Healthy Weight 

Helpful Websites

  Healthy Eating

        A site where a person can put in their age, gender and activity level to get a 
      breakdown of recommended servings with the new dietary guidelines.

       REALLY good for finding tasty, healthy recipes, created and rated by people
       like you.

       A tool to perform as a food and activity diary which includes assessments and 

       Find the calorie amounts of thousands of foods

       Activities and resources to help promote an increase in fruit and vegetable        consumption.

        Are you craving something tastey? Then wash your hands and munch on fruits
         and veggies that are Fresh for Kids. Catch a ride with Tamara Tomato and
         slide into some groovy games. If you love to cook, then you'll love recipes such   
         as mango, peach and strawberry pikelets. Once you are full to the skin, test
         your fruit and veggie knowledge with a quiz.


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