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 Help! My parents put me down because of my weight

=> my dad thimks of me as a loser because im overweight and all of my other bros and sisters are alot skinneyer and HE COMPARES ME tio them and i was wondering how is the safest way of loseing weight because im 13 years old and i am 184 pounds and i want to lose weight but the pressure of my dad is to much i wanna lose weight and still be my self

 I am sorry to read your dad puts you down. Those words must be hard for you to hear. I hope you can find support from others in your family or community. I think it is important to find someone cheering for you. You may want to speak with your school counselor or someone where you practice religion (like your pastor, priest, elder, rabbi, etc). Tell this person or people how much you want to be healthier. They can help you stay motivated and strong.

Also, many kids and teens on this site are looking for support. Like you, many do not have the support at home. Try to find a "weight loss buddy" on this website. Post on the bulletin boards or the chatroom. You just might find someone else to help you along the way.

Finding this support can help you find the healthiest and safest way for you to lose weight. Losing weight safely takes time. Start by eating 3 meals a day...and do not skip any! Snack between if you get physically hungry. Do not eat when you are bored. Try to get physical activity most days for 30 to 60 minutes. Start there...good luck!

 Diet Pills

=> Hi WIZ just wondering if its ok to have diet pills at the age 13 and you are really overweight and will it help me because i really want to use them

 Losing weight can be so tough! There are many commercials on TV and ads in magazines for quick weight loss aides. These are called diet pills. These are NOT healthy for kids and teens. They are not healthy for most adults. Many people have tried them, yet that does not mean they are okay to use. The commericals and ads we see are trying to sell us a product. They do not care if it is safe (even if they say they do). Talk with your doctor about the best way for you to lose weight. Here on this site, we encourage you to eat lots of different foods. We also encourage you to not overeat when you are not hungry or emotionally eat. Lastly, we encourage you to exercise more. Check out the Lucy Tips and the School secion of this site for more healthy eating and living information.

 Exercise Without My Friends Knowing

=> im 13 5 5 and 220 lbs i have always struggled wit my weight? i just want to kno if u could help me wit thinkin of an exercisin program so that i can work out everyday witout my frinds knowin cuz i would be really embarrassed if they found out.if u could just help me wit that that would be great thanx a lot bye.

 Sounds like you are in a tough situation. Friends can really support a person's weight loss. Plus we are with them the whole day sometimes! Here are some suggestions:

1.) Plan your exercise first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed. Or both. That way you can exercise before or after you see your friends.

2.) Plan 10 to 15 minute exercise chunks each day. This can be biking or walking with or without your friends. This can also be vacuuming at home or many other things. Here is a link to some more ideas.

3.) Suggest little ways to get more activity when you are with your friends. Ride your bikes to the store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go swimming together. These things add up! And, you will have fun while exercising!

I hope these help. Good luck!

 When Do I Eat?

=> i have a question im over weight and 17 years old but im not on a real diet i just only eat three times a day but im never hungry when i eat should i eat only when im hungry and what if i get hungry after 6:00 PM and i lot of people advised me not to eat after that time please help my stomach and mind are confusing me

 I like that you are trying to structure your meals to prevent overeating. That is a great way to help your weight! Since you are not usually hungry for them, I wonder if you are eating too much food at them? A good way to know when to stop eating is when you do not feel any more hunger. This does not mean to wait until you feel stuffed.

Also, sometimes people do get hungry at night. If you are feeling true physical hunger, then your body proably needs it. Choose something like a piece of fruit or a glass of fat free milk. Make sure you are not eating because you are bored. To help decided whether or not to eat, check out this link.

 Where do I exercise when I live in the middle of no where!

=> Hi, I live in the middle of no where. I can't walk any where or go anywhere. I'm 191 lbs and I want to loss weight before school starts up again. I tried eating half of everything and I just gained more weight. I was 171 on the first day of school last year and on the last day I was 191 help!!!!!

 I am glad you notice that you need to incorporate more exercise to lose weight. Exercising can be tough when you live far away from anything. I encourage you to think of exercise as this: physical activity. You do not have to be at a gym or running to be exercising. All you need to do is get your heart beating faster.

Doing household chores, walking around your house, chasing your sister, and jumping rope all count toward physical activity. Next time you are active, place your hand over your heart. If you feel it beating faster, that means you are burning stored body fat. Try to get your heart pumping faster for 30 to 60 minutes everyday. This will help you lose weight.

Here is another idea. Some people with cable get a channel called, "FitTV." This channel has lots of exercise programs on 24 hours a day! Pick a type of activity you like or try a new one. Some people with digital cable even have an "On Demand" channel where they can watch 10 to 20 minute fitness programs for free. You can do them whenever you feel like it!

