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How to Spot a Fad Diet

Many diets promise things. They promise quick weight loss or a body like a supermodel. They may even promise that you will not have to eat less or exercise to lose weight. Sounds to good to be true, you say!?! You are right!

Some companies know how important losing weight is for a person. That is why they promise such easy and effortless weight loss. Anyone that tells you that losing weight is easy is probably promoting a fad diet. Fad diets can be very harmful to a person's health. Many of them cause little weight loss with it all returning (and more) soon after you stop.

Here are some tips to spot a fad diet:                   

* The diet wants you exclude a whole food group.
* The diet says you will not have to exercise or worry about what you  eat.
* The diet promises a quick weight loss fix.
* The diet cannot be done forever. Rather, the diet can only be done for a short period of time without harming your body.
* The diet requires you to buy something in order to participate.
* The diet makes claims that certain foods are bad (like "carbs"), which are known by most health professionals as okay to eat.
* Labels foods as "good" and "bad"

Remember, weight loss IS hard work. Also, weight loss is eating a balance of ALL foods. Lastly, healthy weight loss will NOT happen overnight. Patience is important with weight loss. Be patient with yourself...I know you will get there!

Make this a healthy week!

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