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How Lucy Lost Weight:

The Story of Lucy and the Pit

You might remember the The Story of Lucy and the Pit. Lucy had an eating problem and loved to eat even though she felt awkward and embarrassed around her friends who were all a healthy weight. She couldn't do many of the fun activities they did or if she did them, she felt breathless.

Here are some things for you to try that worked for Lucy:

Ask Your Friends For Help. Lucy realized she needed to lose weight and so she asked her friends to help her. Asking friends for help really works! They can be very supportive and help you to stay away from unhealthy foods. Ask your parents to help you cut down food amounts and be active as well.

Avoid Problem Foods. Lucy started drinking mostly water and low fat milk and has TRAINED HER BRAIN to stay away from my problem foods like sweets and soda. She did that by checking off in a food diary how many days she could stay away from her problem foods and learned how to stop craving certain foods. Soon, she didn't miss them and she was starting to lose weight! You can do that too!

Cut Down Food Portions. Now, when Lucy goes out to eat with my friends, she boxes up half the food when it comes to the table before she starts to eat and saves the other half for the next day for lunch or dinner. When she's at home, she dishes up a salad plate with smaller size portions and doesn't have seconds. Cutting down food portions really can help you to lose weight.

Do Distracting Activities. Lucy realized that she craved certain foods so she learned to AVOID THEM and substitute fun activities instead. Friends showed her that activities like walking, swimming and skating are really fun. Lucy realized that when she did active fun stuff with her friends, she didn't even think about food! It worked!

Get In Touch With Your Feelings. Lucy learned how to get in touch with her feelings and emotions and got support from trusted friends. That really helps!

You'll have ups and downs but keep at it. Try the chatroom and check out ideas in the tips area as well as stuff from other overweight kids on the pre-teen and teen bulletin boards. Keep positive, you can lose weight too!

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