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A Little Help From My Friends

We all know weight loss is tough. It takes support from many people to eat healthy and exercise everyday. Many kids and teens say they are embarrassed to tell their friends about their weight loss wishes. Here are some tips to help you get the support you need from your friends:

  • Of all your friends, pick the one you trust the most. Choose to tell this most trusted friend about your weight loss goals when you are not with everyone else. For example, a good time may be when you two are walking home from school together. A bad time to talk about it may be at the lunch table.

  • Write down on a piece of paper all the reasons you want to lose weight. List as many as you can think of. List all the reasons that are important to you. This can help your friend understand WHY you want to lose weight. You can even show your friend your height and weight on the weight calculator.

  • Tell your friend specific ways she can support your weight loss. Maybe you find it helpful for her to not eat certain foods around you. Or, maybe you may find it easier to not hang out at the fast food place anymore.  Maybe you do not want her making comments about your food choices. Think long and hard about what can help or hurt your weight loss. You can share these along the way too.

  • Don't be shy! Share your success with your buddies. When you hit a goal, let them know it. Let them see how happy you are to be meeting your goals. They will see how important this is to you and will be even more likely to support you.

  • Your friends may find it fun to do exercise with you...whether or not they know you are doing it to help lose weight. Start a walking club or a neighborhood basketball tournament.

  • Are your friends at an unhealthy weight too? If they are, do not pressure them to lose weight too...that is their choice. They may want to change too just by watching you get healthier and more active. If they say they are looking to lose weight too, be weight loss buddies. You can support each other!

  • There is a chance that one or more of your friends will not understand why you want to lose weight. They may try to tempt you with foods or otherwise try to get you to mess up. When this happens, let them know right away how this does not help you. If this does not work, stick to other topics around them. Just discuss your weight loss with those you trust most.

  • If your friends do not support you, consider getting help through other people. Your parents may provide support. Click here for ways to discuss weight loss with them. Also, come by the chat room and bulletin boards on this site. There are thousands of people here looking for the same support. Lastly, consider chatting with your school counselor or religious leader. They may have ways to give your support and guidance.

Make this a healthy week!

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