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 Why Is Being Overweight Unhealthy

=> Why is Being Overweight Unhealthy?


Being overweight increases the risk of developing many diseases over a lifetime. Just because you are overweight and aren't experiencing a disease or health related problem now, doesn't mean you won't develop the disease or problem later in life.

Maybe you are thinking, "why worry about my extra weight, I'm fine now and I'm not sick." But, that is short sighted. Eventually, the more overweight you become, the more weight related diseases and problems that are likely to occur.

You might first notice those few extra pounds make exercise more difficult, or walking up stairs leaves you short of breath. It becomes harder to run or even walk. You might begin to notice your legs rub together when you walk or stretch marks developing on your thighs, breasts or stomach. old habits new habits

Then more serious problems can develop. When you are overweight you are at higher risk of developing DIABETES or HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. The extra weight causes stress on your joints and you are more susceptible to developing ARTHRITIS or needing a knee or hip replacement. These are just a few of the many things that can occur with being overweight.

Remember, some problems develop sooner and some may occur later in life. If you are already overweight, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING to reduce the likelihood of more serious diseases and problems occurring by losing weight. It begins by changing your overeating habit! Take a look at some Ideas on How To Break A Bad Habit.

Then, develop a plan to lose weight in a sensible way. We've broken losing weight down into 3 STEPS:




Check them out, YOU CAN DO IT!

 Sneaking Food - How to Break the Habit

=> I am 12 - Every day when my dad leaves to go grocery shopping or go to the store or anything else, I always take handfuls and handfuls of candy or scoops and scoops of ice cream. I eat candy the whole morning until my dad gets back, and then I hate myself after. But the the next day I do it all over again!!!! I am so fat Please help me stop eating so much and help me get out of this habit so I can lose weight and not be the fat ass and laughingstock of my school!!

 looking at cookiesSounds like you have developed a BAD HABIT!

Usually, bad habits develop as a way to deal with some emotion like being bored, stressed, or depressed. The good news is that you can TEACH YOURSELF better healthier ways to deal with these situations. The idea is to come up with a different way to deal with the emotion and to do the new behavior instead.

Here are some ideas for breaking your bad habit(s):

First you need to BE AWARE of your behavior (bad habit) in order to make a change. Ask yourself:

1. WHEN does my bad habit occur?
2. HOW OFTEN do I do the bad habit each day?
3. WHERE am I when the bad habit occurs?
4. WHO am I with when the bad habit occurs?
5. WHAT TRIGGERS the behavior and causes it to start?

Now that you are more aware of your bad habit here are some Ideas on How To Break A Bad Habit. Check out the above tip. They are summarized here:

1. Find a Substitute For Your Bad Habit. For example, what will you do when you get the urge to eat/snack/etc. even when you aren't hungry. You need to have a plan for what you will do instead of your bad habit.

2. Cut Out As Many Triggers As Possible. If you go in the kitchen and snack right after you get home from school, craftsthen make a plan to not go in the kitchen after school and do something else.

3. Pair Up With Someone. Join forces with somebody.

4. Surround Yourself With People Who Live the Way You Want To Live. Maybe develop new friendships and be honest with current friends what it is you need to do to break your bad habit behavior.

5. Visualize Yourself Succeeding. Whatever the bad habit is that you wish to break, visualize yourself moving away from the bad habit doing a healthy thing instead and enjoy your success.

6. Avoid Putting Yourself Down When You Slip Up or Make a Mistake.

Breaking bad habits takes time and lots of effort. You may fail many times, but keep at it (persevere) and you WILL become more successful at changing your habit behavior. YOU CAN DO IT!

 Obstacles to Losing Weight

=> Will I get sick if I lose weight while exercising, I'm 11 years old?

