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 Self Esteem Needs a Boost

=> Hello, i'm 14 years old and i weigh 210 pounds, I really have low self esteem. What can i do?

=> I'm 17 years old, 5'3 and weigh 180 lbs. I'm tired of feeling like I'm not good enough. And I'm tired of being made fun of by people who don't even know me, just because of how much i weigh. I've tried dieting so many times, but one way or other, I just give up cause it's "too hard". i was just wondering if you had any tips for me, or workout ideas, diets, etc. Is it possible to lose 15-20 lbs in a month? And would it be healthy? And also, if I lost that much by eating really well, and staying really active everyday.. would I get saggy skin? I'm ready to get thin and healthy. Please answer, I have no where else to turn! Thank you!

 Being a kid can be rough at any body size. Sometimes overweight kids have to deal with extra teasing and dirty looks too. There are ways to boost your self esteem even before you reach your healthy weight goal.

We need fuel to feel good about ourselves. However, this should be a separate tank from the food put into fuel our bodies for energy. Learn more about how to tell the difference between filling your food tank versus keeping your happy feeling tank full by reading about The Tale of Two Tanks (Part 1, Part 2)
Pink Flower that says Feeling Good
Also consider
• Writing down something everyday that you are proud of from that day. This could be things like smiling at a stranger, receiving a good score on a quiz, or getting a little more exercise by walking home from school. Writing down positive things helps to drown out teasing and negative thoughts. This will increase your good thoughts and feelings.
• Taking a group music class, joining a team sport or after school club helps many kids to feel better about themselves. Here people will learn more about you outside of your body size and get to know the real you.

More Self Esteem Tips from Lucy

P.S. Yes it’s possible to lose 15-20 pounds month, but it is not healthy unless you are extremely obese. One reason to not lose weight quickly is to avoid saggy skin (see answer to "Saggy, excess, or extra skin after loosing lots of weight" 10 posts below).

 Tips for Overweight Friends?

=> I am 10 years old. I have a few friends that have weight promblemes but they dont want anoyone to know. Do you think you could give me a few tips that I could tell them?

 Most kids already know they need to eat less and exercise more to lose weight. But as a friend, you can help them in working towards their healthy weight goals by eating more healthily with them. If they have certain weaknesses for foods they want to give up, such as pop and chips, then it would help if you didn’t eat these food around them either. When getting together, avoid fast food places. Offer to join them in exercises such as neighborhood walks or bicycle rides. Most kids find that doing activities with a buddy makes exercise much more fun.
teen friends
Here is a tip for overweight kids who would like help from their friends in losing weight. A Little Help From My Friends Several possible reasons why your friends "don't want anyone to know" is because sometimes other kids tease and challenge their weight loss efforts. Or your friends don't want to put you or other buddies in the position of critiquing their weight status, which can be a touchy subject.

You might ask your friends in what ways you can support their decision to lose weight. They may have additional ideas! Also, offer your friends congratulations when they are able to lose some weight. Resisting overeating can be really tough for overweight kids.

The best help you can give your overweight friends is to be a friend!

 Exercise Challenges

=> PLEASE HELP!!!!! im very very fat i need things that i can do to work out with out over workinbg myself or hurting myself my bros make fun of me same with all the boys in my grade I MEAN ALL OF THEM

=> Ok i'm 14 years old female and i weight 126 and my height is exactly 5 feet 0 inches. My goal weight is 110 to 106 pounds so how can i acheive this goal. I'm so sick of hearing eat healthy, and exercise. How can i exercise?my school doesnt have sports that i'm interested in so how would i do this. PLEASE HELP WIZ

=> Hello, i'm 14 years old and i weigh 210 pounds, i have asthma and i can't exersize for more than like 5 minutes. I want to be pretty and thin like most people i know. What can i do?

