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Hey! Do You Mind!?!

A guide to being mindful with food

Picture this: the school bell rings to signal your chance to go home for the day. Somehow, your mind drifts to your stomach as it growls with hunger. How come it always does that?

You hurry home. As you open your front door, you are in a panic since you are STARVING! You go straight to the pantry and gobble down some chips and cookies. You wash it down with soda.

As your stomach tells you to relax since you are now full, you notice the bowl of fresh fruit on the table. You also notice the bottled water in the fridge. If only you would have noticed those before you gobbled down the other foods, you would have made a better choice!

Many people feel panicky when they are hungry. Often times, people choose high calorie choices without thinking through the options. Here's some info on what being mindful means and how it can help you make better food choices:

*   Mindfulness is when you are feeling relaxed, comfortable, and not overly stressed. All too often, we are thinking about what homework has to be done or what someone said at school. We usually think about the past or future more than the present. Being mindful means thinking of what is going on now...the present!

*   Being more mindful can allow you to make clearer and more rationale decisions. When a person is more mindful, they are not panicked. They are comfortable and better able to focus.

So how do you become more mindful? There are many different ways. Below describes an easy activity you can do before every time you eat. It takes about one minute. It can clear your head and help you make the best food decision for you:

*   Sit in a chair without crossing anything on your body. This means sit with your feet flat on the floor with your hands to your side. Make sure you feel comfortable. You can close your eyes if you want.

*   Take one deep breath counting to five slowly. Once you reach five, hold the breath for a moment. Next, let the breath out slowly as you countdown from five.

*   Repeat this breathing activity five times.

*   Slowly open your eyes. What are you experiencing? You may notice that you feel really relaxed. You may feel peaceful. You may also notice that your mind is quiet. A quiet mind is one that is not thinking about the past or what you have to do later on. It is not thinking really anything at all. If you experience this, this is a mindful state.

*   In this relaxed state, you maybe able to make a better snack or meal decision. The more you practice being mindful, the more it can help you. You can also do this activity before a big test or competition. It can help you focus and be relaxed.


Make this a healthy week!

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