=> I'm 12 years old. I want to loose weight so I can looks like my friends. I can't do sports Bc I don't want to show my weight. I want to loose woeght a lot of it like 60 pounds. And Idk where to go to loose wieght. My family owns restaurants fast food ones. And I'm there like all the time. Idk what to do to loose woeght

=> I'm 14 and 5'5.i weigh sadly 159lbs. My goal weight is to,be 130-125 lbs. I just want to lose weight FAST. I'm tired of being the fat sibling, my sisters and brother are skinny. I kinda like gym but gosh it wears me out sometimes. Should I try harder in gym?? And FOOD what should I do about that? I only like some greens. But I don't eat as healthy as I should. So do you have any tips or tricks.....???

=> how can i get active without joining a club or sports team, and how can i eat healthy without craving fruits and vegitabes?

=> I'm 158 and I'm only 12, I work out at least once a week(sometimes more) but I can't lose weight I'm self conscious because my friends are talking about how much they weight which is like 94 pounds

=> I'm 14 I've tried everything on this sight, but I'm still gaining weight. What do I do? I'm already 143 pounds and only 5 ft 2 in


What is keeping me from losing weight?fat boy with chips

Do I FEAR getting started?

Do I LACK MOTIVATION to do the work required? Learn some Motivation Techniques to get on track.
Making a list of fun distractions/Activities can help you avoid eating in the moment. Doing a fun activity INSTEAD of eating helps you avoid eating when you aren't even hungry. And, it can help you lose weight!

Do I CAVE TO PEER PRESSURE? Review ways to improve your self esteem and share your weight loss plan with friends so they can support and encourage you.

Am I ADDICTED TO FAST FOOD and love the taste of high calorie foods?
You will need to break your bad food habits and stop going to fast food restaurants to avoid your problem food triggers.girl with horse

Check out lots of other helpful
Weight Loss Tips to get ideas. Then make a plan that you can follow. YOU CAN DO IT!

 Teen Chat Room on This Site

=> Im one of the people in the blubberbuster chat and i joined a few weeks ago. It's really fun but sometimes you find that one person that you can trust and talk to. A friend i met he doesnt text anymore and he's not online do we change group chats everytime we log back on because he was a great partner. His name is Allen15 please find him.

 NEED A FRIEND? Want someone to talk with who shares your interests? Have a problem or suggestion you'd like to discuss? Then the Teen Chatroom on this site is for you! It's simple, fun, and safe. And, don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room at 4 PM Pacific Time to answer questions too!

Be sure to read the Rules and Site Disclaimer before posting or interacting with anyone on the site. As with anything on the Internet, be cautious. You can report any offensive or inappropriate postings.

Visitors to the Chatroom come and go. Some visit everyday, others come infrequently so it is difficult to predict when a particular person will return. So, keep checking back. You can also let others know when you might be likely to return.

EXPLORE THE SITE to find lots of other support from all the kids on the site at the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards, check out Weight Loss Tipstips on losing weight and other issues, and read the Q&A, answers to questions you might also have. HAVE FUN! BE HAPPY!

 Losing Weight the Safe Way

=> im 13 years old and I weight 169 pounds and im "5.4". I have found over years I have started to have stretch marks. There on my inner thigh,waist and my upper arm. I have a goal to lose 30 pounds in 5 months but I need some advice beause I found over time its been pretty difficult to lose weight.So please when you get a chance help me find a way to lose weight.

=> i am 17 year old and i want to lose weight what can i do? i really need to lose weight

=> I am 16 and my weight is 61 people comment on my weight . How I can loose 6 kg in 3 months

=> I'm 13 years old height 5ft 6 and weigh around 16 and a half stone I really want to lose weight as I get breathless easy and struggle in relationships please help!

=> MY Percentile is 95. I am a 14 year old girl, weight 172 pounds, height 5'5" tall. About 2 to 3 weeks ago I was in the 160s and now I am 172 pounds. I normally only eat 2 meals and 1 snack a day. I had my first period this month and I still haven't lost weight so do you think there is anything wrong with me and how do I lose weight. I take a women's multivitamin a day Do you know if there is anything I can take or drink to actually make me lose weight. Please answer question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

=> I really want to lose weight as I am 9 stone at the age of 11! And I'm just fat... Do you know what I can do?

