BlubberBusters Tips from Lucy

What you see is what you eat 

Food is fuel for our bodies. We eat when our bodies are low in fuel. Sometimes we eat even though are bodies are not low in fuel. There are many reasons people eat when they are not really hungry. One way it happens is from seeing food.

You may notice your mouth waters when you see a pizza commercial or crave French fries as you drive by a billboard. It is even possible to actually taste the food just by seeing it. This is a form of hypnosis! Food advertisers know that seeing food can help trick our minds to think we need their food. They spend billions every year because of it. Make sure you are not eating food just because of what you see. Try these hints:

ü      Watch less TV or at least watch less TV commercials.

ü      If you ever start to crave a certain food, consider this first: “Why do I want this food? What made me think of eating this?” Wait 20 minutes before eating a craved food…the craving may go away!  Squeeze your hands tight together too.

ü      Watch you favorite TV program and keep notes on how many food commercials you see. Notice how the commercials target YOU to eat their product!

ü      Make sure you don’t skip meals. This will guarantee that you won’t be stuck hungry when you notice the pizza commercial on TV. The planned meals will help arm you to fight off the craving!

ü      Drink lots of water. Sometimes, our body tells us we are hungry when we are really thirsty. Drinking plenty of water will prevent this mixed message. It will also help keep you strong to fight off the craving!

Make this a healthy week!

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