BlubberBusters Tips from Lucy

Beating the Boredom Blues

Many kids and teens say they eat when they are bored. Do you? After school, do you check the fridge a few times hoping to see something you like even when you are not hungry? Do you often feel yourself mindlessly eating in front of the TV? Do you usually gain more weight over the summer or other school breaks? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably eat when you are bored! Help your body be healthier by beating the boredom blues!

Here are some helpful hints to prevent 
eating when you are bored:

* Schedule your meals and snacks. Eating only on a schedule will prevent the mindless eating!
* Eat only at the kitchen table. Do not eat while watching TV or on the computer. 
* Keep track of when you are most bored. Many kids and teens are bored after school and before dinner. Consider adding your exercise at this time. Not only will you prevent yourself from eating out of boredom, you will get physical activity too!
* Plan after school activities most days of the week. Join a club or scouts. Play after school sports. Do something to keep your mind and body busy!

* If you can't do organized after school activities, plan your own at home. Pick something you enjoy to keep your hands busy. Try painting, building model airplanes, writing, or even talking on the phone!
* Jump on the Blubberbusters site when you know you are bored and want to eat! Many other people here will support you through it!

Make this a healthy week!

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