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Saying Goodbye to the Food Drug

Have you checked out July's poll? Most users of this site agree: giving up junk food is like giving up a drug. It hurts to quit some junk food. It hurts just like it would quitting cigarettes or another drug. Check out the results so far:

Do you think that high pleasure food (junk food) is addicting,
just like drugs or cigarettes?

So HOW do you quit? Read on for ideas.

  • Know what junk food withdrawal feels like for you. For many people it feels uncomfortable, antsy, or like their skin is crawling. Other kids and teens say they just really want the food and can't stop thinking about it. They want it even through they are not physically hungry.

  • Quitting junk food is tough. When you are trying to quit, do not diet hard core. Do not attempt a fad diet or really low calorie diet. This will make you too hungry. You will crave the junk food more, too.

  • Instead of going on a diet, quit one junk food or two at a time. This way, your body will not be in complete shock.

  • Prepare to stop eating the junk food. By preparing your mind and body, you will be ready for the change. To prepare, tell adults and friends you trust of your plans. Tell them how they can support you. Maybe you can call them or visit when you are having cravings or experiencing withdrawal. Some kids and teens say it helps when others do not eat the food with them. You need to let your support system know how to help you. Then, you need to use your supporters!

  • Know your triggers. Many kids and teens say they want to eat certain junk food when they are bored. Others say they want it when they see it on TV. Know what triggers you. Avoid the triggers as much as possible!

  • Pick a date. Plan when the best time would be to quit. You may not want to pick a time near exams or tests or a big holiday. Circle the date on your calendar. Make sure your support system knows the date too!

  • When your date comes around, make sure you drink lots of water. Be sure to have lots of healthy low calorie snacks to munch on. Have snacks like carrots, celery, fruit, and sugar free Jell-O on hand. For other food ideas, click here.

  • When the cravings get really tough, squeeze your hands together real tight. Keep squeezing until the craving goes away. For other ideas to help you talk yourself through the cravings, click here.

  • Believe in yourself. Even if you have messed up before, believe this time you CAN do it. I believe in you!

Make this a healthy week!

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Please ask your healthcare provider if these tips are right for you and please read our disclaimer.

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