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 Do Certain Foods Help a Person Lose Weight?


 We hear and read about many different foods that help "trick" a person's body to lose weight. Lemons, vinegar, and water all have been named as miracle foods to help our metabolisms. Are they indeed true? Does it sound too good to be true? Yup, and it is too good to be true. Eating or drinking something like lemons or vinegar will not change a person's metabolism like promised. It may just give you a stomachache! Drinking water can help a person stay hydrated. It will not burn more calories. Many people feel hunger when they are really thirsty, so I think it is good to drink 8 to 10 glasses of fluid (water, milk, etc) everyday.

Remember to take things you read about weight loss with a grain of salt. Check out this link to learn more about spotting a weight loss scam: fad diets.

 I Can't Stop Eating Even When I Am Already Full!

=> whenever Theres alot of food available for me to eat I eat ALL of it even if im completely stuffed. How can i stop stuffing my face when theres so much delicious food to eat?

 Great question! Many kids and teens complain about this same thing. There may be some easy things to do to help.

First, many kids and teens have certain foods that I call "forbidden foods." These are foods that people call bad. When we put food in this bad group, it can make our brain want them even more! I encourage you to let yourself have certain "bad" foods in small quantities every once in awhile. Keep saying: "All food is good!"

Second, many kids and teens try really hard to lose weight. They try so hard that they do not eat enough early in the day. Even more, many kids and teens eat too little carbohydrate or proteins. Eating too little carbs and protein can make some people feel like they need to binge...even when they are not hungry. Make sure you get a good serving of carbs (grains, cereals, whole wheat bread, beans, etc) and protein (lean meats, dairy, soy, etc.) at breakfast and lunch. Including enough earlier in the day helps many people eat less later in the day.

Lastly, some kids and teens have an eating disorder called compulsive eating. Compulsive eating can be helped by doing the above and meeting with a counselor. Often there are emotions wrapped up in the eating. Further, some kids and teens will go on an anti-depressant under the care of a doctor. This helps many not feel the urge to eat when not hungry.

Good luck and hang in there!

 I need help balancing!

=> I just wanted to ask you a question. I have sucessfully lost 147 pounds, just by eating moderately and I go to a gym for about an hour per day, 5 days a week. I do BodyPump, Spin and Step class. Anyway, I was wondering, I'm starting to get really concious about my calories and It worries me that i'm getting too concious. I really need some ideas for a balanced lunch, I have a good breakfast & supper but lunch has always been a problem. Any Ideas?

 You are such an inspiration to all the users on this site! I am glad you are thinking about being "balanced" instead of just counting calories. For a balanced lunch, try to find foods that fit into each one of these categories:

1.)whole grain
3.)veggies and or fruit
4.)one fat
5.)good source of calcium

The calories will vary with which foods you pick. That is okay. Remember that your body can tell you when you are getting enough. You can feel full. For more on using a hunger/fullness scale, click here.

A lunch that matches the above can be:
turky breast sandwich on whole wheat bread with a teaspoon of mayo and mustard
a small salad and/or apple
a cup of yogurt or cup of milk

I hope this helps! Best wishes!

 I need motivation!

=> I am really uncomfortable with myself. I dont like how i look and i always wear baggy shirts and sweatshirts because i feel uncomfortable. For years ive tried to excercise and eat healthy but it doesnt even last a week. I cannot motivate myself. I feel that if i was able to eat healthier, that would help a lot because i wouldnt have much of a problem with working out. I am a really picky either and i can never find helathy meals to eat. I just cannot get myself motivated, i need some ideas on how i can start to eat healthier. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

 Hi there! Seems like you know WHY you want to lose weight (you feel uncomfortable in your body) and you know HOW you want to lose weight (eat less). Before you start, it maybe helpful to write down why you do NOT want to lose weight. You may help motivate yourself if you think about what will be hard when trying to eat differently. To get a better idea of what I am talking about,click here.

 How fast can I lose weight?

=> i wanna know how many lbs. average should u lose in about a wek because i have been going to the gym with my mother and i have not been wating right and we have been making this life change for about 1 or two months and she has already lost 13 lbs and i have only lost 2 can u help me i am about to give up and be fat again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Congrats on the new work out plan! It can be frustrating when your work out partner loses more. One thing about weight loss: adults are no longer getting taller. Because adults are done growing, it maybe easier for your mom to lose weight than you. Sometimes, I think it is just as hard for a kid or teen to keep their weight the same as it is for an adult to lose weight. Since you lost 2 pounds over the past 1 to 2 months, keep it up! Keep being active. Two pounds may not seem like a lot yet you have made your body a LOT stronger.