For more exercise ideas, click here!

 Boredom Blues

=> When i was little, (I am almost 14 now) my parents always called me beeny or beanpole, because i was so skinny. Silly I know, but true. Now as im getting older i have gained quite a bit of weight. Mainly from eating out of bordeom. while my mom was at work, I would get bored so I would eat, junk food, and it became a habit. how do i kepp from craving, and eating out of boredom as I do?

 Many kids and teens say it is really tough to not eat when bored. There are many reasons why this happens and many ways to change it! Here are some things to experiment with:

1.) Keep track of the times you find yourself eating from boredom. Most kids and teens say that is after school or all summer long. That is a lot of time to overeat! Try to plan things during the "boring" times. You can schedule an afterschool activity. Or, you can call a friend. Even more, you can make a time to meet a friend everyday during this time. During this time, go on a walk or bike ride.

2.) Make a new rule for yourself: You can only eat at the kitchen table. This means no eating in front of the TV. This also means not eating while on the computer. Add it up...that is a lot of time when a person is bored!

3.) Schedule your meals and snacks. Stick to these times!

4.) Next time you feel the urge to eat when bored, jump on this website. Post on the board or head to the chatroom. Most of the kids and teens here go through the same thing everyday. They can support you. Be sure to support them too!

I hope these help. Good luck!

 No one wants to be my friend!

=> no one want to be my freind because im fat can u print and send me some hips,butt,thighs,flat stomach exersisises?

 Being overweight can be tough. Looking different than everyone else can make it hard to find friends. By finding exercises and other activities you enjoy, you may find yourself losing weight and making new friends. The best exercises for your thighs, butt, hips, and stomach are any activity that gets your heart pumping faster. The kind of activity that does this is called cardio. Cardio helps your body burn fat for energy. Your body then breaks down the fat in the areas we mentioned. You cannot do spot reducing exercises like crunches to burn body fat. Doing the activities like dancing, walking, jumping rope, playing sports, even cleaning, can help your body get healthier. Try to do a lot of cardio each day. Aim to get 30 to 60 minutes of cardio. The more you do, the more you can lose! Good luck!

 What else can I do?

=> I've been wanting to lose weight forever, and now i'm finally coming around. I'm dieting and exercising. DO you have any thing else that i should do?

 I am so happy for your success! You need to be very proud of the efforts you are making right now to change your health. As for anything else to do, I encourage these:
1.) Be patient. As you know now, weight loss takes a long time. The kids and teens who are successful at long term weight loss success, take it one day at a time.
2.) Do not give up. You may have hard days, weeks, or months. Sometimes losing weight is not a priority. If this happens to you, do not put yourself down. Start with the next right thing. You can easily get back on track with positive thinking.
3.) Keep up the exericse. Research suggests that those who are successful at losing weight and keeping it off, continue to exercise after the weight is lost. Keep up the exercise and you can keep it off too!
4.) Help others lose weight. One of the best ways to keep yourself on track is to help others just starting with their weight loss. Post advice on the boards or encourage someone down in the chatroom. Sometimes giving advice helps to give yourself the same encouragement.
5.) Reward yourself with nonfood rewards. You deserve it!

 Talking with my parents

=> Im 12 years old and over weight. Its because of how i eat. I love to eat like you. I do alot of sports(Baseball, volleyball, rugby) I need to change my way of eating. How do i tell my mom that i need to lose weight?

 Getting your mother, father, or another caregiver to support you with weight loss can help you be very successful. I think it is a great idea to speak with your mom. She can help you lose weight. Check out Lucy's tip on speaking with your parents by clicking here.

 I am tired of looking the way I do!

=> i've always been over weight and im tired of looking the way i do. I see how alot of fat gurls are confertable of how they look and stuff but something inside of is telling me that im not suppose to be like this. Im lazy , i think thats the problem. How do i modavate myself? Almost evry day i say to mysel "ok im gonna start working out and eating less, but then i dont. I need help please

 You want to make changes and be healthier...but how do you make yourself!?! Getting motivated is tough. Many large kids, teens, and adults struggle with this. First, stop calling yourself lazy! That is not helping you get healthier. Look for activities you like do. Try to find a club or group that do the activities you enjoy. Make activities fun! You can dance to your favorite songs or go hiking with the scouts. With your food choices, make a new food goal each week. Keep track of your goal in a little notebook. Maybe the first goal can be to eat breakfast each day. At the end of the week, see if you met your goal. If you did, pick another one for the next week. Reward yourself with non-food rewards after meeting goals. Good luck and believe in yourself. This belief will get you healthier!

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