1.  The Internet is wonderful, because it is open and anyone can access this site.  Kids and teens from all over the world, with weight control problems, can interact with each other and help each other.  But because anyone can access this site, bad people can also access it.  Be careful on the bulletin boards and especially in the chat rooms.  Be cautious with whom you chat.

2.  Please do not give out your home address, last name, or telephone number either in the chat rooms or on the bulletin boards.  We do not recommend giving out your email address.  If you do give out your email address, be very cautious with anyone who replies to your email address.  They may not be who they say they are.  And please read Shannon's story.  Above all, never agree to meet in person with someone you meet on the Internet!!!

3.  Please first check our Weight Calculator (Click Here) to see if you are overweight.  If the calculator says that you are a healthy weight, please do not say that you need to lose weight in the chat room or on the bulletin board. This offends the kids who really are overweight.

4.  Swearing, cussing, sexual or vulgar language, or verbal abuse in the chat rooms or on the bulletin boards is not allowed.  The use of offensive language in those areas will cause your access to be blocked. 

5.  Gainers, FA's (fat admirers), anorexia, and bulimia are not allowed in the chat rooms or on the bulletin boards. 

6. Some people abuse the Internet and may be mean or give false information.  Take the best and leave the rest.

7.  Bulletin board posts and replies, as well as chat room transcripts, may be used in medical conference presentations, as well as in books and journal publications.  No personally identifying information will be divulged.

8. does not endorse any content or recommendations posted either on the bulletin boards or in the chat rooms.  Use such content at your own risk. reserves the right to remove any material from the bulletin boards or chat rooms that is deemed not appropriate for this site.  No advertisements will be allowed.

We hope that our site is helpful to you. Management