Do you think that high pleasure food (junk food) is addicting, like drugs or cigarettes?


Yes, losing
weight =

Yes, but
only for
obese kids

No, losing
weight is
not as hard

No, kids
just love
to eat it


203 people have voted.

Yes, "How do I lose weight?" = "How do I get through 'withdrawal'?": 111 votes (55%)

Yes, but only very overweight kids addicted - "Can't do it on my own.": 36 votes (18%)

No, slightly, but losing weight is easier than coming off drugs, cigarettes: 20 votes (10%)

No, junk food is not addicting - overweight kids simply love to eat it: 36 votes (18%)

Do you feel that you are addicted to junk food?

   YES: 126 votes (62%)

    NO: 77 votes (38%)

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