 I keep failing!

=> I've been overweight for a long time. I'm 12 years old and I weigh 210 pounds. I've tried dieting but I always fail. I exercise a lot but I can't stop eating. How can I not eat as much. I want to be down to 140 by June 2006 but I just can't stop eating and eating the wrong stuff. Please help me!

=> Hey, I am 5"4 and I weigh 230 pounds I yo yo diet alot and I was just wondering if you could give me some tips on how to stick with a "diet". Thank you

 Losing weight is tough work. Seems like you have been trying for a very long time to make your body healthier. There can be many different reasons why it is hard to stop eating. One reason I notice a lot is from not eating enough. Many kids and teens (like you) REALLY want to lose weight. So, they count calories or skip meals. This hurts instead of helps. Not eating enough makes many kids and teens overeat or binge.

To start, try eating only when you feel hunger. Stop when you feel full. Do you ever eat when you are bored or lonely or sad? If you do, find other activities that can help you get through cravings at that time.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

 Can I dance to lose weight?

=> Do u think that i can lose weight by dancing because every night i memorize dances to music videos and do the im 165 pounds my goal.

 Dancing is a great exercise! Dancing gets your heart beating really fast. When your heart beats fast, it can burn stored energy. This stored energy is also called fat. You can dance anytime and anywhere. Some kids and teens burn a CD with 30 to 60 minutes of their favorite songs. This a GREAT work out. Have fun!

 Life after dieting

=> I am done dieting, but what are some dos and donts about life after dieting?

 Sounds like you have gotten to your goal weight. I am glad you know that things need to change a bit. Here are some ideas for life after dieting:
1.) Make every meal balanced in carbs, proteins, and fats. Sometimes, dieting keeps people from getting the right amount of nutrients. Make sure most meals have a grain, protein, veggie or fruit, fat, and a source of calcium.
2.) Eat only when you are physically hungry. Stop when you are full. For more on using a hunger/fullness scale, click here.
3.) Be physically active for 60 minutes most days of the week. Studies have shown that people who keep on exercising are the ones that keep weight off for good.

Good luck!

 Resisting foods

=> How can you resist the foods you love?

=> Lucy how can i fight taking food when i have craving or am going to get something to eat?

 Great question! With every great question, there can be many answers. Here are few that helped other kids and teens:
1.) If you are craving a food, let yourself have 3 slow bites. Before the first bite, take a few slow breaths in and out. Then, take one bite. The first bite will help the craving go away. The second will help it a little more. By the third, the craving maybe gone. Some people keep tootsie rolls or lollipops around. They are small. They are perfect to give you a few small bites of the craved food without lots of calories.
2.) Learn when you crave foods. Do you crave a certain food at a certain time of day, everyday? Do you crave sugar after school? Cravings sometimes creep in when we are bored, lonely, sad, mad, or happy. Some kids and teens keep a notebook to track when they get a craving. Then, they have certain activities to try instead.
3.) Cravings for certain foods usually last 5 to 20 minutes. The craving may feel like an ocean wave. It may start small then get really big. Once the craving feels like you can't stand it anymore, it may start to go away. Some kids and teens will train themselves to sit through the craving. Use planned activities that last 5 to 20 minutes that can occupy your mind. This may help you get through it.
For more on cravings, click here

 I hate myself being so big!

=> Hey. Im 12 and over weight. Im starting 2 hate myself 4 being so big. I've gained a lot of wieght within the past few months. Im really active but i love 2 eat. Im 2 embaressed 2 ask my friends 4 help. Its a touchy subject. Do u have any tips? Please e-mail me back.

 Sometimes looking and feeling different can be tough. Also, sometimes people are treated differently because of their body shape. Learning this part of the world is not easy. Remember, you are not alone. Many kids and teens come to this website to find other people hurting in the same way. Finding other people like you will help. You can chat about different foods to eat. It can also help you feel better about yourself. And, feeling better about yourself will also help you fill your body better. You can learn to fill your body with healthy foods. Foods that will help your body. Check out this link to learn more ideas to help feel better about you: self esteem tips

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