What is your opinion of the How Lucy Lost Weight - Lessons Learned tip?

Age 15,female,150,58 kgs,I like this tip - Good

Age 16,female,160,56 kgs,I like this tip - Nice

Age 13,female,156,73 kgs,I like this tip - useful

Age 17,female,5'5,95 kgs,I like this tip - Re-inspires me

Age 14,female,55,215 lbs,I like this tip - cool

Age 15,female,5'7,140 lbs,I like this tip - I feel so fat and like I am gaining so much weight but I eat so healthy and exercise.

Age 12,female,5'1,120 lbs,I like this tip - these are some great tips

Age 12,female,5'4,137 lbs,I like this tip - Amazing!!

Age 14,female,55,74 kgs,I don't like this tip - i dont like it

Age 14,female,65,73 kgs,I don't like this tip - I really want to loose weight and fast i have been like this since i was 10 years old

Age 12,female,5',148 lbs,I like this tip - Thanks!

Age 14,male,6"0,237 lbs,I don't like this tip - Help me

Age 14,female,5'4,148 lbs,I like this tip - I'm excited to try this out! :)

Age 12,female,52,160 lbs,I have no opinion - no opinion

Age 12,4'10,80 lbs,I have no opinion - e

Age 12,female,5'5",152 lbs,I like this tip - Good

Age 12,female,5'4,156 lbs,I like this tip - I have no idea what to do! Because it's summer, my sleep schedule is out of whack. I'm too tired to get up in the morning so I don't get out to run. I have a pool, but I get lonely when no one swims with me and I get out right away if I even get in. I don't get out much and love food. I will eat anything. Most people will say " Well yeah of course you're fat, you love food! You will never change, " but I really want to help myself for the future. I'm 12, 5'4, and 156 plbs and really need help. I used to be friends with a guy in my class until he started making fun of my weight and facial area. I'm losing friends fast! I'm going to 7th grade this year and afraid more people other than friends will start to pick on me! I don't know if these tips will help, but I will try.

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