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Losing Weight With Music

Someone recently asked: "i love music so how do i loose weight with music involved?"

This is a great question. There are many answers. Here are examples of pre-teens and teens describing how music is helping them to lose weight and keep it off.

Energy & Motivation

 From krista, Age 13 - 09/08/07 Ht. 5'7", Start: 315 lb, Current: 210 lb, Goal: 180 lb - music time wats your favorite energy songs mine are 1. I dont wanna be in love (dance floor anthem) by good charlott 2. Lose it by cartel 3.Underclass hero by sum 41 4. Walking Diaster by sum 41 5.First time by lifehouse 6. The great escape by boys like girls 7. makes me wonder by maroon 5 8. wake up call by maroon 5 those are my favorite songs at the moment wat are yours and wat music givexs you tons of energy and those songs give me tons of energy

Reply from Karissa, Age 12 - 06/21/07 Try instead of cookies or candy for a snack, try trail mix or a piece of fresh fruit. And instead of watching tv, grab your portable musicplayer and take a 1/2 mile walk or jog, depending on how you feel.

Have you ever thought that you should take a walk, but just can't get yourself out the door? Find your iPod or whatever portable music device you have and start your walk or jog by listening to your favorite songs. Chances are you not only get out the door, but you will go farther than you had planned!


 Reply from Jeny, Age 11 - 02/11/08 hey im over weight. I know the one word that annoys all over weight kids. Cardio. Which is running jumping rope, swimming, basicly busting your butt off. But it isn't always that hard. Like right befor i posted this message i was dancing to some music with weights in my hands. Its the beat way to get your heart pumping to lose caliroes. Just grab something heavy and dance like a fool, pump up your arms, jog in place, or prteant to jump rope to your favorite music.

 Try dancing alone in your room if you are shy or it's the most convenient. Pick music that you like and has a peppy beat. Before you know it, you'll be exercising without even realizing it. It can also be inspiring to dance in groups or with partners. Community centers, churches, and city park and recreation departments often offer lessons and dances. Click on the dancing monsters to learn more about partner dancing. Some ethnic groups have strong traditions of dance, such as the Native American pow-wows that usually include pre-teen and teen dances. Does your heritage or community have a dancing tradition that you would be interested in joining?


From Isabella, Age 13 - 12/23/06 Ht. 5'5", Wt. 167 - Hey guys well the last two days have been hell for me because I consumed so much crap, then this morning I woke up feeling lousy but I thought to myself, "If you feel lousy than make a change, get back on track and you'll feel better!" So I got up and did my 45 min. weight loss with yoga DVD, which I love because it has cardio and flexibility plus meditation and relaxing music. Yoga had been proven to give young women better body images! :0)
Soft music that has a slower beat tends to reduce stress. If you frequently experience stress (and find yourself eating due to this emotion), you might consider finding several songs to play when you need to wind-down and just RELAX. Click on the waterfall for an example of relaxing music.







Playing Musical Instruments

Girl playing Flute Reply from jenny, Age 16 - 10/23/07 a thing i do when i am bored like when i get home from school is do hobbies. . i'm learning to knit and am making awesome blue sweater. . learning to play a musical instrument is something else u can do when u r bored. . i bought a super guitar for $7 at a yard sale and can play and sing several songs now.. my pastor heard about it and has asked me to play at the church youth group thing.

From beth, Age 14 - 11/20/05 Ht. 5ft 9, Wt. 204 Goal 150/160 - I founbd a way to stop you eating when you're not hungry, take up a musical instrument. I come from a musical family anyway, but was never really interested untill i got into the indie scene, I started playing guitar a month ago. When you want to sound good,(because ppl are always not as good as they want to be when coming to things like that!!!!!!!) you practice more and more. it doesn;t have to be expensive, just one you always wanted to play..... once you get your hands on one and you REALLY want to sound good, the more you practice, the more you practice, the better you get, AND the less unnecessary food you'll binge on when your bored. it might not help you, but it has me, I havent lost that much weight, but it's working slowly but surely :D

Learning to play an instrument not only reduces boredom (a common cause of overeating for many kids) but it also helps raise self esteem. A simple recorder, cheap guitar, harmonica, or second-hand instrument can be a low cost way to pick up a hobby and draw compliments as you learn how to play. Find others who play similar instruments to pick up tips or take weekly or bi-weekly music lessons to get you started.


Girls Singing with Rattles From Melissa, Age 14 - 12/11/03 Hey Guys!! Just got home from my choir concert adn man were we good! it was pretty short but it was great. adn i felt great up there in my choir dress. it fits me perfectly and i was so happy when i got it. i'm doing pretty good on my diet and tuesday my neighbors grandma came to her winter concert and while we were there she asked if i had lost weight and i was so happy its noticeable!!

Your voice is free but did you know that it is considered one of the most difficult instruments to master? Singing in a choir, either at school, church, or another organization can help you to relieve boredom, fine tune your singing voice, give your self-esteem a boost, and form new friends! How cool is that?

As you can see, there are many ways to lose weight through music. If you enjoy music, then you may find one or several of the methods above will give you that needed boost to start working towards a healthier weight. Try using music to dance, sing, play an instrument, relax, or motivate yourself as part of your weight loss strategy this week!


Make this a healthy week!

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