 Losing weight takes time and effort so be patient with yourself. Usually losing 1-2 pounds a week is a good target weight loss. Remember there is no SAFE quick fix to weight loss using special drinks or pills. It takes motivation and perseverance. But, YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT!!!

We've broken losing weight down into 3 STEPS:




Developing a weight loss plan, following it, and checking your progress each day works best. If you mess up, pick yourself up and try better tomorrow. Don't try to change everything at once, gradual change works best.

Work with where you are, don't try to be a super star. gardening Just cutting out sodas and drinking more water is a good start. Then try cutting out a problem food, then work toward cutting down on snacks and then move on to reducing the amounts of foods you eat at meals. Keeping track of what you eat and what kind of activity you do in a diary can also help you remember your progress and see where you can make changes. That's a good idea.

Check the 3 steps out, try them, and let us know your progress.

You Can Do It!

 Bullying And What You Can Do About It


 Bullies are nothing more than trouble-making LOSERS!! They are looking for attention and getting it makes them feel important and powerful. Let's take a look at BULLYING and what can YOU do about it.

Here are 5 things you can do to stop bullies from bullying you:

1. Avoid them. If someone is bully you, try to stay away from them. That strips them of the fun they get from bullying.

2. Don’t react and don’t show your feelings. If you encounter a bully, ignore him/her or act like you don’t care. Don’t get angry or show that you are upset. Hold your head up high, walk away and get to a safe place.

Learn more on how to deal with bullies and improve your self esteem. You will feel more confident about yourself and it will show. That will have the bully looking elsewhere!

3. Don’t do what they want you to do. Say “NO!" If you stick up for yourself, bullies usually leave you alone.

4. Get a buddy. Plan ahead and walk with a friend whenever you think you might encounter the bully.

5. Tell an adult like a school teacher, counselor or parent. Let them know what is happening to you.


 Am I Overweight?

=> I am 14 years old an i weigh 186 pounds I want to know am I fat because I am dealing with a little low self-esteem about my weight

=> I am only 10 and weigh 54lbs is that bad?

=> So I weigh 170 but my weight keeps switching to 168 or 169 to 170-172 pounds . I'm twelve years old should I weigh between these weights?

 We get asked this question a lot! You can determine if you are in a healthy, overweight or obese weight range by using the weight calculator on this site. The calculator is designed for kids ages 2 through 20 and shows a healthy weight range based on your age, gender, weight and height. The healthy weight range is wide enough that it includes all body types.

Your BMI percentile shows how you compare to everybody else. For example, if you are 80th percentile that means you are heavier than 80 out of 100 kids your age and sex. Again, the age range for our calculator is 2 - 20 years, and for this age range, BMI percentiles can be interpreted as follows:

• BMI 1st to 4th percentile: Underweight*
• BMI 5th to 84th percentile: Healthy Weight*
• BMI 85th to 94th percentile: Overweight*
• BMI 94th to 100th percentile: Obese*
*Weight recommendations by the CDC (Center for Disease Control)

If after checking your weight calculations you decide that you want to lose weight, it's a good idea to check with your health care provider to make sure you don't have any other health conditions that would interfere with a weight loss program. Take a look at the Healthy Weight School, How To Lose Weight and the Weight Loss Tips area for lots of ideas.

There is a good tip on Self Esteem that can give you ideas on how to improve your self confidence as well.

Get support from all the kids on the site in the chatroom and from other kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards. And, don't forget, every Wednesday "Lucy" is in the chat room to answer questions too!

 Weight Loss and Self Confidence - How Lucy Lost Weight and You Can Too!

=> hi im i turned 12 in march and i gained alot of weight.i weight 220 or more than thst PLZ HELP PEOPLE ARE JUDGING ME PLZ HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

=> hi i need help losing weight and wondering if u can help me out in 12 years old in middle school i want to join the football team next year they just laught at me i was upset plz talk to me back when u got the chance mr.wiz i weight 220 in the 6th grade and my height is 5 7 plz i do not want to be a merisable fat girl for the rest of my life i want to feel good plz lucy hear me

=> hi lucy.. what did you do to become skinny? I need help..

