Blubberbusters Tips from Lucy

Eating healthy means eating only when your body needs it. This is stomach hunger. Print this out and place it on your fridge. Read it through before you eat.

I am thinking about eating something....

Rate my hunger pangs (stomach grumbling)..

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Red Means Wait!

I am not stomach hungry. I am hungry for something else!

What am I hungry for?

Green Means Go!

I am stomach hungry.

Let's choose something that will make my body healthy and strong!



What am I feeling?







Go on a walk. Cry or play music. Punch a pillow or scream. Jump up and down or laugh. Call a friend or check out this website. Journal or paint.

Make this a healthy week!

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Please ask your healthcare provider if these tips are right for you and please read our disclaimer.

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