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Help! I Have Lost My Motivation!

Many kids and teens say that they know how to lose weight. They know how yet cannot start to try. Many say they are just "lazy." Others say that they just cannot get motivated to start.

Changing your eating and activity habits is hard work. It is a big change. Changes can be very scary. Sometimes people do not think about how hard change can be when they decide to lose weight. Most of the time people think about the positives to losing weight: healthier body, new clothes, more confidence to name a few. If you are stuck and lost your motivation, it maybe time to think about the reasons why you do not want to lose weight.

Sometimes, it is good to talk about the benefits of losing weight AND the benefits of staying the way you are now. Thinking about both may help you see what is keeping you from being motivated to lose weight.

You can do this by thinking about the "pros" and "cons" to losing weight. This chart may help you. Think about what you would put in each box. After each statement, you can write down the positive and negative parts to losing weight and not losing weight. This chart shows what Lucy wrote down when she lacked motivation.


Positive Parts (the Pros) Negative Parts (the Cons)
Making changes to lose weight
  • healthier body and mind

  • more energy

  • stronger

  • new clothes

  • faster at running

  • more confidence

  • maybe embarrassing to be eating different from friends

  • other foods and drinks may not taste as good

  • may have to watch other people eat and drink foods I am trying to eat less (and that might be hard)

  • can't eat when bored or sad anymore and that will be hard too

Not making changes to lose weight
  • would not have to make the change

  • keep eating and drinking the tasty things

  • would not get embarrassed for eating different stuff

  • not look different for eating different stuff

  • still eat when bored and sad so easier

  • keep gaining weight

  • be at risk for diabetes and heart problems

  • have a harder time finding clothes

  • not as fast at running

  • not as strong

Completing this chart can be hard work. And, it is good work. Looking at what makes change hard may help make it less scary. Making it less scary may help you see ways around the tough spots. Click here to link to your own motivation chart. Print it out and write in your own answers. For more on making motivation, click here.

Make this a healthy week!

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