=> I am 12 i weigh 59pound cheeks i want loose weight i live in nigeria

 Want to lose weight but nothing is working? Don't know where to start? Here are some ideas on how to begin:

1. Take inventory of yourself and your eating habits. Ask yourself Am I Ready To Lose Weight? Taking inventory of yourself and your eating habits is important in determining if you are willing to make the changes in your current life necessary to be successful in losing weight. Take a look. Be honest with yourself!
goal without a plan
2. Make a Plan. Once you've taken inventory of your readiness and are willing to make changes in your relationship with food, you can develop a plan. Remember, A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH!

You might remember the story of How Lucy Lost Weight: The Story of Lucy and the Pit Some of the things that worked for Lucy included avoiding problem foods, cutting down on food portions and substituting distracting activities when she craved food but wasn't really hungry. elevator to success

We have to be ready and willing to change our current habits and work hard to change. There is no fast, quick or easy way. As they say, "You have to take the stairs!"

3. Get in touch with how you feel about your relationship with food. You can learn how to Say Good-By to Your Problem Foods. Step by step, changing one thing at a time. That is the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

4. Eliminate Problem Foods Step By Step. Try listing out all of your problem foods (those foods you have trouble resisting or avoiding). Then, pick one food from the list and avoid eating it. Try doing that for at least 10 days in a row. You will begin to see that you can avoid a problem food and your won't miss it. Now, try another problem food in the same manner. YOU CAN DO IT!

5. Build Up Your Self Confidence! Of course we want to fit in with our peers and do the things they do. But, it helps to have some self confidence in our pocket! Remember, we all all unique. We all are special! Love Yourself!

smiling girl with dog

 Diet Apps - Why Don't They Work

=> I'm 15 and I'm 155 and I tried loads of diet apps but it's like I'm eating too much carbs when I try to only eat fruits and veggies what's the problem!?

 Most diet apps focus on calorie counting and exercise. Among other things, they allow you to track your weight, your exercise and meal amounts, make food shopping lists, and monitor your progress. same old results Some have audio "coaches" that motivate you during exercise, others measure your body fat or workout intensity and some even use GPS to track your running routes or create virtual exercise groups. So, why aren't we losing weight?

Failure to lose weight might be simply because we are taking in more calories than we are putting out despite routine exercise and calorie counting. We may still be taking in more food than we think even though we might track our meals. Did you add the candy bar you ate after school or the bowl of chips you ate while watching TV? It isn't always WHAT you eat but HOW MUCH you eat.

Take a look at a new approach to weight loss and weight maintenance in the following links. You might find new ideas and new skills that will help you.
STEP ONE - Eliminate Problem Foods
STEP TWO - Eliminate Snacking
STEP THREE - Reduce Food Amounts at Meals

Try a new way of thinking for different results!

 Body Image - How's My Self Esteem

=> I am not necessarily overweight at all, but for some reason I worry about it far too often. I excercise very often (going to the gym each weekend and grappling class 4 times a week for 1 hour), eat healthy (though I do enjoy small sweets occasionally, like twice or thrice a week), and even stand up at every chance I get instead of sitting down. I notice, though, that other girls look a lot more fit, even if I know they are the lazier type. I am 4' 10, 13 years old, and weigh around 98 lbs. I excercise and eat healthy, and have for my whole life. Its not like I want to look like a model, but how come I don't look strong and fit, from my point of view at least?

 girl camping
You might think that you don't look as strong or fit as you should be or that you aren't as fit as other girls your age, but it might be that you are experiencing what is called low self esteem or lack confidence in yourself. It is common to feel this way, so don't worry.

Check out a few of the ideas on SELF ESTEEM to learn more about what you can do right away to improve your own self confidence. You'll start feeling better about who you are and feel more confident about yourself and it will show! Start thinking positive and believe in YOU!

P.S. Wear a smile and hold your head up high! It looks good on you!

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