=> is there things arond the house that u could do to keep fit and it can something to do with cleanning up i hate cleanning up.:] plz answer

=> hi im an 11 year old girl and i way over 140 pounds i have athsma and i have spots on my heart but those 2 have been checked out i need to know how to lose weight i like to eat i try not to i exercise but it doesnt help what can i do

 Lots of people who are overweight say that activity is too hard to do. Some complain that it is too hard on their joints. Others say it hurts when their thighs rub together. Or they may get so short of breath they can hardly do anything. Sometimes, people decide they will work on healthy eating first then increasing activity. That is okay! Make a plan that you will start incorporating activity soon, though. Consider adding small amounts of low impact activity first. This can be walking for five minutes. Remember, you are not in a race to lose weight. Slow and steady wins every time!

Teens and Adults exercising.Each person will have their preference for how they want to exercise. Some like a schedule and equipment, such as visiting the gym several times a week. Others like to get exercise on a moments notice by going on a walk, popping in an exercise video, or simply doing extra chores around the house. Getting a friend or family member to join you in activities can also be very rewarding.

Ideas for Increasing Your Physical Activity can be found within Lucy's Tips in the school section. Other helpful websites for activity ideas include:

Kidnetic (game ideas to get you moving from your computer chair)
ToneTeen (click on body parts to see specific exercises)
KidzWorld (includes indoor exercise ideas)

 What does overweight actually mean?

=> explain what does it mean to have 15lbs of fat

 Young Man wearing 20 pound excess body fat vest.Fifteen pounds of fat is like carrying around 3 bricks. One brick weighs 5 pounds, so 3 bricks x 5 pounds would equal 15 pounds of extra weight. Check out “What does overweight actually mean” on our website to see how comparing fat to bricks can help you visualize this burden.

Some body fat is okay and essential for normal body functions. But if you are overweight or obese, then the extra weight is usually from excess fat. If you are exceptionally athletic, then some of the extra weight is due to muscle.

This young man is wearing a 20 pound excess body fat vest. It is used to help people to understand the physical changes that occur with weight gain.

 How do I lose weight?

=> i need to lose weight but im having trouble

=> i really need to loose weight.  i am 13 and have the worst eating habit.  i just can't break it.  i need MAJOR help!

=> Hey how do i not become over weight I eat healty and stuff but im still over weight and i exercise

=> Is that a true story and i am 11 and 275 lbs any idears how i can lose it ?

 Being overweight is a result of consuming more calories than we burn off. Part of the solution is to figure out why our brains tell us to Stressed or depressed girl.eat more than we require. It is usually easiest to lose weight by decreasing the amount of food eaten, although a combination of better portion control and increased physical activity help the most in losing weight and keeping it off.

If you have trouble eating less than you currently consume, explore some of the possible reasons why you may be overeating:
Can’t resist junk or fast food? or maybe even...
A feeling of anxiety when you can't have your favorite foods (addiction)
Pressure to eat oversize portions or high calorie foods from family and friends?

A good place to start learning about overeating and how to control it can be found at our "How do I lose weight?" page in the Healthy School section.

Note: Lucy, Ashlie, and the Wiz are fictional characters, although the characters are based on fact.

 “Healthy Weight" vs. "Overweight" vs. "Obese" (and BMI confusion)

=> Am i overweight i am 5'7foot and 12 stone i want to be thin

=> Ummmmm....I am almost 13 and I am 110lbs and only 5ft1in...Do I need to lose weight?

=> i am a 14 year old girl i am 5ft 5 and i am around 150 pounds i know i am overweight but how much weight do i need to lose to be a healthy weight

=> i am 12 and weigh 140 5ft. and i am muscular do you think it is a healthy weight or about how much should i loose

 The above questions are answered in order:healthy vs. overweight vs. obese boy
1) You are probably overweight. To see by how much you are overweight, you need to consider your age.
2) No, do not lose weight unless your doctor recommends it.
3) See the weight calculator to determine how much you should lose to reach your healthy weight range.
4) 112-115 pounds is the upper limit of your healthy weight range. Although losing 25 pounds to reach this upper limit may be ideal based on your current age and height, you may grow a few inches while losing weight. Re-assess your goals periodically by using our weight calculator.

