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Tickets for Weight Loss Success

For some kids, visual prompts for fun exercise, healthy foods, and limiting TV time can be helpful because it increases their awareness of good and bad habits. In this tip, the visual cues are "tickets" or little pieces of paper that suggest a healthy snack, a fun activity, or help you keep track of the amount of TV that you watch. The below tables are for you to either copy or print out and cut up. Place the tickets into a jar or another container.

Healthy Foods and Fun Activities

These tickets can help motivate yourself to eat healthy and to do some non-food activities. Does your mind sometimes draw a blank as to what to eat for a snack or what to do? Put these tickets in a jar and surprise yourself with what you draw. An extra row is provided in each table for healthy foods and activities that you especially like. Be sure to only use the Food Jar when you are truly hungry. Use the Activity Jar anytime you are looking for something to do!

Food Jar
Apple Slices Granola over Yogurt 10 Toasted Almonds String Cheese Raisin Bran cereal 2 cups Popcorn (no butter)
1 cup MilkTea5 SaltinesCarrotWaterTriscuits
PicklesBanana1/2 cup ApplesauceGrapefruitLollipopPumpkin Seeds

Your Idea Here

Activity Jar
Call a Friend Ride Bike Walk around Neighborhood Vacuum a Room Dance
Paint Nails Find Geocache Skateboard Read Book Rollerblade
Join an After-School Club Learn to Crochet or Knit Work on Model Plane, Ship, or Train Enroll in Volunteer Program Enter weigh2rock Chat Room
Clean Room Take Dog on Walk Listen to Music Fly Kite Take Pictures

Your Idea Here



Do you have a weakness for TV? The average American child watches about 4 hours of TV per day. That adds up to 1500 hours per year! Compare that to the 900 hours that the average American child spends in school per year. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that kids under 2 years old not watch any TV and that those older than 2 watch no more than 1 to 2 hours a day of quality programming. How many hours of TV do you watch per day?
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If you watch more than an hour of TV per day, consider this challenge: Watch 7 hours maximum of TV per week. Preferably watch less. Place the 15 minute tickets in a jar next to the TV and remove one for each quarter hour of TV that you watch. Try not to run out of tickets before the end of the week! If you fail, try again the next week. See if you can decrease the number of hours of TV watched each week. Pick TV shows that you highly value, and only plan on watching those, but not others unless you make substitutions in your viewing. Here's a week's worth of tickets to get you started.

1 hour2 hours3 hours4 hours5 hours6 hours7 hours
15 min. 15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.
15 min. 15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.
15 min. 15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.
15 min. 15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.15 min.

See if you can use a ticket from both the food and activity jar this week! And as an added bonus, the more activity tickets you use, the less likely you'll use up all of your TV tickets.

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