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Keeping Score for Success in 2011!

Keeping track of what you eat, drink, and think, as well as your activity has been shown to help people lose weight. Further, as soon as a person starts writing down these things, she or he usually starts to make healthier choices. Food journaling can help you see times of day you might emotionally eat or that you may not be eating as many fruits as you thought. Keeping track may seem too hard at first. Keeping it simple may help. Here are some steps that may make it work for you:

*   Get a pocket-sized notebook from a discount or dollar store. Buy one in your favorite color or with your favorite character on it. If you don't like to write, try putting the information on your computer. Many people make a file in Excel to keep track.

*   Write down the following in your notebook everyday: time you ate, type of food, amount consumed, activity, time in activity, and emotions before and after. If this seems like too much work at first, consider starting out by noting your emotions before and after you eat or just writing down the type of foods. Pick one or two things and go from there.

*   Here's an example of a food & activity record:

Time Food/Drink Item or Activity Amount Consumed or Time in Activity Emotions Other Comments
 3:30 pm Doritos   2 fun size bags   bored, lonely then guilty after


4:30 pm walked 25 minutes around the neighborhood Felt really tired before and sad was missing the Oprah show Felt like got more energy after my walk. Heard didn't miss anything on the TV show

6:00 pm

chicken breast,

mashed potatoes


green salad

The size of my palm

1/2 cup

1 tablespoon

2 cups with no dressing

Dinner time! Felt a little stressed yet my stomach was growling. I felt really full after.

Had lots of homework to do after dinner and fought with sister whole time during the meal.

*   Try to keep track for a few days to a week. Then, look over your record. You may see a pattern.

*   Make a goal based on what you learn about yourself. You can keep track of the goal in your food record.

*   Writing down right after a meal or activity is usually best, yet some kids say they don't like to write stuff down in front of others. That is okay. Write down in your journal when you feel comfortable. Some people write in their journal right after they get home from school everyday.

*   Remember to be honest! This journal is for your eyes only. You can only help yourself if you are honest.

*   Some people choose to show their journal to someone. You can bring it to your doctor, dietitian, or an adult. These people maybe able to give you some feedback. They maybe able to help you figure out some goals to make you healthier!

Make this a healthy week!

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