We hope you all will use our Weight Calculator, which is also posted on the homepage. You will notice that the weight calculator gives you a number called BMI. BMI stands for Body Mass Index. BMI basically compares your weight to your height to determine whether you fall into the healthy, overweight, or obese weight range for your height.

Kids often hear on many websites that a BMI of 25 and below is healthy and mistakenly assume this applies to everyone. However, this only applies to adults (age 20 and above). Since kids are growing, BMI is more tricky. While adults can focus on BMI numbers, kids should pay attention to BMI PERCENTILES. For example, the child below has a BMI of 25.5 but correctly notes that she is not just a little overweight but obese, since her BMI is in the 97th percentile!

From Angela, Age 11 - 02/07/10 Ht. 5'1", Start: 135.5 lb, Today: 135 lb, Goal: 105 lb
Hi, My name is Angela. And I'm "obese" on their scale.

Reply from Taylor, Age 16 - 02/11/10 - INCORRECT INFORMATION:
Well, a BMI of 25.5 isn't anywhere near obese. Look the information up... obese is a BMI of 30 or greater, so it's giving conflicting information.

The reply above mistakenly focuses on BMI numbers (which would be okay if this website were for adults) whereas BMI PERCENTILES is what matters for kids.
percent sign
Here are the BMI percentiles you will want to pay attention to:
BMI 1st to 4th percentile: Underweight*
BMI 5th to 84th percentile: Healthy Weight*
BMI 85th to 94th percentile: Overweight*
BMI 95th to 100th percentile: Obese*

See below for visual charts of how BMI works in children vs. adults (over 20 years old). You’ll notice the kid’s charts are complex and wavy while the chart for adults contain flat lines. Thus, BMI is interpreted differently between kids and adults! BMI numbers are important to adults, while BMI percentiles are important to kids.

Girls Under 20 Years of Age
Boys Under 20 Years of Age
Anyone 20 Years of Age or Older

This teen understands that there is a difference between kids and adults when using BMI calculators.

From Cathy, Age 18 - 02/22/04 - CORRECT INFORMATION:
Hey guys, I am around 5'5 and 148 pounds. I want to be down to 130 pounds by July. I want to go slow, since I am not looking for a miracle. I found a great website at http://www.blubberbuster.com/height_weight.html - it's a BMI calculator specifically targeted at people between 2 and 20. I find it better than a lot of the calculators out there. (BMI calculator for adults are not the same for teens)

 Supporting Friends and Family Members with their Weight Loss

=> lucy my cuzin anna is overwight people in school keep on makeing fun of her what can she do

=> My sister is overweight and i do not know how to help her!!!

 It must be hard to see others you care about (friends, brothers, sisters, or other family members) struggle with being overweight. Although there is no single answer on how to support others in weight loss since everyone is different, here are a few basic ideas that should help most people.

1) Be a good role model. Avoid eating junks food. Try to eat healthier and share snack ideas with your friend or family member. Healthy eating ideas
2 brothers on trampoline
2) Exercise together. Kids are more likely to move around when a friend or family member is inspired to be active too. Go to the park and try out the swings together. Activity ideas

3) Be available for emotional support during tough times. This means spending time with your friend or family member. Try to listen more than you talk. Overweight kids may suffer from a low self esteem, but having a buddy around can really help. Overweight kids can get especially depressed when teased by others about their weight. Share these tips on how to deal with bullies including "Greta Garbo's technique".

 Doctor says I need to drink more water and eat less salt.

=> So, I got this new medicine that stablizes my moods, but my doctor said I needed to drink a LOT of water when I take it. Along with drinking a lot of water, I need to watch how much sodium I consume. Any advice, Wiz?

