I am 12, 4' 9", 85 lbs. Am I overweight? I feel huge!

 What can we do when we think we eat to soothe our feelings? We call that emotional or comfort eating. First, it is helpful to recognize the different between eating for fuel (to nourish our bodies) or eating for comfort. You can learn what your body needs to run on at sites like MyPlate.gov Check out what the body does with extra fuel and what you can do to avoid this.

When we eat to soothe a feeling, we are TEMPORARILY comforting our self, not fueling our body because it needs it. Take a look at the action plan to help you to stop eating emotionally.

The emotional part of our brain sometimes tries to trick us into thinking the food will make us feel better. But, our thinking brain knows we don't need the food. Remember that the thinking part of the brain is BIGGER than the emotional part of the brain so WE CAN LEARN TO CONTROL THE EMOTIONAL BRAIN. It just takes practice by becoming aware of what is going on. Practice talking to your brain and reasoning with your emotional brain. "No emotional brain! No! I am not going to let you trick me!!" I do not need that food because I am not hungry. GO AWAY!!"

Then, go do some fun activity to take your mind off the food. YOU CAN DO IT. TRY IT TODAY. Let us know how it works!

 Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

=> Can you help me stop getting fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

=> Hi im keartyn and i think I'm overweight i weigh 150-160 pounds and im only 11 I'm 5.1 but i just cant ever loose weight its very hard for me please help because i don't know wat to do:-(

=> hi lucy my name is tameyah and i weigh 170 how in the world did you lose weight so fast can you help me

 First, check out the weight calculator to see if you are overweight or if you are a healthy weight. If you find that you are considered overweight, check out the Healthy Weight School "How Do I Lose Weight" area to learn about how to start losing weight the Healthy Way!

Once you learn more about why you overeat, how to avoid temptations, and how to get more motivation, you can make a plan. Armed with a realistic plan, you are more likely to stick to it and be successful. You can do it! Good luck!

 Special Diets – Are They Right For You

=> hi Lucy i have a question is it good if you go on a weight loss program at age 12 the weight loss program that i am on is call crystal lite weight loss program, just wright me back and say if it is good for me thank you

 Only your doctor can determine if going on a diet is right for you and if so, what kind of diet to go on. Drinking lots of sugar free drink mixes may not be a healthy choice as sugar free drink mixes often have artificial sweeteners in them including aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose (Splenda). They may pose health risks including actually causing weight gain by making people feel more hungry. See Controversy over health, Crystal light and weight loss and Crystal light and health risks to learn more.

PLAIN OLD WATER (POW) is the healthiest drink. You can jazz up water by making decaffeinated iced tea in your favorite flavors like Strawberry, Raspberry or Lemon and freezing some for ice cubes to add to your drink. You can also try crushing peppermint or spearmint leaves on the rim of your glass for added flavor. Try it, you will like it!!!

 Feeling Sad About My Weight - Tips to Feel better about yourself

=> soetimes i cry myself to sleep because of weight,can you help?

=> hi im a 10 and im 170 pounds i ger teased alot and i tryed to kill myself please i need help

 It is normal to feel sad about being overweight. Remember that it's not your fault (see brain below). Sometimes others may tease you or say things that make you feel sad. Talking to a trusted adult or school counselor about how you feel and asking them for suggestions can help you deal with your feelings.

If you feel desperate or have thoughts of harming yourself, you should contact emergency services like 911 or a Help Crisis line Crisis Links.

You can also check out the suggestions under self-esteem, bullies, and teasing. You can also find other kids to talk to that care in the chatroom and on the bulletin boards. Remember, don't be alone with your feelings. Talk to others that can help you.

 Why am I more hungry after lunch? A TUG OF WAR WITH OUR BRAIN

=> i do good between breakfast and lunch but as soon as i get lunch i want more but i dont know why that is could u tell me

 Most overweight kids don't know what real hunger feels like. They may feel that they are "always hungry," when actually it is their EMOTIONAL brain that wants them to eat something that tastes really good to soothe sadness, boredom, loneliness, stress, or depression. That's why you get cravings. Don't worry about recognizing true hunger. Mealtimes are planned in our world and your THINKING brain knows pretty much what food your body needs for energy and repairs. There are many places you can find this information, for example the Food Pyramid, and you probably learn it in school. Your thinking brain and your emotional brain can therefore be in a tug of war!

It's a good idea to "talk" to your emotional brain and tell it to "go away" when you have already eaten enough food, like when you've just had lunch, or especially if you aren't losing weight. Finding things to distract yourself from eating can also help, like shooting hoops or reading a book. Flavored water or low fat yogurt or fruits can help to wean yourself off always putting something in your mouth to soothe stress or boredom. But the idea is to learn to do other things besides eating stress or boredom away. Eating when you don't need food usually makes you feel worse afterwards, causing more stress. And, usually a craving will go away if you can just wait a minute or so.

TIP: Write down a list of things you can do to resist eating when you know your body does not need food. When you have a situation where you want to eat something to soothe a feeling, do something on your list instead. Usually, the desire to eat will go away.

Your list might have things on it like:
1. Count to 10.
2. Brush my teeth.
3. Dance to one song.
4. Call a friend.

Make your own list and try it. Let us know how it works! Good Luck!

 Why aren’t I losing weight with healthy eating and exercise

=> hello lucy, i was wondering wat i am doing wrong in my new diet. i eat three well porportioned meals, i sleep 7=8 hours, i exercise everyday an hour of cardio, and about 2 hours of weight training, yoga, and strength building exercises. i eat no processed, or sugary foods at all. i eat 5-6 fruits/vegetables a day, plus i eat protein after my workouts to gain muscle. is there any reason why i cant lose my body fat? thank you

=> Lucy I try very hard to llose weght by eating healthhy and by exercising but I never lose weight and sometimes I even gain weight Ireally need some advice about this.

=> Hi there Lucy, So recently i have started dieting, I eat less than 1000 calories a day. Im 15 5'2 and weigh 140 pounds, so im over weight. So far, ive been eaten alot of cottage cheese and exercising regularly for 30-40 min and doing core workouts, for 4 days. but i just want to give up. I dont know what to do, im not seeing any results and I always give up on my diets. what can i do to keep me motivated?

 There could be a number of reasons why you are not losing weight. Your doctor can assess your activity and diet and give you the best advice. Generally, if we eat more calories than we burn off, we gain weight even though we are physically active. "Normal" portion sizes, "eating healthy," and exercising mean different things to different people so consider keeping a Food and Activity Journal to re-evaluate your food and activity levels. Sometimes adding just a little extra serving size here or there or skipping exercise for a day can put the weight back on.

Cardio-exercise means exercise that gets our heart rate above its normal resting rate for a certain amount of time. You might want to re-check your Target heart rate as you might not be exercising at a high enough target heart rate or for a sufficient amount of time to balance the amount of food that you are consuming. Make sure that you are checking labels for added calories and watch how much protein you are eating after workouts.

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