 While we can not give medical advice, if your doctor advised that you need to increase your water consumption while reducing your sodium (another word for salt) intake for your new medication, then these measures may help you lose weight too!
4 Salt Shakers with Decreasing Amounts of Salt
Lots of kids claim that drinking water helps them lose weight. This makes sense because it helps fill up the stomach so that you tend to eat less. To monitor how much water you are drinking, you can fill up a large pitcher of a known amount, and see how much you empty it each day. Another method posted by one teen uses 8 rubber-bands placed around a water glass. The teen then removed one band for each glass she drank through out the day. If you get tired of water, try different flavors of tea. Tea without any added sugar or honey is essentially water with some vitamins, minerals, and other healthy compounds. Unsweetened juice can have more calories than water but can still be a occasional choice for keeping hydrated when you are trying to lose weight. See what Lucy has to say about Watching What You Drink.

Reducing how much sodium we consume, would benefit many people. Water retention and the development of high blood pressure are consequences of eating a diet high in sodium. Chronic high blood pressure in turn may damage the kidneys and cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) system.

Over 3/4 of sodium in the average U.S. diet comes from processed or prepared foods. That means food in boxes or packages from the store are the main culprits of sodium in our diets. Food companies add salt to help preserve and improve the taste of foods. Some of the foods that consistently have high sodium are canned vegetables, soups, luncheon meats, and frozen foods. Look for labels that say “low sodium” or “reduced sodium”. Try reading food nutrition labels from boxes in your kitchen cabinets to find which are the worst offenders in your household. Foods with 140 mg sodium or less per serving can be considered low sodium foods.

Low SodiumFor home cooking, try cutting in half or more the amount of salt in recipes. After a few weeks, your taste-buds should adjust and you should not miss it anymore. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables will also help because these foods are naturally low in sodium.

Below are links to more tips for reducing your sodium intake:

MyPyramid.com Salt and Sodium: 10 tips to cut back
Mayo Clinic Sodium: Are you getting too much?

 Wedding in one month! What can I do?

=> i am 11 years old and i am really fat please help i also got a realatives wedding coming up in a month please could you give me tips im desprate

 Losing 4-8 pounds in about a month (1-2 pounds or 1/2-1 kilogram per week), would be a reasonable and safe goal. If you need to lose more weight to reach a healthy range, then perhaps the wedding event will be a great reason to motivate you to get started in making changes necessary to lose weight. You can find numerous tips on healthy eating, physical activity, relating to food, self esteem, motivation and making progress on Lucy's Weight Loss Tips page.

While we don’t claim to be fashion experts, please look at this Clothing Tip for pointers in choosing a dress and accessories for the wedding event that will best flatter a heavy body. Choosing clothing that best compliments your figure can go a long way in giving your self esteem a boost. We hope you have fun at the wedding!

 How Do I Lose Weight? It's so hard!

=> how to loss weight

=> how to control my body weight?

=> I try and try but I just can't lose weight  What should I do?

=> hi my weight is 185 and i want to lose 60 or 70bl. how can i do this

=> Hi! I'm 12 1/2 years old.I'm 5'5 and 137lbs.I eat healthy and exercise.I don't know what to do.I want to lose at least 10lbs for now.My best friend stuffs her face all the time and never exercises.Ever!She just sits in from of her PC and she looks fantastic.Help!

=> i am 11 years old and weigh 150 lbs. and i mean i live in GA so everyone here has great tans and are a skinny has a tooth pick i have tried to go on diets but i always cheat PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

 “How do I lose weight?” is one of the most common types of questions submitted to us. If it were easy to follow the advice of eat less and exercise more, then you probably would have already done it. Since so many kids (and adults) have trouble losing weight, we think there is more going on.
Comfort Foods: Sick or Sad: These make you feel better
You may not be consciously aware of it, but you may be emotionally dependent (hooked) on certain foods. For example, if you always drink a soda pop when you get home from school, would it cause you distress (for a few weeks anyway) if you completely cut this drink out of your diet and instead drank water or ice tea? Soda pop or chips may or may not be your favorite snack food, but there is probably SOMETHING that is either fattening, salty, or sweet, that often draws you to the kitchen. If so, you actually may be partially, or fully, addicted to that food. We suggest reading through our Healthy School “How Do I Lose Weight?” page to learn how to break the overeating habit of these addictive foods.

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